186, and some other NUMB3RS

The good news is that I packed and labeled 186 books to be shipped. Of  those 186, about 30 are international orders that still need customs forms and postage, but the rest are ready to go. This brings us to the bad news, which is that I just finished now, an hour after the post office closed, the day before a holiday. So if you were in the first 186 and you’re in the US, your book will ship Friday morning. If you were in the first 186 and you’re somewhere other than the US, it will ship by Saturday. (According to my fuzzy math and hazy memory, the first 186 would be between noon and 2pm PST on Sunday, if you’re wondering.)

Ryan’s coming home for Thanksgiving, so I think I’ll have non-computer priorities until he goes back to school on Sunday, so this is a weekend farewell from me. Thanks for being part of an awesome (if short) week, and if you’re traveling in the next few days, I hope it’s as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. Airborne is sugary crap; take Emergen-C. And wash your hands. A lot.

Oh! I keep forgetting to mention: I’m on NUMB3RS this Friday night. The episode is called "Graphic." I’ll have a post at TV Squad about working on the show sometime on Friday.

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  1. Living in Japan, I had to pull this episode from iTunes. Loved it…and WW plays a perfect pain in the ass piece of sh*t. Kudo and well done! Hope to see more of you on the ‘tube.

  2. Andrew, I’d have to say that you’re being naive. A friend of mine is a writer on Samantha Who, one of the few new shows this season that has received favorable reviews and favorable reaction from the public. Because of the strike, the momentum that the series was gaining was stopped cold. She’s not happy about it, of course, but she believes in the strike and the reasons behind it so much that she is a strike captain and she has asked fans of her blog (which she’s been writing long before she became a professional writer of any sort – she’s also a relatively successful novelist and playwright) to not download Samantha Who episodes from iTunes or to stream them online.
    Of course she’d much rather episodes be seen, but not if it’s going to undercut the writers.
    CrimsonSanX, I don’t see it as going overboard. I’ve made a commitment to support my friends. I’ve sent pencils, donated money and walked with the writers on my Fridays off work when I’m in town. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll be walking with them again on 12/6, which is my next Friday off. That commitment includes not downloading or streaming TV episodes of ANY shows. Not even the episode of Scrubs that I missed last week – Scrubs is my favorite show currently on the air and I am peeved that I missed it. But it’ll be rerun on broadcast TV – for which the writers will get paid. As much as I love Scrubs, I can wait for it.

  3. Wil, you may not see this as it’s been so long since your original post, but I’ll comment any way… and I avoided looking at the other comments on this post, as I didn’t want to get any “hints” about the Numb3rs episode (I taped it), and now that I’ve finally had a chance to see it, there are too many comments for me to read at this moment, so forgive me if this has already been said:
    You were a monumental dickwad, and I totally loved it!! I never knew such a nice boy could be such a scumbag… very impressive… hopefully this means you will soon be cast in many diverse roles.
    My only complaint is that you weren’t in more scenes…
    Take care!! xoxo

  4. Just now found your weblog again. I saw the Numb3rs episode and loved it. A Todd McFanlane type character was what I thought of when I saw you. However what I really want to know is – who did the art and is, or will it be up for auction anywhere? I’d love to have the sketch of the brothers…Do you have any idea who did it and what happened to the art?

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