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  1. Clinton, Obama, Kucinich . . . the Democratic candidate lineup looks like the bridge of the Enterprise.
    The Republican grouping looks like the cast of “Cocoon”.
    I’m keeping the “Wheaton-Takei ’08” bumper sticker on my car.

  2. Sorry to post twice in a row, but as much as I like Mrs. Clinton, we need a leader that people will want to follow. That’s the crucial difference for me.

  3. I’m not voting for Obama, Just because of the fact that he can not seem to honor our nations flag. Several occasions that he has refused to put his hand over his heart and say the pledge in the way that is is intendend. Granted there are tons of americans who do not say that part and that is thier choice, BUT I belive that you should honor the nation that you are wanting to serve by honoring it the proper way. Also Does it bother anyone that his name is Barack Hussein Obama?
    I do not like a LOT of his platform, But he is kinda good looking and he can talk and not sound like one of the back woods Texas people in my family.
    I do not agree with a lot of any of the political candidates. But I will vote because that is the American in me. Not sure who my vote will go for though.

  4. You know, this thread makes me think… I became politically aware during the presidency of Bill Clinton, and much of what he said and did (no need to talk about Lewinsky – it is completely irrelevant, and I would guess a significant group of the “high and mighty’ that forced the witch-hunt against him were guilty of the same, or worse… See Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston) inspired me and made me proud he was my President.
    However, as I look at Bill Clinton following Barack Obama around the country as his wife’s attack dog, I feel nothing but scorn for the man I once admired. I wonder what happened to make him like this. He is not the man he was in the 1990’s, and his wife is not Bill Clinton. Just because someone voted for and liked/loved Bill during some or all of his time in office does not mean they should vote for Hillary.
    Now, I obviously have a limited perspective, as does anyone else under the age of 35 or so, as there has been a Bush or Clinton in office every year of our late teen to adult lives, but Barack Obama just seems different. He doesn’t “feel” like a politician to me. I believe he speaks from his heart, and I believe much of what he says.
    Those that say Obama hasn’t specified what he will change? How about the following:
    1. He will get us out of the disastrous quagmire we’re in right now in Iraq.
    2. He will repair the severe damage caused to our country’s reputation and standing in the world by opening up to and engaging with other nations, even if we don’t see eye-to-eye on all matters. NEWS FLASH: The U.S. is not right about everything! We can learn something be listening to other countries!
    3. He will strongly push our country toward renewable resources and decrease our dependence on foreign oil, which subsidizes nations that harbor and aid religious fanatics (see the bill passed in the Illinois Senate subsidizing gas stations that install E-85 pumps. About half of all gas stations in Illinois now have E-85, which makes Illinois one of the few states where it actually means something to own a “Flex Fuel” vehicle).
    4. He will end the culture of accepted political bribery and stop the trend of lobbyists defining national policy (energy companies defining the U.S. energy policy, anyone?)
    Now that’s only four items, but there are more. Listen to the man talk. Try to put your prejudices and preconceived notions aside and think about what the man is saying.
    Not only does Obama have my vote, but he’s the first politician I’ve even been inspired to support, both monetarily and organizationally.

  5. Now that my man Richardson has dropped out, I’ll go with Obama. I like him. We need someone who can who can heal the wounds inflicted by the fascists who run it now.

  6. Lovely endorsement, but seeing as I am Canadian, I do not have to try and wrap my head around your choices. Heck i can barely wrap my head around your election process. It is very confusing. From what i can gather..you have a 3 year election campaign.

  7. Will- Do you think Obama can win? If you truly do, then by all means, go for it. But I am concerned that is the long run, he cannot win and if one of our goals is to get a democrat in the office- how can we risk running him when the country would rather see a woman that an a black man in the office? However backwards it is- it is true. This election is too important to lose and I think Hillary has the best shot. That being said- I pride myself on saying that I vote for what a person stands for, not the party. But with what Bush has created in the last 7 years, the thought of a Republican getting into office terrifies me. Hillary stands the best chance. And, whether or not wee like Bill, Hillary has the most experience, hands down.

  8. Personally, I’d rather vote for Lewis Black than any of the remaining candidates. I preferred Edwards, though the self-writing script of “Potential First Woman President vs. Potential First Black President” was just too damn alluring for the media to pay attention to issues of substance. They’ll always find some reason.
    Personally, I’d be happy with a candidate that took some ideas from Lewis Black. For example, it IS unacceptable that every new home built in the U.S. doesn’t have solar power.

  9. To Hotmamacudd @ 6:06 AM
    Not quite right, there: The furor was over him not putting his hand over his heart during the singing of the National Anthem, not the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Obama’s response: “My grandfather taught me how to say the Pledge of Allegiance when I was 2…During the Pledge of Allegiance you put your hand over your heart. During the national anthem you sing!”
    The Pledge does require the hand over the heart: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/4/4.html
    Now, the national anthem also technically requires the hand over the heart: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode36/usc_sec_36_00000301—-000-.html
    …but this was not always the case. The original requirement was simply to “stand at respectful attention”: http://www.menc.org/guides/patriotic/reprise.pdf
    I can’t find a definitive source, but it appears that the codification of the hand over the heart happened in 1976. Obama says he learned it from his grandfather. If that’s the case, it’s entirely reasonable that he would not have been taught to put his hand over his heart.
    In any event, implying that it somehow calls his patriotism into question is a bit of a stretch.
    As for his middle name being Hussein — seriously? Is that where we’re going to go with this election? Of course the wingnuts are going to make a big deal about it, but come on — does any rational person really think that it matters? That it implies anything about his character or his fitness for the presidency?

  10. I’ve been “registered” as a Republican my entire life though I don’t think the Republican party of today represents what I believe anymore, I would switch my party affiliation to Liberterian but want to have some influence during the primary process.
    The thing about Obama is that I don’t agree with almost anything in his platform, but I actually believe him and can totally see myself voting for him.
    It looks like McCain has the Republican nomination in-hand, I used to really like McCain but I feel that like the greater Republican party he has lost his way.
    Hillary is simple, she’s a scheming conniving bitch (pardon my language), her position on any given issue depends on who she is talking to at any given moment, I believe her true beliefs are liberal but that’s not really relavent because her influence is for sale to the highest bidder. Moreover she’s about as unelectable as could possibly be, both Hillary and Obama would get intolerant people to the polls to vote against them, sadly there are still a large number of intolerant people in thhis country, but in addtion to being a woman she is also Hillary Clinton which will hurt her far more than her lack of external reproductive organs. If Hillary somehow gets the nomination (by perhaps mounting a legal challende to get the Florida and Michigan delegates re-instated) the Republicans could nominate just bout anybody and they would win, heck I think Ron Paul could beat Hillary!
    In a McCain vs Obama race it would be a tough one for me, looking strictly at the issues I’d side easily with McCain, but I just don’t trust McCain and I do trust Obama.
    If it’s Obama against Romney it’s an easy vote for Obama.

  11. I absolutely agree that Obama is the right choice. Hill is old politics, corruption, and convenient opinion and position.
    way to go wil!
    Obama ’08

  12. After looking at the site that have been posted by other Geeks Fans. I stand corrected and thought that he was in the wrong on the Flag, I apolozie. But I still an not in favor of voting for him…Or Hillary. Not sure who I’m going to vote for. But I will withdraw my comment on his not be patriotic. Thanks for the sites…

  13. @Hotmamacudd:
    Also, re: Barack HUSSEIN Obama… I assume it’s the middle name you think is a problem… Hussein is actually a common name in Arab and Muslim cultures- by which I mean countries which are not Arabic, but have the Islamic religion, because in Islam, Arabic is the holy language of revelation and religion, because it is the language of their holy book, very similar to how Jews view the Hebrew language.
    Obama is NOT a muslim, but his father and father’s family was/were/are.
    This link explains the name, and it’s origins:

  14. I just hope Hillary isn’t on the ticket for the final election – Obama sounds to me to be the best but if he ends up with Hillary as the VP then sorry I’m voting for the other main canidates. I”m wondering if you would still support him she is the VP.

  15. He’s a better choice than Clinton for sure. She’s power hungry, and throughout history, those types have been proven to be the worst and most oppressive leaders.
    However, I’m for Mike Huckabee.

  16. If Wil (or anyone else here) is interested, some of us from Fark.com have a group on the Obama campaign website. We are under groups as Farkers for Obama.
    Since Wil is responsible for tuning me in to the goodness of Fark I thought I would mention it here :)

  17. I’m with you, Sisyphus. Lewis Black for President!
    I unfortunately haven’t read up enough about the candidates to have much of an opinion. I won’t go Republican – that much, I know for sure. But between Obama and Clinton…well, I need to have more information on them.
    I highly doubt Hilary will win. As Lewis Black said in a bit when he was talking about Hilary becoming president – people won’t vote for her because they don’t want HIM [Bill] wandering around the White House for another four years.
    Honestly, I’m a cynic about our political process. When you run for higher office, you’re either corrupt to begin with or the power corrupts you. Or you have great intentions and you get stonewalled by Congress so none of your wonderful ideas come to pass.
    I’ll just be glad to see the backside of Shrub. Remember in “The Simpsons” where Homer was watching “Hail to the Chimp” where, of course, a chimpanzee was the president? That’s how I’ve felt for the last near-decade. Except that I think chimps are probably more intelligent than Shrub.
    At least Obama sounds like he has a brain in his head. I’m getting sick of being a laughingstock in the world community because our fearless leader is a moron.

  18. Wil,
    My wife Dana introduced me to your blog — she and I loved STNG.
    We kept reading because you’re a gifted, incredibly witty writer.
    I slacked for a while when you ran into issues with the original WWdN, but I’ve recently been reading again because I’m a freelance writer working from home now, too, and can identify with some of what you’ve talked about where the writing life is concerned (how hard it is to keep a discipline, sometimes, the solitary nature of the work, etc).
    Now, though, you’ve absolutely sprung the gears on the cool meter, because Obama is The Man, in the best sense of the term. Now adults of our generation get a chance to know the excitement people were feeling when JFK was on his way into the White House.
    ‘Nuff said.

  19. To me, it seems like the press has vilified Hillary, making her the bitch who’s running. Bill should tone it down, but he’s been mischaracterized, if you check the original footage of the quotes everyone’s dinging him for. If Obama is the candidate, you can expect he’ll get the same treatment because of his race. Personally, I think Hillary would be able to handle the right-wing attack machine much better than Obama, those of you who seem to have forgotten that it’s still around. Those “Hussein” comments are but a taste of what would come. Still, I’d love Obama as a candidate. I think a Clinton-Obama ticket would be unbeatable, and give Barack a job for 16 years.

  20. I agree that the EX-Pres has gone overboard with his comments, which is surprising considering he is meant to be one of the best at this (the Jessie Jackson bit-roll eyes)
    It will be interesting now that it seems he has been muzzled for now to see how Hillary will be on her own.
    I like Obama in the fact that there are no Obama haters like there are Clinton haters.
    The weird thing about the hugfest debate is that it is not that far out to see an Obama/Clinton ticket or even the otherway.
    If that happens you could have bill back in the white house as the vice-presidents spouse
    The Major thing against Obama is that middle name, which has those that follow Fox believing he is a Muslim, which means terrorist of course
    Personally I want to see his position on NASA, I heard he wants to cut the budget, I want to see what he actually said myself.

  21. Senator Obama is excellent. The rumors about his religion and name are completely false. Check out a lot of names given to people of any race in this country and you will find that the names simply reflect the family’s culture. Also, he does not have any scandals in his background. Bill and Hillary’s scandals are enormous. Their time in the White House was to reap more money. Also Senator Obama has the seasoning needed to become the next best President of the United States for all people.

  22. I am voting in my state’s primary for Romney. He has a very small chance of actually becoming president, but I am familiar enough with his background to know that he would be great for our country.
    Obama seems like a good guy. He’s much better than Hillary if the Dems end up winning the White House.

  23. I think Obama has been good for the campaign in general, but I think he’d be a disaster as president . He’s been good in that his campaign successes have brought out the ugly in Billary. We all needed the reminder.
    But,come on… everyone is so enthralled by him because he doesn’t actually *say* anything. You might as well nominate any other motivational speaker.
    That being said, as a Republican, I don’t think it matters who the Dems nominate (Billary or Obama). Either one is a neophyte compared to McCain or to Romney. At least both of them have actually *done* something other than a) be married to a successful politician or b) be an eloquent minority candidate.
    At some point, the Democrats will have to reckon with the fact that George Bush is not on the ticket. Just bashing his presidency isn’t going to be enough. Just being vehemently opposed to anything he did or proposed (even if you were in favor before) isn’t going to get it done.
    Now if the Republicans could just find a candidate who matches McCain’s foreign policy experience with Romney’s business experience, we might have something. As it is, any of the candidates is going to be a compromise.
    I think the best thing working for a Republican three-peat here is that the Democrats took over congress. Suckers. Now who looks inept and corrupt? And I was so convinced that they were going to change the culture of Washington… oh well.

  24. Wil,
    Thank you for endorsing a man that this country NEEDS. Yes, you can compare him to JFK but Obama can bring people together. I’m an Illinois resident and have been following his career since before his now historical speech at the Dem convention. He, to my knowledge has never forced any opponent to drop out. He is a healer. More than any other candidate out there, I believe he will put our country back on track. Your endorsement means a lot to me. I’ve been reading your blog for a number of years (5?) and you constantly reinforce the fact that you are not only a gifted actor and writer but a truly inspiring, smart and wonderful human being. Not that my opinion means anything :)

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