Sony Leaks PS3 Price

I swear to jeebus, it’s a good thing so many geeks still live with
their parents, and the rest of them made brazillians in the dot com
boom, because these game systems are getting stupid expensive.

15 thoughts on “Sony Leaks PS3 Price”

  1. That’s just flippin’ recockulous.
    Screw them all! I want a Revolutions! Hopefully, Nintendo will keep the price low (relatively speaking) as I think they said they would.
    Dude, for 700 I’d rather build a semi-uber box so that at least it could rock Elder Scrolls and Word. Multi-task, baby.

  2. When I see it at $299 I’ll take a look.
    Sony’s burnt me pretty hard over the past half decade or so with rubbish hardware, from all parts of their empire.
    If they want to keep that up, I’ll just upgrade the PC and still enjoy better display quality.

  3. Well, that’s a rumor for starters. More importantly for you US folks, however, is that most of the time, with such tech gadgets, Euros translate to USD 1:1, if at all. I’d say 499 $ sounds like it could be the stating price.
    BTW, how much was PS2 when it first appeared? 399$?

  4. That’s me not getting one…. yikes!
    Euro isn’t 1:1 with the dollar… haven’t you heard, our money sucks. More like a dollar = .8 euros I think.
    I still have my NES >:) I’ll play that for another year until the price comes down. Although buying 20 year old games is almost as expensive as buying new games :S Maybe the happy medium is to play the ps2… not new enough to be expensive, not old enough to be ‘classic’ and therefore expensive :p

  5. SEE.. This is why I NEVER by ANYTHING at Launch!!
    I was smart (or too poor)
    too buy the Ps2 as soon as it came out.. and what did I get for my wait.. A slimmer CHEAPER ps2.. and no harddrive to buy extra!
    It makes sense to wait people. I will once again wait when PS3 is realeased till they have all the kinks worked out again.. and I see a price of 200.. or 250 – that’s as high as I am willing to go.. If I wanted all that fancy shit on a console I would’ve gotten that crap seperately.. I JUST WANT SOMETHING THAT ONLY PLAYS GAMES GORRAMIT!! I’m a hardcore gamer, but it is getting ridiculous!!

  6. Holy Good Lord.
    Ludicrous. What about us unfortunate geeks who are married, have children, work dead-end, low-wage jobs, and pay our own bills? What will WE do without the PS3, huh? Unless they’ve found a way to make all their new games FRONTWARDS-compatible, I’m not sure we’re going to be able to swing that.

  7. Angela, technically, you are right, however, reality differs. Just a quick comparison: Apple iPod 5th gen 30 GB black: $282.95; EUR 301,90.
    Or suggested retail prices for Apple iPod HiFi: $349 für US, 359 € for Germany,even 379 € for Australia.
    XBox 360 price according to MS: $399.99, for Germany 399,99 €
    Like I’ve said: most (if not all) of the high tech gadgets are cheaper in the US.

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