Because, as I’ve said before, if you can’t do random silly shit like this with your blog, why have a blog in the first place?

26 thoughts on “I LIKE IT HERE IT’S NICE”

  1. This was a favorite when I did college radio. Thanks for the flashback. (Also, it reminds me of the last and best April Fools’ Day prank I ever played on my dad – calling him from school and saying I was, in fact, in jail.)

  2. I had a hard time remembering where (and when) I saw this for the first time… then it came to me: MTV’s Liquid TV! Wow… that takes me back… πŸ˜‰

  3. The movie Pump Up the Volume actually changed my life. I was 14 and “inside [I was] screaming.” I related to those characters so hard.
    Thanks for the memories.
    The music in that movie was amazing. I need to watch it again.

  4. Liquid Television was my introduction to this video as well. The “What Up, Dog?” Was (Not Was) video was also in the LT mix. Many late nights were spent watching recorded episodes on my VHS. Great stuff!

  5. Suddenly I feel like I need to have over-sprayed big hair and wear a lot of flannel … Man, this takes me back a great deal. Thanks for the nostalgimoment.

  6. Hmm… this sounded familiar to me as well, but after reading the comments I’m not sure if it’s from Liquid Television or from Pump Up the Volume that I’m remembering it from. Man, I miss Liquid Television!
    -= Chris

  7. “You are NOT screwed up. You are a screwed up reaction to a screwed up situation. You see, feeling screwed up in a screwed up PLACE in a screwed up TIME does not mean you are screwed up.
    If you catch my drift.”

  8. This is completely unrelated and random, but an artist named Marian Call is playing at Club Derby in LA, and she is awesome. A jazzy Firefly fan, if you are close you should check her out.

  9. This was also a favorite of mine from Pump Up the Volume; I really have to find that CD!
    I notice that the video doesn’t have a lot of hits. Wonder how many it’ll get now that Wil’s linked to it? Wheaton effect: go!

  10. OMG! I was listening to this 2 days ago while driving really fast on the freeway!
    It was on a mix cassette I had put together back in 1988, mixed in with lots of Bomb The Bass (Megablast!) and Pop Will Eat Itself (Defcon 1) tracks. Good times!
    I was thinking of temporarily renaming my Live Journal to “Hello dad? I’m in jail!” πŸ˜€

  11. Don Was was at the LA Weekly Detour Festival this year. I walked past him twice. Successfully suppressed the urge to shout “Say hi to MOM! From JAIL!” both times. πŸ˜‰

  12. For those of us whose workplace hasn’t blocked Wil’s blog (yea!), but has blocked certain content types (sigh!) … what the heck is at the top of this page? I’ve gathered that it must be some kind of animation, accompanied by some song that was in Pump Up the Volume, but that’s as far as I get on my own steam.

  13. Ok, I’m a big Was (Not Was) fan & I love this “song”. I don’t recall if I ever saw this animation before — I love it, too.
    I saw Was (Not Was) at a club in Ann Arbor, MI around when the ‘What Up Dog’ album came out.
    After the show they were selling those giant t-shirts with the big block letters on them that said “WAS (NOT WAS)”. You know the ones, they were popular for about 10 minutes in the 80’s (FRANKIE SAY RELAX was a popular one). But there was an old guy wearing one that said “DAD I’M IN JAIL”. My friend spoke to him, and it turned out to be Don Was or David Was’s dad, which I thought was pretty cool.
    BTW I bought one of the “WAS(NOT WAS)” t-shirts, but never wore it in public — I think it was out of style by the end of that week.
    (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katharine_Hamnett for more about the giant t-shirts)

  14. Once I was in a Pizza Hut with a guy from work. We were looking at the selections on the CD jukebox, when we both noticed “What’s Up Dog.” Without a word, we looked at each other with raised eyebrows, fed a dollar into the machine, punched in that song, and quietly went back to our table. When “Dad I’m In Jail” came on, the entire restaurant stopped eating mid-bite with shocked looks on their faces. We just whistled innocently.

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