@BarackObama, @GregGrunberg: We’re totally in a comic together!

This is just awesome.

Three thoughts:

1) HijiNKS Ensue joins Something Positive to be the second comic in the last week that’s made me feel more awesome than I deserve, or will ever actually be.

2) Greg is probably famous enough to actually get to meet him, but this is likely the closest I’ll ever get to Barack Obama, who I think is going to be our first geek president.

3) Yes, this title is optimized for Twitter. It’s meta, it’s funny.

33 thoughts on “@BarackObama, @GregGrunberg: We’re totally in a comic together!”

  1. See if you don’t have at least a cameo in Heroes… I’ll cry, and post on the t’Internet about how much I hate Wesley Crusher, etc., etc., etc.

  2. Washington D.C., White House Situation Room, Near Future
    There’s no way we can solve those things all by ourselves. Let’s try a different and awesome approach: What would Wil Wheaton do?

    And every other abbreviation out there that means made of awesomesauce.
    @spec10 and @mouse-WWWWD (and its appropriate response) is MADE of WIN.

  4. I agree with Sandie K – calling that an epic win is an understatement. That’s truly a funny comic.
    Oh, and Something Positive rocks, too. :)

  5. Oh, I think you are bigger than you know! All 69 of my close lady friends adore you. The 200 some-odd guys with whom I am connected also think you’re pretty super. I’m glad you’re getting your rightful place in Geeklandia!

  6. There has been so much awesome stuff on your blog recently. Now your presence in S*P has only solidified your steps into the deity ranks of awesomeness in my mind.

  7. I’m trying to remember where I read it, I think it was in Newsweek, but there was a bit about Barack Obama teasing Michelle about her belt buckle looking like it dilithium crystals.
    So yeah, between that and his comic book collection, I think you’re right about electing the first geek president.

  8. I’m glad you’re enjoying the storyline. Sadly, you weren’t in the strip after – but you’ve got three more strips at least – I’m debating on adding another. Two of your next strips are double-sized, for what it’s worth.

  9. Wow you Something Positive illustrated self is HAWT. Just saying.
    The HijiNKS Ensue strip is hilarious and am glad to be made aware of it…because another thing added to my feed reader is just what I need.

  10. “It’s meta, it’s funny.”
    No need to defend your hilarious geekdom to us, Wil. We’re your people. :)
    @Mouse – you can get a signed print of them?! Do want. “Dear Santa …”

  11. Wil, that is totally great (the comic)… and I love the “maybe he can get me Patrick’s Stewart’s phone number” line.
    I had somebody tweet me the other day asking if I was somebody. Biggest laugh I had all day…
    We follow you here not because you’re a celeb (well, sure maybe a little) but also because you have funny things to say and having a good mix of tweeters is relevant to my interests (LOLcat line).
    Tweet happy, my friend!

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