and now, some further reading

I have pictures and stories about kyle + rosemary from yesterday, but
I’ve got to go to the cleaners and get my tights on my way to Warner
Brothers for my Legion of Super Heroes session that starts in an hour. Man, it’s so weird (and so
cool) to work two days in a row on different voice projects! If I’ve
got anything left when I get home, I’ll post about them both.

But if you’re looking for something to read until then, here’s your occasional linkfest to stuff I’ve written elsewhere in the last week, that you probably missed if you just read WWdN:iX:

Geek News @ Suicide Girls:

Earth’s Artificial Ring – (This is probably my favorite story I’ve ever put onto the Geekwire.)

During the height of the Cold War, American scientists were also geeked
out on the Ionosphere, because using it was the only reliable way to
communicate over long distances, should ground-based microwave or
undersea cable communication become unusable because of those godless
commies. Not happy to accept the Ionosphere as nature intended it, they
attempted to create an artificial Ionosphere by launching 480 million tiny copper needles into orbit, which briefly gave our planet an artificial ring in 1963.

The Last Webreference You’ll Ever Need

Protolize breaks everything down into categories, from General to RSS
to CMS and beyond, and then further sub-categorizes them into Tools,
Resources, and Inspirations. Just about everything you need to take
that idea in your head and make it something real online is gathered
together in one place, and if there’s a site you know of that isn’t
listed, adding it to the list is as simple as filling out a form. It’s
like Webmonkey meets, and exemplifies the power of sharing and organizing knowledge using the Internets.

Dude Tracks His Transatlantic Flight By Watching Internet Routing

The best part of Todd’s blog post is his explanation of routing
protocols and how the engineers at Boeing overcame what could have been
service-crippling problems, including all sorts of really cool and
useful graphics that even a level 010 geek can easily understand. In
fact, if you grok and get excited by his story, you’re probably on your
way to being a level 1010 geek. If you understand what I’m talking
about and are giggling right now, you’re a level 101010 geek, and we’re
looking forward to seeing you at the meeting tonight. Excelsior!

Poker Stuff @ CardSquad:

In Washington State, Online Poker Players Are Now Class C Felons, Just Like Sex Offenders

Lawmakers in Washington state have decided that they know what’s best
for all their residents, and recently passed Senate Bill 6613, which
"[reaffirms and clarifies] the prohibition against Internet and certain
other interactive electronic or mechanical devices to engage in

I am the UltraGigli (note: in poker blogger land, Gigli is what we call the first person to be knocked out of a tourney. At the WPBT events in Vegas, the first person eliminated gets a copy of Gilgli on DVD from Dr. Pauly.)

Since I was Gigli’d in back-to-back tourneys, first with Aces and then with Kings, I now
declare that I am the JLo’s glorious ass part of Gigli. I am, in fact, the UltraGigli.

REVIEW: Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book of Poker

During the 2005 WPT Championship at Bellagio, I
had the great fortune of spending some time with Phil — not at the same table, thank gods — and he really helped me a

[. . .]

We had dinner together at the end of the first day, and Phil gave me a bit of a lesson while we ate. When we
were done, he told me that he was working on a little book that would compile lots of useful information from existing
works by Caro and Sklansky, filtered through and expanded upon by Phil’s personal experience. He was particularly
excited about the tournament chapter, and all the math he’d done to figure out very reliably how often players needed
to steal blinds, and make moves to survive into the deeper levels of play. He graciously offered to e-mail me a copy of
the manuscript so I could read it over later that night, and it significantly helped my game. The book,
of course, became Phil
Gordon’s Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Texas Hold’em

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Last night in training class for the ever important Canadian census we are required to handle theoretical cases with ficticious people that have filled out the census correctly. One of the ficticious families was one of the Picard houshold. His wife Beverly Crusher, and son Wesley Crusher. As we went further into the training it became evident that Wesley was still living at home well into adulthood. It was probably a good thing that you left the show.
    But now Wesley will be immortalized yet again, now as a geek who still lives in his parents basement. I doubt this is the first email you will get. This is in the training package and demo shown across the country.

  2. Man that really ticks me off about Washington state .. I live here and had no idea this law was in the pipeline. I shouldn’t be surprised though all those NCAA bracket games are technically illegal here too.

  3. Man that really ticks me off about Washington state .. I live here and had no idea this law was in the pipeline. I shouldn’t be surprised though all those NCAA bracket games are technically illegal here too.

  4. Hey, Wil!
    Sorry to post off topic, but I couldn’t find an appropriate entry! I wanted to ask why you only display 2 of your Demands? We’ve got one going for you to come to DragonCon here in Atlanta in September with 152 people onboard (so far). The Dragoncon folks tell me that you’re invited just about every year (this one included) but you always decline? What gives? We REEAALLYY would love to meet you! One girl on the Dragoncon LJ said, “OMG, I would faint if I met Wil Wheaton!”. Now, *that’s* devotion! :-)
    So, think about it, would ya?

  5. I only display two demands because that’s where I’ll be in the near future, Missangela. I’ve been invited to DragonCon this year, and I’m hoping my schedule works out so that I can accept. If that happens, I’ll feature the DragonCon demand.

  6. Dood, did you know you’re the most demanded performer at Demand It? Yikes, like over 2,500 demands for your presence! You must be doing something right!
    Come to Omaha, will ya?

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