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Earlier today, I went into Target to get some storage bins. While I was there, I paid a visit to the Halloween section. Because what I need is more Halloween decorations. Really. I do. Shut up. I do. After looking at the various decorations (mostly meh, but a few cool things) I rounded a corner and looked at the costumes. I saw something that, speaking as a geek and Halloween aficionado, horrified me. I told Twitter:

In the Halloween section, Target tries to pass off what is CLEARLY an Orc Barbarian sword as a “Giant Ninja” sword. I weep for the children.

I mean, seriously. This sort of thing pushes me one step closer to the breaking point.

Anyway, tonight, as the debate ended, I had a related thought:

McCain’s the kinda guy who would sell you an Orc Barbarian sword, and tell you it’s a Giant Ninja sword, my friends.

Please let me share some of the @responses I got, because they made me laugh out loud:

JoeyMcAllister: @wilw Well, he’s a maverorck.

Gygaxis: @wilw McCain is the kind of guy who will finish up your lobster even if you did want the rest.

Rhinehold: @wilw Obama is the kinda guy who would require that all xp was split evenly, even to henchmen, no matter who did what

dallasthegreat: @wilw look, we need to get away from the divisive orc vs. Ninja talking points and tackle the pirate problem.

Lobsticles: @wilw Sarah Palin once saw a sword, so she’s sort of an expert on Giant Ninja Swords.

Spaceman: @wilw yes. Why yes he is. He should be talking about mario plumber.


There were tons of hilarious responses in addition to these, but I saved the absolute best for last:

seanmc74: @wilw An old man dispensing swords is no basis for a system of government.

Bravo, seanmc74. I believe you just won yourself an Internets, sir.

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  1. I feel really lame about my “Exactly! What a dick.” tweet now. *hangs head in shame*
    But seriously, those are great. Thanks for sharing them with us. I’m concerned about the pirate problem too.

  2. No more TV commercial, no more print ads, no town halls, no debates…all future elections will be decided by a d20 battle to the death with the guys from The Knights of the Dinner Table!

  3. I, too, laughed when Wil’s retweet of seanmc74’s response came through. It’s 2:30am and am still chucklin’. And am liking the new twitter avatar … lookin’ good! But why not you wearing that ascot … *chuckles*

  4. Oh… your original tweet and your tweet responses are the exact reason why I <3 geeks.
    Ninja’s rule, Pirate’s drool. Just a debate point I’d like to throw out there.

  5. Ive looked forward to this post since you announced your intentions (hrm. that almost sounded dirty)
    Either way, didnt disappoint. I hate that I suck at snappy come backs

  6. My girlfriend just gave me a pin that says “I am so blogging this.” I think it belongs to you, Wil. LOL
    Speaking of costumes (sort of)… I just received my Diesel Sweeties Clown Shirt. I’m going to wear it over Halloween and go to all of the parties as Wil Wheaton. I am teh Awesome.

  7. what scares me Wil is that I could totally be one of the “ignorant witches” handing out “stupid candy” this year, and not even know it. And I’m only 25!
    Seriously that’s how fast things seem to be moving around me without me catching up.
    Thanks for the laughs. I love following you on twitter cause you make me laugh, and cause you actually react to your followers!

  8. Is it wrong that I just want to make out with Wil’s Twitter feed, like, all the time?
    I would pay good money to be that witty. Oh you are an awesome bunch of geeks, you are. :)

  9. Saw both your initial tweet and your retweet. Was too tired to think of something funny to tweet back. Your other twitter followers are just awesome. And funny. But mostly, awesome. And awesome.

  10. McCain gave me a new piece of office humour. Everytime someone says we need to work on “x before y”. I come back with “this is not a rifle shot, we’re Americans, we can do more than one thing at a time”. Never fails to get a laugh.
    It’s classic and as good as any Caddyshack quote.

  11. Is it wrong that I just want to make out with Wil’s Twitter feed, like, all the time?
    If that’s wrong, tinypants, then I don’t want to be right. Because I want to marry Wil’s Twitter feed and have its babies, I love it so.
    I must be really, really wrong…

  12. You’re a GoH at PenguiCon 7.0 this coming spring. I’m part of the Aegis sword academy PenguiCon Demo Team.
    We’ll show you swords.
    And you will LIKE them.
    Yes. You will.

  13. I actualy got to watch the whole darn debate last night. Did you notice McCain calling the Kenndey assination an “intervention”. Weirdness. But yeah, so I watched the debates and I got the funnies. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I once had a D&D character who was a Giant Ninja. He had a pretty awesome sword. Sadly, he was killed by an Orc Barbarian who then proceeded to loot him.
    Any political metaphors are in the mind of the reader.

  15. OMG you fellow Halloween expert… come to my Halloween party. Seriously. It’s Nov. 1. In Michigan. You can totally make it.
    Um, P.S. Is there an overabundance of Domo at your Target? They are everywhere here. Why is Domo the new Target halloween mascot?

  16. There is a “silent majority” of older, conservative Americans out here who will vote on election day. Don’t be surprised when our voice is heard.

  17. Ok, I was a day late and a dollar short on the link to somehedgehog’s post on LJ. Just means I need to read the comments before adding my 2 cents worth.

  18. Regarding the Twitter as Terrorist Tool story, personally, I think it’s rather ridiculous. If you think about it, any number of the technological tools at our disposal today can be used in ways unintended.
    Does that mean the move should be on to attempt to further restrict freedoms in this country by any number of means, such as implementing governmental Internet controls which prevent the general, law-abiding population from using it at will and for the free exchange of ideas and information?
    As a newspaper journalist who firmly stands behind the First Amendment, I certainly don’t think so. It would be a slap in the face to our Founding Fathers and to us. After all, this country rose to greatness due, in part, to the unrestricted freedoms afforded its citizens, and that very exchange of ideas and information of all types.
    Yes, I agree, monitor the Internet for suspicious activity that could be terrorist-oriented and act accordingly against those suspected individuals when needed, but don’t trample on the rest of us in the process.

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