Sony Says PS3 Price Leak is Incorrect

Remember yesterday, when I wrote that the PS3 was getting stupid expensive?

Sony says the leaked price was incorrect, but after reading their statement,  think it sort of depends on what your definition really stupid expensive is.

(link goes to my article at SGNews, which is SFW.)

13 thoughts on “Sony Says PS3 Price Leak is Incorrect”

  1. Life in general often comes down to definitions doesn’t it… the proverbial hitch in the get-a-long.
    Oh well, I’m not into the PS3 thing anyway, and even if I were, I’m still mad at Sony about the music CD root kit thing.
    New topic, keeping your friend in our thoughts, hope it’s all going well.
    K in Pittsburgh

  2. if you look at what all the PS3 is purported to do (PVR, gaming, BluRay, et al), the cost *has* to be greater than $500USD. As an engineer, I actually ran the numbers on the components that the PS3 will need to have to do all of these things and we quickly came to about $900. Granted, Sony will probably still sell it at a loss like always, but it’s still a huge chunk of change.

  3. If you are going to make a link to suicidegirls, could you put a notice in – I just hit my companies Websense filter trying to read this article *gulp*.

  4. Yeah, I agree with Tony, please post a notice if you don’t mind. Same thing happened to me.
    I figure the future generation PS’s and Xbox’s will soar in price. I don’t see how they can continue to improve the components, and not raise prices. It is almost like buying a new PC.
    I am just anxious to see the thing perform. Have any links to demo’s?
    Marty B.

  5. There better be a good selection of games if your dropping that much money on the system… but if the system costs that much then I would think less people would develop for it till more people could afford it… so um… seems a bit self defeating.

  6. I am STILL not buying the Damn Thing at launch.. I will wait till I can find it for 250. I am patient enough to wait. I still have plenty of PS2 titles to keep me happy while the shit hits the fan.

  7. I used to work for Sony and as an ex-employee, I can tell you that Sony doesn’t give a shit about it’s customers, only their money. We may grumble about it, but we’ll still pay whatever price is set, therefore, the price can and will be set too high for something that is, in my I-Can’t-Stand-Consoles opinion, is only SLIGHTLY better than the XBox. Me? Oh no, I won’t be paying it. I wouldn’t pay money for ANYTHING that has the Sony name on it for the simple fact that Sony’s business ethics suck…but my husband will because unfortunately, Sony is the only one who makes Playstation. Bummer it worked out that way.

  8. P.S. “Misunderstood” and “…by no means offical…” means that the price leak was an accident (someone was probably given the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere) but entirely accurate, they just didn’t want anyone to know until they were actually holding the box containing their shiny new toy. Hand a little boy a brand new remote control car with off-sidewalk capability then tell him he can’t have it when you get to the register because it cost a hundred dollars more than you thought it would. See what happens.

    Don’t want to wait? Okay. I’ll tell you. You’ll either buy it for him anyway, complaining loudly about the price to the cashier who couldn’t care less, or you actually tell him no, then buy it for his birthday/Christmas, whichever comes first. Either way, you’re still going to buy it.
    Okay, I’m done ranting now about the evils of Sony and the like.

  9. Sony needs to win a format war. The Blu-Ray player built into this thing could end up being one of THE most important pieces of tech Sony releases in the next few years. Patent rights on the software format alone will net them tons. You get that, right? Sony is counting on this thing to sell millions of dollars worth of Blu-Rays DVDs more than it’s counting on making money of the actual system. Just like the PS2 did for DVD. Do your research on DVD sales as relates to the PS2 (especially in Japan where DVD players were priced way out of range for most people) Sony released the PS2 with a DVD player, unlike all other systems and made themselves number one. The same will likely apply for the Blu-Ray.
    PS3 will have HD, 360 will not (yes, an optional drive will be available, but MS has stated it will not market any games in HD, whereas Sony will). That right there is going to sell a lot of systems and put the Blu-ray format in the running for most popular format. Right now, people all over are awaiting the PS3 price point to see which format they go with. And SOny KNOWS this. Yes they care about money, because they are a business, and because they are a business, they’ll likely take a major loss on this piece of hardware (as they always do) in order to see major gains in the area of Blu-ray software sales and patent royalties.

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