a look inside Star Trek: The Tour

I just got an invitation to the opening of Star Trek: The Tour. I thought some WWdN readers may want to know what the thing’s going to look like, so I scanned this picture from the inside of the invite. This image is concept art, that pretty closely matches up to the blueprints I saw when we shot our thing last week.

Speaking of that film I shot, I wanted to clarify something: it’s only 4 minutes long, and I doubt it’s canon.

You can click the image to embiggen it at flickr.


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  1. Really cool. Can’t wait for it to come to Philly. Any idea when they are going to release the rest of the ’08 schedule to see if we are on the list???

  2. >>>Speaking of that film I shot, I wanted to clarify something: it’s only 4 minutes long, and I doubt it’s canon.
    Is that your sweet way of saying, “Dudes, it’s just a TV series. Who cares what someone “should” be doing by now. This is a cool project. And get off my lawn.” ? :-)

  3. Re: your non-trek twitter (try to say that 10 times fast) — there is no reason to use Safari. None. I ditched it for Firefox ASAP.

  4. Ive also been doing the “wonder where theyll stick it” things for if it comes to Charlotte.
    The ideal place for something like this would be
    Discovery Place , but words going around that theyre supposed to close it down for rennovation sometime this year.
    Charlotte Merchandise Mart would be the next place, but a Mega-Church brought it out, and I have no idea when theyre supposed to take over.
    Anyway…theres gotta be some holes somewhere

  5. WOO WOO! It’s coming to Detroit..which is not my city, or country for that matter…But is only 10 minutes away..providing the border guards are in a good mood!
    (Maybe someone could convince the tour to skip across the river to Windsor? Less problems with parking that way)

  6. That’s awesome. Although you recently said you’re done writing stories about yourself, I would love to know what it was like for you to rejoin the ranks of Starfleet and become Crusher again.
    Also, Wil, did you see Darth and Yoda in the new Soul Calibur game? 1up and Kotaku has coverage if you’re interested.

  7. Well, Wesley Crusher hasn’t been mentioned in the first three Pocket books about the Titan…and I haven’t read the fourth. (Not that the novels are canon, but they are getting bolder with the stories, and weaving them into continuity…)

  8. SandieK – I can’t imagine it going anyhwere other than the Charlotte Convention Center, though I suppose an over zealous event coordinator could try to book Bobcats Arena.
    Wil – Congrats on all the cool happenings. I’ve got a little nerd explosion forming with the idea of this tour coming to Charlotte (and I’ve never had the chance to go to any Trekconventions)

  9. I have to confess, I’m curious to know what happened between Wesley disappearing and turning up at the wedding. And he’s a Lt. Commander?
    You must have some back story for him. I’d love to know what you think he’s been up to.
    Hey, You could become WFS and write books that keep your old character alive forever! Except you’d actually write yours šŸ˜‰

  10. *sigh*
    Yet another awesome event held on the west coast. :(
    We never get ANYTHING except DragonCon, which is just an excuse for people who shouldn’t be wearing little to no clothing to wear little to no clothing.
    anyway, have fun and try to remember us out here in the land of the dead…

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