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The softcovers of The Happiest Days of Our Lives have just shipped, according to my printer, so I should be able to start taking orders next week. The limited edition hardcovers are taking much longer, and won’t be here until the week of October 8, but I think it’s close enough that I can start taking pre-orders for both versions next week.

I’m talking with David Lawrence about doing an audio version. We’re hoping to record the first week of October, so it’s ready to go at the same time as the printed versions.

Since I’m doing this book entirely on my own, I’m going to be drawing heavily on community support to help promote it, starting right now: if you got The Happiest Days of Our Lives this summer from one of my convention appearances, would you let me know what you thought, so I can make sure my marketing efforts reflect what readers are getting from the book?

From the people I’ve talked to already, I’m starting to get the sense that it inspires nostalgic memories of their own, which leads to discussing a lot of the shared experiences we who grew up in the 70s and came of age in the 80s share: Star Wars figures, video games, RPGS, things like that. I also hear that even if you’ve read these stories online, it’s an entirely different experience to read them in print.

Andrew and I are working on a media kit like the one we did for Dancing Barefoot, and Roughy and I are busy building all the appropriate ordering and product pages at Monolith Press.

Questions? Comments? You know what to do.

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  1. Hey Wil! I’m excited to get The Happiest Days of Our Lives–I think it will be a gift for my husband, who seems to have endless stories about his Star Wars figures. Are you planning to try and hit Denver on your tour? The Tattered Cover would be a great place to have a signing (nudge, nudge).
    Have you thought about having a giveaway to promote your new book? It’s an easy and cheap way to get lots of eyes on your book. You could hold a contest to give away, say, 5 signed copies or whatever. You’ll get loads of traffic, including people who might never have heard of the book otherwise.

  2. I had a similar experience with the Brookline order last year and never got the book I ordered either. I contacted them several times and the last time, they didn’t even respond. Wonder what they did with the books you signed?

  3. I’m very interested in this book of yours. I have yet to read the other two in their entirety, but from what I’ve read of your online writing, it will be something to look forward to. :)

  4. I’d seen Just a Geek in bookstores when it had just come out, but never got around to reading it.
    I happened to read the news that you were speaking at the PAX opening ceremonies, where my boyfriend happened to be, so I texted him to see if it was true. He confirmed and I mentioned that I’d wanted to read your book. I hadn’t realized you were doing signings there, though, so he surprised me when he brought back a signed copy of The Happiest Days of Our Lives. He said he talked to you for a few minutes and that you seemed like a really cool guy.
    I guess I just wanted to say that I really loved Happiest Days. I was surprised by how much I could relate to what you wrote and how you wrote it. I was really stunned by how unafraid you were to describe your deeper feelings, your struggles, and your reflections. I generally read genre fiction, and I think there tends to be more emotion and reflection in those “stories” than there is in many non-fiction/memoirs. Happiest Days (and especially Just a Geek, now that I’m almost at the end and wishing that I’d read more slowly) really touched me. And I’ve been trying to get anyone who’ll listen to read them, too.

  5. once again, I can not tell you how impressed I was with the customer service I recieved from David Lawrence and as such, the very second that you record this on audiobook i will purchase it immediately. I am so glad you are using his services again.
    and it goes without saying that I will always be a huge supporter of you, and if you are ever in the westish part of Canada, my panties will be the first to hit the stage. of course they will be classy ones.

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