the los angeles flatheads


Two tickets from TicketBastard: $52

Parking: $10

Four Dodger Dogs, two sodas: $27

Crushing heads with my stepson:

Watching the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles blow a one-run lead in the 8th to lose to the Cubs: Sadly predictable.

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  1. I’m a Cubs fan, much like SandieK. However, I’m a realist. And, typically, I find myself saying that it is “sadly predictable” when the Cubs lose. Nice for it to turn around every once in a while.
    Great photo, BTW. I used to do the whole head squeeze thing until one day at school when I did it to someone speaking to my class and he did it right back to me. Never did it again.

  2. 4 hot dogs and 2 sodas for $27???
    Jesus Tapdancing Christ!
    Ah well…ya gotta do what ya gotta do…and a baseball game without hotdogs just isn’t the same I guess.
    But GEEZ!

  3. Priceless, yes. But did you have a running commentary in a fake French accnet as you mercilessly cushed their heads? Such as, “I shall crush ze hid: crush, crush!” And something about farting in their general direction…

  4. Wil,
    When you go to games (and places of the like) do youg et a lot of people bugging you or pointing and saying “Hey! It’s Wil Wheaton!!!'”
    Just always curious what it was like for you (and other celebrities) to go to such a public event

  5. *pokes kapgar* Cubs seem to have a good start. The last couple seasons wouldve looked better if the Cardys hadnt gotten a huge 10+ game advantage on the rest of the league.
    I should be quiet before I jinx them.

  6. Poor Dodgers. I have a $10 bet with my brother that we’ll at least make the wildcard this year. There’s still time, but nobody blows a lead like LA. Say, do the Dodger score dispays at the stadium still refer to the Angels as ANA?

  7. Head crushing is contagious. I’m proud to say that I have gotten entire sections of sports stadiums to crush heads and speak in bad French accents. If your team is getting their asses whipped, crush heads!

  8. As a long time Cubs fan I have to say “w00t” for the homeboys (yea okay I’m old and don’t use the “modern” vernacular).
    However they’ve been faithfully reliable over the years. I was a Bears fan too but then they went and got into the Superbowl so the trip was over, I could finish being a Bears fan. Not so with the Cubbies.
    And Kali forgot the elderberries!

  9. Well hey, at least you can take pride in the fact that you sidelined DLee for 6 to 8 weeks with a wrist injury so we’ll be feeling the pain of that dodgers game for a while…

  10. If you like head crushing you should check out the first season of “Kids in the Hall”. I think that was the first time I was exposed to head crushing.
    On another note….my system has been hacked and I was wondering if anyone can recommend security downloads I can get that are techno moron friendly?

  11. Could be worse. You could be in KC watching the Royals set a new all-time MLB loss record. (On course to set a third consecutimve 100+ loss season)
    If only the head-crushing worked on the Ownership….

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