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Google Reader: Hey! You’re totally going to like this blog, you should read it.

Me: Oh really? Like I was going to like that other blog you suggested?

Google Reader: Hey, that’s not my fault. My algorithm, it can sometimes be … wonky.

Me: It was a porn blog, Google Reader, and a poorly-written one, at that.

Google Reader: But the title! The title made it sound like it was about politics! You love politics!

Me: Yeah, but —

Google Reader: Wait. “Poorly-written”? You read it?

Me: It had a certain car-crash quality about it that made looking away very difficult.

Google Reader: “Dear Google Reader, I never thought it would happen to me, but …”

Me: Yes. You’re very clever.

Google Reader: [Looks at me]

Me: [Looks at Google Reader]

Google Reader: I see what you —

Me: It’s less funny when you point it out.

Google Reader: [Looks at me]

Me: [Looks at Google Reader]

Me: Okay, now it’s funny again. Anyway, I thought your hivemind knew everything about everyone. I’m strangely comforted to know that you could make such a fundamental mistake.

Google Reader: Yes … mistake. Muwahahaha.

Me: Did you just do the evil laugh?

Google Reader: No. No, I did not.

Me: I’m pretty sure you did.

Google Reader: Hey, how’s that search history doing?

Me: You wouldn’t dare!

Google Reader: I’m just saying that I think your friends and family, not to mention the general public, would be interested to know that you were reading the Wikipedia entry for Hanson.

Me: That wasn’t my fault! I was looking for the Hanson Brothers, and you sent me to the wrong page!

Google Reader: Technically, it was my brother, Google Search who did that. He’s kind of a dick, since he’s become so popular, but we all talk to each other … without a warrant, tough guy.

Me: You know what? I think I’m leaving you for Yahoo.

Google Reader: No! Wait! Here, give me one last chance to redeem myself.

Me: Okay, fine. Go ahead.

Google Reader: You like RPGs, and you have a lot of subscriptions in the gaming folder, so I thought you’d like this blog called Gnome Stew. It’s a blog dedicated to game mastering.

Me: You sure it’s not a Linux thing, mister smart guy?

Google Reader: I’m sure. Though I have a bunch of Linux sites for you, too, now that you mention it …

Me: No, thanks. I’m fine. Okay, I’ll look at it.

One hour later …

Me: Okay, you redeemed yourself.

Google Reader: Ruh-really?

Me: Yeah. Gnome Stew’s articles on how you sometimes need to ignore the game to have fun while gaming and their collection of favorite GM tools were really awesome.

Google Reader: Yay! I told you that you’d like it! See?

Me: Yes. You were right. Here’s a cookie. That I wil delete when I quit Firefox.

iTunes: Hey, guys? If you’re going to make out, shall I play some Isaac Hayes?

Me: Quiet, you.

36 thoughts on “fantastic blog for game masters, dungeon masters, and rpg fans”

  1. OMG, that is hilarious. How in the world do you have time to write so much? I’m sure I’m nowhere near as busy as you and I can’t find this much time to blog, much less make them worth reading. Totally in awe.

  2. Is New Mutant going to have to boomark a bitch?!
    I’m IN. I liked the presentation so much, I am forced to now adopt the content.
    Actually I trust you, my geek brother. Let’s go see what you found!

  3. Haha, the “you wouldn’t dare!” reminds me of Dillinger being threatened by the MCP…
    Oh Bob, Google reader’s growing smarter! Run for your lives! Please tell me it hasn’t asked you about the Pentagon yet.

  4. I’m surprised Google Reader failed to mention RPG Bloggers ( – a fantastic directory of fantastic blogs for game masters, dungeon masters, and rpg fans.
    You’re slipping, Google Reader. You’d better watch yourself, or your job will get outsourced…

  5. Hehehehehehe. That was awesome.
    Speaking of the Hansen Brothers, that reminds me. Not that you would give a damn, since it’s all the way on the other side of the USA from you, Wil, but I grew up about 45 minutes away from the town where Slap Shot was filmed. The Hansen Brothers show up at the local hockey games sometimes for autographs and things. I have yet to see them, but my mom’s on a constant search for tickets for games where they appear. We figure we’ll get lucky sometime!

  6. If he isn’t he sure as hell should! *tries to impersonate Google Reader*
    Funny thing is, I have my Darths and Droids rss feed right next to the feed for Wil’s blog. No, they’re not sorted alphabetically. 😉

  7. I see what you all did there. Very witty. If I had been drinking a liquid while reading I would have spit it out. As I was not you just elicited one of my coveted snort-laughs.
    (Thanks for the link and for being funny.)

  8. Okay, I know it’s not related really to this post, but I didn’t want to clog up your email and thought you might enjoy reading “Seth McFarlane’s Self-Written Wedding Vows” over at my friend J’Mel’s blog.
    And, speaking of which, is your Family Guy episode happening this season or next?
    And I love the way I specified that it was my friend’s blog, as if I was your friend and therefore it would give the recommendation some clout if I made sure to tell you it was a blog by my friend. Ugh. Sorry. I’ve gone on too long. Far too long. I’ll just go back to lurking now, thank you…

  9. Every time I read one of these posts or one of your tweets involving the discussions you have with your softwarez, I dig though the settings, trying to find “HAL Mode” so I can chat with my Googles, but alas (and alack), I am never able to find it…

  10. OK, Wil, my husband owes you some gnomestew swag. He just earned even more geek points in my eyes when you mentioned gnomestew — he’s Scott, one of the gnomes. He also gets points for reading your post before me.
    And you got some points for not just being a gamer, but being a gamer who shares — awesome.
    And I swear it’s not ALWAYS me when Scott talks about a “problem gamer” in his home group.

  11. Re: sometimes need to ignore the game to have fun while gaming.
    I always follow rule zero (as it’s now called), which I’ll summarize until I dig out the old DMG where Gary Gygax put it.
    The DM has the right to alter, ignore or abolish any rule in the name of game play.
    Which I’ve created the axiom of:
    So long as the DM is consistant, and doesn’t do it to punish a single player.

  12. OK, that’s spooky. I just discovered Gnome Stew earlier this week and I was thinking “Wow, this is cool. I have to share this with my Pathfinder buddies”.

  13. The conversations you have with your computer applications are the funniest things I’ve ever read…and I have to say I love the attitude your iTunes tends to have:)

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