w00t! Boston, here I come!

As of this writing, there are 79 demands for me to come to Boston, which is certainly over the critical mass of 75.

The next step for me is to contact a couple of places, and see if they can host me for a reading and signing. A lot of people have suggested Porter Square Books, a "fiercely independent" store that’s in Cambridge. That’s close enough to Boston Metro Area, isn’t it? Thats the first place I’ll contact tomorrow morning. If you’re a Bostonian, and you have a connection to, or can suggest a venue, please leave info in comments or e-mail me. I’m wil at wilwheaton dot net.

See you in Boston!


80 thoughts on “w00t! Boston, here I come!”

  1. but, but, but….. San Francisco! 101 demands! really close by!
    aw, nuts. Congrats to Montreal & Boston. Have a *blast*!
    And in support of my far away Browncoats – I hope all of you who will be in the Boston area on June 23rd will consider going to the Charity screening of Serenity. proceeds go to Joss Whedon’s beloved charity: Equality Now.
    (ni hao, Hey!)

  2. Hawesome, Wil, for both you and Boston! I really wish that more people in PHILLY (where the heck are you people???) would make some demands for you to come here. I signed up with like 4 different email addys…LOL.

  3. Hi Wil – Have a terrific time in Boston!!! Sounds like you will have a good group attending. Wish I could be there.
    Speaking of appearances, go to lapmf.org and click on the events section. If that does not work for you, please let me know and we will remove it. There’s absolutely no pressure – just thought you would have a fun day. We understand if it does not fit into your schedule. Thanks.

  4. Well, that just figures. You’re coming out to my neck of the woods when I’m going to be away on my vacation.
    Query: what do you think about the news of the J.J. Abrams Trek prequel?

  5. Hey everyone – would love to plan a pre-Wheaton visit event (involving much brew of course) in Cambridge.
    If you want in, drop me a line at aubreeann”at”mac.com
    I’ll put something together around the time of Wil’s visit and email you all.

  6. Wil – don’t know what the schedule is like at all – but if you and the wife have the time, or the inclination, check the PegLeg Inn in Rockport, MA – it’s a B&B, and if you get the right room you’re just looking out over miles of the Atlantic. It’s about an hour(?) drive with traffic from Boston proper. We stayed there once, it was great.

  7. … And Wil, Finale’s on Mt. Auburn is good. Three blocks in the other direction on Brattle Street is Burdick’s Chocolate Cafe. – liquid chocolate hot or on ice.
    If you or your wife like chocolate its *the* place to go. Their chocolate is all slave free, and, while pricey at $42/lb, are fascinating confections born of chocolate-love. I don’t recommend you bring the boys – they’d be wired for days. 😉

  8. ** Please use “Wil” in the subject line – Thanks!! **
    Hey everyone – would love to plan a pre-Wheaton visit event (involving much brew of course) in Cambridge.
    If you want in, drop me a line at aubreeann”at”mac.com
    I’ll put something together around the time of Wil’s visit and email you all.
    (OK, no more posts from me today. Will, if you want to dump the first version of this post, ok by me. Thanks!!)

  9. http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/news/article/15891.html
    Star Trek XI pre-production confirmed on StarTrek.com even though there’s no official press release/announcememnt from Paramount yet. It’ll focus on the earlier days of Kirk and Spock, at the academy… I wonder if Shatner and Nimoy’ll be playing those roles…
    Also, Montreal is 3 clicks away from achieving critical mass of 75!!
    Cross post everywhere… that’s what I did! :)
    I’m starting to think about venues… Im guessing, Wil, you’d like something more intimate (than a large auditorium) and accessible to all ages (not a pub)… so people, start commenting on the Eventful demand page: http://eventful.com/demand/D0-001-000000148-8

  10. That’s awesome! I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make my own demand. Please come to Lafayette, Louisiana Wil! Then you can visit My Cat Ranch and meet Wil and Wesley Crusher and the gang! =^..^=

  11. You have been summoned!!! HELLS YEAH!!!! This post just TOTALLY made my day! Yeah, Cambridge does basically equals Boston. My friend Geoffrey is the manager of the Barnes & Noble in Framingham, MA (part of the Metro-Boston sprawl). I’d be happy to run the idea by him, but it looks like everyone that demanded your presence can also hook you up with a bookshop! If for any reason you do need Geoffrey’s contact info – just drop me a line!

  12. w00t I am so excited for you to come up here. just make sure you choose a venue that the under 21 crowd can attend. I think I would cry if I couldn’t see you just because there was a little booze around.
    I absolutely can’t wait! Yout totally made my week Wil! 😀

  13. Well, Wil… we’ve got 79 demands in Montreal!!
    That means we’ve got to start looking for somewhere to hold this little get-together of yours 😛
    I posted in some Montreal LiveJournal communities to get some ideas…
    So far, I’ve got the Westmount room at the Westmount Library
    Holds about 70 people
    http://www.westlib.org/english/servfac.htm PIC: http://www.westlib.org/images/photos/pages/wsmtroom.htm
    There’s also a little cafe called Calories in Pointe Claire, which is accessible by bus, but closer to the airport.
    It was recently renovated for a more lounge-ish cafe setting.
    Here’s a profile of the downtown location:
    Of course, there’s also the option of renting a room (haha… no, not really)at Concordia University (the auditorium) and/or at McGill University (they do have a Shatner building)…
    If you need any help, feel free to contact me so I can contact other venues… I’ll save you loads on your long distance phone bill *insert cheesy commercial punchline here… Oh wait, that was it!*
    Here’s the link to the most active community posting (so many comments/e-mails… now I know how you feel!!!):
    Montreal LJ: http://community.livejournal.com/montreal/1377083.html?thread=10219323

  14. Wil Wheaton in Boston

    Wil’s coming to the Boston area to do a book signing. He’s a very charismatic speaker. Wonder if my getting lost skills would allow me to get there (TBD still) while the book signing was still happening. :)…

  15. It means, start demanding other performers for other events! Concerts, lectures, indie film screenings, whatever you want.

  16. i live in boston, and i can’t wait- i’m so psyched. and i need to include a fark cliche.
    i for one welcome our new wil wheaton overlord. :)

  17. Wil- it looks like you’re in for a busy schedule… At the time I am writing this, there are 4 different cities with over 75 demands: Boston, Montreal, San Francisco, and Toronto, with Seattle and Chicago not far behind. Never underestimate the power of your fans!
    By the way- did anyone else catch “Book of Days” on i Independent Television last (Saturday) night? I’d never paid attention to that channel before…

  18. My demand for my hometown contains this plan for Wil’s summer vacation:
    – – –
    Ok, here’s what Wil and the family should do for their summer vacation:
    1. Rent a convertable
    2. Get a few video cameras
    3. Drive all over the country filming the geeks and freaks who demand Wil in their po-dunk-hick-towns.
    4. Edit.
    5. Go to Sundance and let the awards roll in.
    Win-win. See?
    – – –
    I mean, who doesn’t dig a good road trip right? Surely there’d be a hand or two of poker (not that I know anything about that or gambling in general) in every town.
    Prof_rocko: I caught that show on i at the in-laws’ house by a crazy fluke of fate! I don’t have cable at home, so this was a treat indeed.

  19. I may be biased because I work in Cambridge, but I think your best bets for your audience are Porter or Harvard squares. Harvard Bookstore and Porter Square Bookstore both are fantastic independent bookshops with lots of experience running events with a wide variety of authors. Harvard Square, for example, brought Neil Gaiman here a few months back. Harvard Bookstore’s spring events, currently only listed through May, are here. Porter Square’s events, also through May, here. Pandemonium‘s plans for their new location don’t seem to be large-reading friendly, but most of our independent bookstores have relationships with area churches & schools nearby for potential large spaces. (The Gaiman reading was in a UU church in the heart of Harvard square, for example, tho pews aren’t the ideal atmosphere.) Porter square has a free parking lot, but Harvard and Central squares also have paid garages nearby, and all are easily and quickly accessible by the redline from the Alewife station terminus (just off a highway) which has a cheap garage.

  20. please come to calgary canada so i can throw my underpants at you.
    or something cooler that doesnt hurt.
    and then i will learn how to freakin type.

  21. The Brattle Theater doesn’t host readings on their own, as far as I know. It’s always in concert with a local bookstore (or part of a film festival). So again, talking with the bookstores is the way to go.

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