a different perspective on numb three ers

The art department at Numb3rs created the best fake comic convention I’ve ever seen for last week’s show. The level of detail was phenomenal, including things like a stack of flyers welcoming participants to the con, booths from Wizkids, and WOTC, and appearances by several different real life comic creators.

One of those comic creators, Tony Fleecs (In My Lifetime, POSTCARDS: True Stories that Never Happened) talked to the comic podcast Word Balloon about his experiences on the set. It’s an enjoyable listen for comic readers, and people who just want to know what it’s like to be on the set of a television show from the perspective of someone who doesn’t work in the TV industry every day. He also said some nice things about me, which made my sugar hangover a little more bearable.

(Thanks to reader Ethan J., for the link!)

11 thoughts on “a different perspective on numb three ers”

  1. a stack of flyers welcoming participants to the con
    I bet this were better designed and more useful than Creation’s flyers–even if they were empty props! :)

  2. That’s cool. He certainly did think it was great you were there and he got to meet you – don’t we all!! Want to meet you AND that we get to see you on Numb3rs, that is…

  3. W –
    I started a blog in honor of NaBloPoMo. I quoted you in my “Things to remember” column. It says “Don’t be a dick” and I cite you. Is that cool?

  4. You know, the ‘3’ is silent.
    Posted by: Alan | November 01, 2007 at 10:27 PM

    I thought it was the pound sign that was silent.

  5. Wil,
    We met at the show. Feel free to use the email address I gave you (unless wardrobe washed that one too. In that case, you can get me through any address on our website) and I’ll set you up with the swag box we talked about. :)

  6. It was great to see the pictures – a friend of mine is involved with a Mon-Sport trading card magazine and they were asked to supply some stuff for the show; when I read your post, Wil, about getting the gig, I was doubly pleased!

  7. Whoops! Typo – I meant Non-Sport – I don’t know what Mon-Sport is, unless it’s “Pay-Per-View” Empire Stormtroopers chasing leaders of the Rebellion…

  8. I have been told that I am a Podcast Vet… yeah, it sounds stupid to me too. I have Co-Hosted a few podcasts, and even created/wrote for some. I now have a SciFi in-character one for Tabula Rasa MMO. I have to say PLEEEASE keep the Podcast coming. Also 30 minutes is a perfect time/size amount, and I love to hear ya rant about stuff. Peace out… GeekLord.

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