24 thoughts on “pretty much the coolest thing you’ll see today”

  1. Awesome, except for one that totally confuses me – what’s up with the lack of proper sound effects? The beep of the cash register is replaced by a cut-off bell ringing, and the same with the car horn. Wtf?

  2. Well, considering the only other thing I saw today was the view from my cubicle, yes, this is definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen today.
    I need new Legos, stat.

  3. That is the greatest YOUTUBE segment I’ve seen this year. It makes me want to go to my friends house and play star wars: lego edition.

  4. I remember when there were *no* licensed Lego sets. What we had were Lego Technic and Lego Space. Put ’em together, and ROCK OUT! \m/
    Now – somebody get these damn kids off my lawn!

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