a moment of silence, please.

Majel Barrett Roddenberry died yesterday. She was a hell of a lady, who loved Star Trek and Star Trek fans like no other.

Some knew her as the original Number One, some knew her as Lwaxana Troi, and everyone knew her as the ship’s computer, but I just knew her as Majel, my friend Rod’s mom, who always treated me like he and I were brothers.

Since we got the news yesterday, a lot of people have asked me if I can tell a story as a way to remember her. I’ve dug around in the attic of my mind for hours, and the best I can do is: We always had fun when we were working on Next Generation, but when Majel was on the set, it was a party.

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  1. I met Majel about 8 years at the Experience in Vegas. She was sitting at the Quacks bar having drinks. I went and ask her to sign my menu and she did and she was wonderful and cheerful I had such a nice chat with her. I was so blessed to spend a moment in time with. You will be missed.

  2. I got to meet her at a Con in Halifax in 96. She was wonderful to talk with and had time for everyone who wanted a word with her. She’ll be missed.

  3. While the “re-mastered” versions of the original series gave us “cleaner” and “wish they had” effects etc.
    It also ironically allows us NOT to be distracted the scratches and to focus and see more of everyone’s acting and to see the little things that Majel brought to her unrequitable love for Spock
    I’m more annoyed at myself than ever for writing off all con’s because of the one I went to (“kirk and spock” 12y old in costume CALLING each other K&S, during Q&A K called himself writer/director/actor when asking a question to Shatner)
    From now on whenever one gets NEAR me (S.F) I will be attending it less I miss meeting those who bought a little joy to life
    Thomas Green..That’s the FIRST time I heard about Apsrin..Damn!
    I stopped watching for more books because of the IRS problems he was having (new book it would ALL go to them)
    You would HOPE that those that have touched millions, like authors/actors would at least have had some mention on CNN

  4. I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet her, but she has always been one of my favourite people from the Star Trek family.
    My sympathies go out to you and all who knew and loved her.
    RIP, Majel Barrett Roddenberry – enjoy the reunion with Gene, and enjoy travelling the stars together.

  5. That is really sad news Wil. My condolences to her family and friends. She was great to watch, I can only imagine what she was like in person. I believe you probably summed it up nicely in just a few words.

  6. Indeed very sad. I just read this, for some reason, I hadn’t heard.
    I instantly went to Startrek.com, cause to me, this is alarming and life altering news, and found NO mention of it. How can this be? I do not get it.
    Thank you Wil, for taking time out of your day for remembering someone very special to you. Thank you, for letting us know, as she was someone special to us also.
    You and the Roddenberry Family are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

  7. You are a lucky man indeed for being able to share even such a short story.
    I had the pleasure of meeting and interpreting for Majel when she came via conventions and you sir are correct: Each time she appeared she created a great atmosphere for everyone around her.
    She will truly be missed. Thank you for sharing.

  8. She was an amazing woman, and part of the Diva Three that passed at the end of 2008 (Bettie Page and Eartha Kitt being the other two). I learned a lot from watching her and seeing how she acted both on and off screen. So much class, taken before she should have been. Thank you for offering your view of her, Wil.

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