you’re not gonna get the final boss tamed

final_boss_coverart.jpgI’m a lousy friend, and I haven’t mentioned that MC Frontalot‘s new album Final Boss has been out for over a month. I think it’s his best album yet, and I’m not just saying that because I’m on it, dropping phat rhymes. You can download Wallflowers for free, and then you can purchase and download the whole album once your mind has been sufficiently blown. The whole album is fantastic, but I especially love Shame of the Otaku(teaser MP3) and Diseases of Yore(teaser MP3). I’m also intensely jealous that Front got Scott Campbell to do his cover art. Scott Campbell is awesome.

After you’ve heard the entire album, including my skit about vocations, you’ll have a new appreciation for this album cover, designed by Lore Sjöberg. Did I mention that it was awesome? It looks like I didn’t, so: it’s awesome.

Finally, MC Frontalot is going on tour, and he’s totally coming to your town … as long as you live in one of the towns on the tour schedule.

13 thoughts on “you’re not gonna get the final boss tamed”

  1. lol, I do love your track on there, it’s two minutes of hilarity.
    I would like to hear the rest of your shellfish song though, it started out so strong!

  2. Wil, hon… I want you to know that I support you in all you do… erm… if you wanna be a rapper, then… anyodd, the songs are nifty! I enjoyed it 😀 Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I’ve heard his stuff before but this is completely awesome! ha ha. Good job Wil. Loving it.
    And yes, Scott is the bomb! The girls and I actually went to comic con this year as Danger Girl (all of the ladies) :)

  4. Is this you for serious? Man. I’m always surprised by how consistently awesome you are.
    By the way, finally managed to get my little paws on a copy of Just a Geek – loving it so far!

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