reminder: golden apple this wednesday for the manga, which gets a good review

Note: There’s a time change for Golden Apple. It’s updated below.

Hi, I’m Wil, and I like blog post titles that are obnoxiously long. Thanks for stopping by, San Diego.

Star Trek: The Manga – Kakan ni Shinkou has been released, and is showing up in comic shops and book stores all over the place. I had a bit of a squee moment this weekend when Nolan and I found it in a Borders, marking the first time in my life as a writer that one of my books was stocked in the correct section.

My story kicks off the collection, and is described by Comic Book Bin thusly:

In Cura Te Ipsum, the U.S.S. Enterprise
is crippled, far away from the nearest Federation Starbase, and badly
in need of dilithium crystals.  They find dilithium on a planet in the
middle of a brutal civil war/blood feud. Captain James T. Kirk
sees an opportunity to guide the planet’s warring factions towards
peace, but will he be violating the Federation’s Prime Directive not to
interfere in the affairs of non-Federation planets?

Comic Book Bin gives us an A-, and says:

Star Trek: the
manga – Kakan ni Shinkou rings true enough to be more than fan fiction,
and for all practical purposes contains some of the best Star Trek
comics ever done.  Veteran Trek creator Diane Duane, Trek actor Wil
Wheaton, rising star of manga Bettina Kurkoski deliver star
performances with their contributions to this volume.

Dude! Awesome!

I’ll be at Golden Apple Comics this Wednesday with many of the other writers and artists for a Q&A and signing as we continue our SoCal tour:

Wednesday, September 26
Golden Apple

7711 Melrose Ave., Hollywood

22 thoughts on “reminder: golden apple this wednesday for the manga, which gets a good review”

  1. Can I just say how cool it was to read the words “one of my books”? Given that I started reading this blog when the first book was sort of an idea, and now there are *several*. It’s just such a kick in the seat of the pants, really…

  2. Gah! I’m on the bleepin’ east coast, blast it!
    I’ll be stopping by Mister’s comic haunt to pick up his latest LSH, and my newest Star Trek.
    Yay for me!

  3. Awesome! I think I will stop by and say hi on Wednesday and pick up the book. I would have been at the last signing, but I didn’t hear about it until about 5 minutes after it was over. Oops.

  4. Bettina Kurkoski is a friend of mine so I’m going to have to get both of you to sign my copy…although I suspect that may be difficult unless you’re appearing in Boston again anytime soon.

  5. Hi Wil
    I have just ordered my copy on the British Amazon site, however the description is as follows “Star Trek: The Manga Volume 2: Kakan Ni Shinkou by Bettina Kurkoski, Christine Boylan, and Diane Duane”… as you can see you name is missing from the initial description, if I was you I would get someone to sort that out if possible, you deserve to be listed, I’m only buying it, because of your writing.

  6. So desu ne? YATTA!
    I was hoping you’d get to the manga this week…
    This is **definitely** the better written of the two volumes.
    And I do not say that just to be a tool.
    I’ve been a reader for over 20 years now of both original Japanese and manga inspired American series, so I think that gives me a bit of perspective here.
    You and Diane gave it a good kick upwards in quality.
    Take a well deserved swig of Rum!
    Or whatever is available.
    You mentioned in one of your earlier columns about having a favorite scene in this story. I have a strong hunch about which one it is (re: “We’re… Explorers.”) but would you care to enlighten us at last?

  7. What fantastic news! My thoughts try to picture the look on your face during your “bit of a squee moment”. I bet it was priceless.
    It was great reading The Laughing Vulcan comments, because he called you “Wheaton-Sensei”. That has such a wonderful ring to read it, but to even say it out loud is even better. Thanks to The Laughing Vulcan for using it and bringing into my day. Perhaps it struck me so strongly because I have taken some martial art classes. It keeps popping in my thoughts. It’s a keeper. I can picture a female in her kimono (or maybe in a black ninja uniform) with her hands clasp together saying “Thank you, Wheaton-Sensei.” and giving a slight bow of her head to show her respect. Perhaps that could somehow be used in a comic out there. Just some thinking going on today, perhaps I will eventually get back to work. So until a comic strip comes out with that idea,I will step forward and bring it out. With proper respect, I will now clasp my hands together with a slight bow of my head and say, “Thank you Wheaton-Sensei.”
    In checking out your link to tokyopop web page I was impressed that they gave credit in listing both authors and artists. To bad Borders doesn’t do the same. Shame on Borders (and Amazon). They should give proper credit where it is due. I also noticed that Borders teamed up with Amazon. Of course both web sites have the same listing. I used to have a higher level of respect to Amazon because of the things you can order from them and the time frame it would arrive. I thought they had better details of products in general. Hopefully they get things straightened out and give proper credit by listing all authors and artists for Star Trek: The Manga – Kakan ni Shinkou. Each one deserves it! Of course, that is just my opinion.

  8. Hey Wil,
    Off topic I was wondering if you could post the the link to your brother’s Flickr page? You had showed some of his photos on your blog a while back, that included a link. I tried to find it with no luck.
    Thanks so much,

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