finally back to me

Remember the audition I had last week at Nickelodeon?

I had a crush on this project as soon as I read the breakdown. After I
met the director and grokked what sort of story she wants to tell, I
was hopelessly in love with the project. I really, really hope I get
this job.

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about jobs after an audition. In fact, I have a ritual where I take my sides, and dump them into the first trash can or recycling bin I find, so I can let go of the whole thing, and put it into the hands of The Universe — or a higher power, like the producers. But this one was different. I felt such a connection with the character, and had so much fun looking at his character model and creating the voice and character it inspired, I thought about the show every day, and called my manager about it several times.

I probably shouldn’t disclose too many details about the story that
I auditioned for, but it is a wonderful, funny, charming animated short
about a geek and a goth who are starcrossed lovers.

I’m sure you’re all surprised to hear that I read for the geek. I used my sense memories to recall the Kyra crush
and did my best to be the kind of guy who "you want to take his glasses
off, and mess up his hair, because he’s so cute and he doesn’t know
it," according to the director, who I really, really liked.

Just now, as I was about to make my daily call to see if we’d heard anything, the phone rang (true story). It was my manager.

"Remember [name of project]?" He said.

"You mean the one I call you about every single day?" I said.

"Yes, that one." He laughed. "You got it."

I lept out of my chair and hollered. "What?! Are you serious?!" Which is a stupid thing to holler, because he wouldn’t call me if he wasn’t. "Really? I really got the job?" Which is also a stupid thing to say, but I’m passing this one off on the surge of adrenaline and seratonin my brains released upon receiving the news.

"Yep. I called to see if they had made a decision yet, and [casting executive] told me that she was just about to call me with the news!" He went on to tell me that the director could have picked anyone in the whole world to do this part, and she chose me.

I’m going to say that again: she could have picked anyone she wanted, and she chose me. Man, that feels so good. I mean, it feels tasp good.

I hung up the phone and ran around the house like a hummingbird being chased by a dog that shoots bees from its mouth.

After all the times I’ve written about the audition that went great, but didn’t work out, or the audition that was a lot of fun, but it turns out I’m not edgy enough, it’s so insanely awesome to write about one where I not only had a great time, but actually get to do more than just the audition sides. When this show is animated and released, for the rest of time, I will be the actor who helped bring that guy to life — and I really love this character. I am so excited! Squee!

Anyway, I had a blast reading for this project, and I was so excited
when I left, I totally forgot to steal a camphone snap of the hawesome
four foot tall SpongeBob made out of LEGO in the lobby. If I get the
job, or the next time I’m at Nick, I’ll grab a picture of it on my way
in, because I’m usually skipping with nerdy excitment whenever I’m on
my way out.

I’ll be sure to snag a picture of the giant LEGO SpongeBob on my way in when I record my dialogue next Wednesday or Thursday, and I’m taking a gift to Don, the most awesome security guy ever, who works at Nick and is always so awesome to me when I go there for an audition.

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  1. Great! I’m so happy for you, Wil. The last time I posted you were down on yourself and I felt moved to comment–just another stranger/fan trying to buck you up and help you see the infinite value in yourself. Now I have to pipe up to share everyone’s good cheer. This sounds like a wonderful project–have fun with it and keep us posted!

  2. gotta hand it to you dude…its cool that you got the gig, and like everyone else i’m super proud of you…but i think the coolest part of this latest post is that you’re going to bring a present to the THAT is CLASS…hearing you say something like that makes me have more faith in humanity…i just wanted to say that…very very very cool thing for you to do dude…he sounds like a very nice older guy…and i’ll bet this makes his day, just as much as he makes yours when you go in for auditions..
    well done

  3. Congratulations, Wil!

    Having read Wils blog for a long time now, its great to see something really good happen to a nice guy hes landed a voice over job at Nickelodeon. Congratulations, Wil!
    Apparently hes got more than one brain. Go rea…

  4. A little late catching up on your blog–congratulatons!!! Just read your next post and the director’s blog. I can’t wait to see this!

  5. April 27, 2006

    First of all, congratulations to Wil Wheaton who totally just scored the voice job that he wanted on a new show at Nickelodian!! Go Wil. I will give everyone details when he releases what the project is.
    It was around 9:30 when I finally rolled int…

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