another example of the power of the blog-o-sphere

Over the last few months,Glenn Greenwald has rapidly become one of my favorite political bloggers, joining Digby, Joe Gandelman and John Cole. Just like those guys, he is intelligent, well-researched, intellectually honest and consistent, and whenever I read one of his posts, I feel enlightened, if outraged. In fact, it’s because of guys like those (and Avarosis, and C&L, and Peter Daou) that I rarely write political posts these days; if I can’t say it as well as they can, I don’t see the point.

Glenn is about to release a book, researched by bloggers and inspired by his own blog called How Would A Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok. His book is published by Working Assets, which is a very small press (they’re primarily a long distance provider which was coincidentally started by a friend of a friend.)

The reason I mention this is not because I think it’s a book that everyone should read (it is) but because it’s a book, like Just A Geek and Dancing Barefoot, that was born on a blog, nurtured by bloggers and blog readers, and did something neither of my books was able to do: rocket up to number one on Amazon almost immediately after it was announced. Just A Geek peaked in the teens, if I recall correctly, thanks entirely to the efforts of bloggers and WWdN readers.

In a very short time, Glenn has made substantial contributions to the blog-o-sphere, and it’s wonderful to see him getting some recognition from the same. Congratulations, Glenn!

6 thoughts on “another example of the power of the blog-o-sphere”

  1. if I can’t say it as well as they can, I don’t see the point.
    But you have a voice Wil. You could use it, even if only to link to their blogs when something particularly good or relevant is going on. More people caring about things is good.

  2. Hey ya wil, this isn’t really to do with your latest blog entry (apologies for that) but i just wanted to say that i’m finally going back over the radio free burito entries [i’m english, so spelling mexican food properly is not one of my strong points] that i haven’t had a chance to listen to properly, and i’m really enjoying listening to your thoughts about the whole entertainment genre. Man, its all cool, but you said something that really struck a chord. The whole basic “if you want to do something, go for it” ethos that you’ve been talking about is something that i’ve finally got on board with. I’m an archaeologist by trade, but i’ve been playing it safe for the last year or so. Have now decided to really go for it, so in the space of 2 weeks have gone from having a safe easy job to getting out of it and signed up for a job in greece. And i just wanted to say ‘thank you’, cos your discussions about ‘you can do what you wan’ has actually inspired me, and as of the summer i’m gonna be back doing what i want! So thank you man, your blog and books has given me the guts to go for what i want.
    So, just wanted to say “thank you” man, you are an inspiration!

  3. There IS a bigger picture here, from this one’s point of view. Each voice counts. As a teacher, I have learned to say things in different ways, and to see/listen/read things of different ways for a deeper understanding that actually changes both behavior and choices.
    Wil, one thing you may not have thought of, is that this blog is also your legacy, not just to your many fans, but more importantly, to the sons of your spirit.
    It will be something that they can look to to see your growth, watch your changes, understand better how and who you came to be.
    Dont you remember what I wrote of yesterday, about the holo of Wesley’s father? How ironic, that what he said, that that was going to be his legacy to you his son, so that you could watch him grow, change, mature.
    For your children to be able to look back on these writings, to come here to see, hear, understand your passions, grief, pain, joy experiences and values though YOUR eyes, through this blog, which is a priceless gift that no other can give.
    Here – it is not about who writes better then Wil Wheaton, it is about friends – and children trying to understand how to make this place a better place – in every arena, not just the easy ones. Who are not afraid to show their hearts, as together we discover who we really are, by what we write and respond to.
    But that is only one gal’s experience of this place for whatever it may be worth.

  4. Just placed my order.
    glad you are promoting this book – nice to see it in other places than the mainstream leftie political blogs.

  5. if I can’t say it as well as they can, I don’t see the point.
    You have a different audience. You have a clear voice. Why deprive us?
    Thank you for being the best Wil you know how to be.

  6. The modern American patriot

    Back in July 2005, I blogged a bit about my 9/11 conspiracy theory and at the end, I included this snippet: Over two hundred years ago, this country was formed by a group of people who were known as “Patriots.”…

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