also, i have a lava lamp

I got a deadline fucked up in my head, and something I thought was due tomorrow at noon was due today at noon. Oops. I had it on my list and everything.

Luckily, I have some flexibility and an editor who trusts me, so I’m working on finishing the column now (it’s coming together, but finding the flow is a challenge, even when I know the various points I want to make. I usually don’t even find my way “in” to the piece until it’s nearly finished, so . . . yeah, that’s fun.)

My car is in the shop, and I didn’t have time to stop and dinner, so I ordered delivery from this Thai place that I love, and it just got here about 20 minutes ago.

I’m eating the spiciest drunken noodles I think I’ve ever had, listening to Portishead, and writing a column that currently sucks, but will not suck when I turn it in.

14 thoughts on “also, i have a lava lamp”

  1. As long as you’re not afraid to suck… :)
    Best of luck on the column, Wil. We all know you’ll knock it out of the park again, but it’s just winding up to do it that gets the anxiety going.
    Deep cleansing breaths…and swing.

  2. And blogging is a method of procrastination or something to do during a well-earned break? :)
    (Not judging, just observing in a somewhat cheeky manner.)

  3. well then I wish you luck (or should that be to break a leg… well whichever!) even though I am thoroughly confused by the way your brain works.
    Must be why I enjoy hearing from you so much.

  4. Hey, Wil, have you ever tried Saladang on Fair Oaks Ave? My sis-in-law lives in the area, and we were lucky enough to visit her a couple of weeks ago. She suggested the place, and it was probably one of the best dinners we had on the entire trip, besides the Korean BBQ we had in Koreatown the next evening. May have to think about having Thai food for dinner soon, if I can find a good enough restaurant here. Oh, and I’m sure the column turned out just fine!

  5. gorramit, and here I was looking for a post about an actual lava lamp. See, I bought one the other day as an excuse for a school project, and now I’m obsessed. Obsessed, I tell you. Seriously, what is life without a lava lampe?

  6. I have a lava lamp too. Its from the 70’s and its so old that the level of oil has sunk down about an inch and a half and the wax no longer forms into big globs- its all little droplets now. Like drops of blood.

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