fish should be dead 5 hours before deboning

I’m pretty sure that voice over is Mike Rowe, and assuming this is real, there’s no way the people behind this didn’t know exactly what they were doing.
(via cglynne on Twitter)

30 thoughts on “fish should be dead 5 hours before deboning”

  1. I remember seeing that on TV years ago. Yeah, it’s real. Never caught the double meaning, though.
    Aww, the joy of innocents. Actually, it was pretty boring.

  2. I wonder what would happen if you don’t wait long enough. I remember, one time, me and my Dad tried to clean a catfish that was only mostly dead. Lets just say that there’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.

  3. I always wonder about the marketing meetings for products like this…
    Marketing guy: “So, who has an idea for a name?”
    Others: “How about ‘Fish Bone Remover?” “Guts-be-gone!” “The One Deboner!”
    Marketing Guy: “What was that, Ted?”
    Ted: “The One Deboner?”
    Excellent! “All in favor of Wonder Boner?” “Aye!” “Yep!” “Me too!”
    Ted: “No, what I said was–”
    Marketing Guy: “Ok, the ‘ayes’ have it. The Wonder Boner. Excellent work, team! Now, who’s got a good name for this fishing pole grease gun?”
    Ted: “Oh, God help me.”

  4. A. Yes that was definitely my hero, Mike Rowe.
    B. In the beginning, (“I’ll do it!” “What gives?”) I thought he said “Fuck you!”.
    C. That is the most disgusting tool I’ve ever seen.

  5. Derek, I heard that, too.
    Notice that it’s not just a Wunder Boner (because you can’t trademark “wonder boner”), but it’s a SPINELESS Wunder Boner!

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