Rev. Horton Heat and Van Halen in Guitar Hero II!!

I’m kind of crazy in love with Guitar Hero. Does that make me weird?
I have a list of seven songs for Guitar Hero II, as well as some awesome rumors about the sequel, at the SGGeekwire, and I dugg a site that has tablatures for all the songs available in the current Guitar Hero.

The only reason I’m suffering through E3 this year is so I can play this game, and write about the quest. Somehow, I’m pretty confident it’s going to be worth it.

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15 thoughts on “Rev. Horton Heat and Van Halen in Guitar Hero II!!”

  1. You’re actually going? Dammit! If I’d have only known, I’d have made an effort to go. But E3 was so disappointing last year that only the prospect of randomly running into Wil would have made it worthwhile. All I got last time was Gary Coleman.

  2. I wish students were able to go…now I have to bear another year of hearing my boyfriend’s nightly summaries while I stay home and mope. Wah.

  3. holy cow, I’m going to e3 this year. Would be awesome to run into you and say hi and I enjoy your blog.
    So if you see some semi-short bald headed white geek/guy that says hi to you its probably me.

  4. Cool :)
    More Rockabilly – less dinosaur rock.
    Though I must say that Van Halen is hands down the best hard rock band ever.
    If they wanted to sneak in George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Don Dokken I wouldn’t mind.

  5. One of my best friends introduced me to Guitar Hero last week. He practically had to kick me out of his apartment later that night.
    You’re on to *something* πŸ˜‰

  6. I wandered over here from, and have got to say, the best part of Guitar Heros is the faces you get to make while rocking out.

  7. I am an electronic non-gamer. I just don’t play them. Saturday night at a party, I played Guitar Hero. I LOVED IT! Everyone I know was a bit shocked, especially my 13 year old son. I’m going to buy it. I still can’t believe I’m going to buy it.

  8. Guitar Hero 2

    Okay, so Im a couple of days late (and several dollars short), but heres the skinny on the tracklist for Guitar Hero 2. Harmonix released a sub-set of 7 songs from the game:
    Drist – Arterial Black
    The Reverend Horton Heat -…

  9. It would be really cool if they had set up a website where people could request and vote on some of the songs.
    Other non-popular songs are fun to think about. Do you listen to Sting? Some of those tracks are crazy time signatures (Seven days = 5/4, I hung my head – 9/4, Brought to my senses= 7/4). Of course if you never took a music course you have no idea what I’m talking about….

  10. E3? The conference you should REALLY hit this year is Defcon. Hell of a lot more fun and mischief. If you go, drop me a line and I’ll buy you a bigass mug of the Dunkel at Hofbrau. If not, you could always send me a stack of stickers for some clandestine advertisement.

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