just in case you missed the macy’s parade moment everyone is talking about

This is the best version I’ve seen. It came from MartiMcKenna on Twitter.

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  1. Yep, saw that live and Twittered it too. Man, that was classic! Had to explain the concept to my daughter and mother though, nonetheless priceless!

  2. #mindvox old school meetup happening now on efnet if you want to join… your name just came up when we were talking about the macy’s parade rick roll, come by and say hi :)

  3. One of the local radio guys mentioned that probably only 10% of the people got it. Sometimes, I love being that 10%.
    I was so glad this showed up on teh webz immediately since I’d missed it. I’ve watched it about 5 times today. I also now know how to end my lame school video project.

  4. Not having children I don’t normally hear about such shows, but I love the concept. I hope Puff the Magic Dragon found a home there too! *sniff*
    That being said, I loved the Rickroll. Of course, that also means Rickrolling is more dead than dead, but still. Awesome covered with awesome sauce and some awesome stuffing on the side. Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving Wil!

  5. I love Rickrolls too!!
    But they shouldn’t have said the “look closely for a special musical guest” – kind of took the oomph out of it.
    Still – woot! Cartoon Network Rickrolled the Macy’s Parade!!

  6. Foster’s is a pretty funny show. And this tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the people who produce it, who I now love beyond measure. Also, love for Astley, who clearly knows what’s going on if you look at his face.

  7. I’m living overseas and was kind of bummed about my KFC mashed potatoes and chicken strips Thanksgiving dinner away from my family, but when I went on to Fark and found out the parade got rickrolled, well, it makes my Thanksgiving a lot better.

  8. He comes from a place near St Helens in Merseyside.I know this as my family came from there aswell and he was huge in the UK in the eighties and funny but I wondered what happened to him.Do you remember the band KING.Well the lead singer used to live up the road from me!! They were great but when Paul King decided to leave..well the rest is history or VH1.
    cheers..blast from the past.

  9. “But they shouldn’t have said the “look closely for a special musical guest” – kind of took the oomph out of it.”
    They also announced him as a performer during the opening credits – as soon as they did my wife and I looked at each other and said “Rickroll”…
    The point of a RR is to make it a surprise and NOT telegraph it an hour in advance :/

  10. I was in the kitchen and I heard Rick Astley, and I said, “Hey, they rickrolled the parade.” But I was KIDDING! I didn’t realize it actually happened!
    I have to say, the fact that the Macy’s parade got rickrolled means that the meme is officially spent.

  11. I had to actually look up what a “Rickroll” was before I got the joke, but now that I have it’s pretty funny in this context.

  12. I did miss that, so thanks for the tip. That’s pretty damn funny, and yes Rick Rolling has now completely jumped the shark.
    I would think that a lot more than 10% of people would get it, but maybe that’s just a sign that I spend WAY too much time online.
    Happy TofuTurkey Day! (?)

  13. Serious delurk action going on here…
    Wil, I write to you confident i’m the only US American (w/o dual citizenship) in a tiny Mexican town eating cereal for Thanksgiving dinner. Why yes, I did miss that moment everyone is talking about, and heard about it first here at WWDN(:ix). In honor of this day, thank you for passing this on so one fewer of us has a good chuckle through a slight case of the homesick, and from saving said individual from looking like as one does upon emerging from a cave.

  14. …Thought I should mention the irony that I am here working at an actual foster home for very real children, who may have come to us out of abuse or neglect but always emerge loved and cared for.

  15. I did wonder why Rick Astley was mentioned in the opening performer’s call. I figured it would be something like this. Still: Live Action Rickroll FTW!

  16. I had to work today so missed this live, but died laughing catching it here. Hehehe. I (heart) Fosters and the RickRoll was great, heheh, I’m mature for someone with no kids lol.

  17. That would have been so much more awesome if they hadn’t listed Rick Astley in the list of stars who would be appearing at the beginning of the show. Spoiled it! I mean, what else would he be there for, eh? Still loved it, even if I was the only one in the room laughing over it.

  18. Rick Astley totally just himselfrolled the entire nation.
    It’s over. There’s no point even trying to top that.
    Unless, of course, we KNOW there are aliens out there and we can throw in a rickroll in our message of peace.

  19. Hah! Even XKCD can’t out-rickroll that! It’s officially jumped the shark now. Astley is making money off of rickrolling, with is so meta it’s scary.

  20. Hey, it’s me again.
    Is it still a RR when BArry Manilow sings the song @ Rockerfeller Plaza the next day? If it counts then THAT’S when you know the RR has jumped the shark.
    This Morning on the Today show. I have to say that when I walked into the guest’s room and heard the song I thought it was groundhog day… but it was just Manilow.

  21. That was so amazing! We were actually watching the parade, and I am soooo glad I didn’t have an drink in my mouth at the time. I wish we knew more of what RA’s been up to, I love his voice.

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