dreaming is free

I had an incredibly vivid dream just before I woke up today about an earthquake, and when I got out of bed, I saw that there’d been a huge ‘quake near Tonga.

I’m going to take a nap now, and hope that I dream about the Dodgers not blowing a huge lead late in the game, because my brother and I are going to the game tonight.

10 thoughts on “dreaming is free”

  1. You’d better have that checked out, Wil. If you’ve got metal fillings, you may have just been picking up 1070AM through your teeth.
    If you were napping at noon, that is…

  2. rofl!
    Wishful thinking? Although that never seems to matter when it’s your favorite team. And you’ve actually got tickets to the game.

  3. Dude…the f-ed up thing about that, was that they were worried about tsunamis in New Zealand and Fiji, and there was what…2 foot swells…The quake was 20 MILES below the waves…that’s just kooky!!

  4. I get those types of dreams a lot but usually it’s before they happen. They’re not always fun to have. My Grandma dreamt about a plane crashing by her house, so far, it hasn’t happened and I pray it doesn’t.
    Have a great time at the game.

  5. Hmm, maybe you can control reality with your dreams. In that case, a little attempt at influencing your dreams couldn’t hurt right? Make the Bush administration disappear, lower gas prices, and make more people ride bikes to work.

  6. yeah, I woke up to the same thing this morning…with the caveat of a tsumani watch as well (I live in Honolulu). Fortunately, it didn’t turn out to be anything serious.

  7. Earthquake

    The New Zealand east coast was put on Tsunami alert today after report of an earthquake near to the Pacific island of Tonga. The earthquake measured 8.0 on the richter scale (translation = huge) but there are so far no reports of serious damage or casu…

  8. Its really strange when you have dreams like that. I had a dream once where I was in the cockpit of a plane and it was really foggy. Then through the windshild I see this hill that is covered in trees and the plane was too low to aviod it. I awoke the next morning to this news story.
    It was the weirdest feeling I had ever had.

  9. That TOTALLY happened to me once, and it was really freaky. I dreamed that a helicopter had crashed into the amphitheatre in Syndey, Australia…the phone woke me up, and it was a friend telling me to turn on the news. The date? 9/11/01.
    Isn’t that crazy when that happens?
    I swear I didn’t cause it though…I’m almost positive I was already having the dream when it started.

  10. hey wil,
    did they win? did they win? Dreams in general kinda freak me out a little bit. it just makes me wonder what the hell’s going on my head to come with some of the stuff i dream about!
    On a side note, i bought the DVD of Stand By Me the other day! i’m loving that behind the scenes extra on it! it seems like you guys all had a real blast making the movie! it’s a classic movie that every household should have!!!
    take care

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