we are all of us living in the shadow of manhattan

Um. Wow.

Even if you’re not counting down the minutes until Watchmen comes out, if you are of a certain age, this is pretty much a perfect recreation of the time it’s supposed to be, well, recreating. My nostalgia centers are currently well above the flood stage, and it’s not just because of the production quality. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the dialog is taken almost directly from the book I loved and read over and over as a teenager, but I don’t have time to take mine out and fact check at the moment.

Still. Wow.

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  1. Wow indeed. The only parts that didn’t work for me were the obviously animated bits, and the two anchors with separate desks (I don’t think Huntley/Brinkley did that), but otherwise a near-perfect recreation of the period.
    BTW, I know you’ve been hella busy, but I thought you would’ve written something by now about the passing of Mr McGoohan. Any idea when you’ll be posting on that?

  2. I read the last issue of WATCHMEN on the way to San Diego Comicon. When I hit that final panel, I made my friend’s dad stop the car so I could run around in the desert for ten minutes yelling my head off.
    I’m going to take the day off to see this movie, first screening.

  3. Wow, wow, WOW! How great was that? When is that fraking movie coming out? I’m getting kind of anxious for it – but then again, I’m a comic book geek…. tJR

  4. OK- I will be the first to admit that I am only NOW reading Watchmen. I bought the bound version a few weeks ago and just started picking it up 2 days ago. So far, it’s great. I can’t believe how long it took me to notice details like how the pattern on Rorschach’s mask changes from panel to panel.

  5. It looks amazing, they’ve captured the time of the footage very well. What concerns me though is that while Snyder is a great visual director I’m not certain of his ability to properly convey the themes of the book given his past performance on films such as ‘300’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead’. I hope he’ll lay off the slo-mo button a bit this time round. While watching ‘300’ there was so much slo-mo in it I felt that it defeated the purpose of adapting it into a motion picture.

  6. I oscillate wildly between trepidation and antici…SAY IT!…pation over the Watchmen movie adaptation. It’s such a brilliant book that I don’t want to see it get mauled and butchered by a mainstream Hollywood studio but nearly everything I’ve heard about the movie adaptation seems to indicate that it is fairly faithful to its source material. For me the one most compelling reason to see it is for the casting of Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach. Kelly F-ing Leak, the ultimate ’70s rebel teen, is now going to portray arguably one of the most iconic anti-heroes in comics history?!! That practically screams “See me now!” If you have no idea who Kelly Leak is, well then that’s just bad news, bear cub.
    All of the trailers and promotional stuff I’ve seen so far regarding the Watchmen movie has made me a little more confident that the creative team involved in making the movie is getting as much of it right as humanly possible under the auspices of the Hollywood powerbrokers. It appears this may be the best version we can get out of a major motion picture company. Hollywood has done Batman proud in recent years, so hopefully they will do right by Moore and Gibbons’ creations as well. Who watches (the) Watchmen? Me, that’s who.

  7. I just picked up ‘The Watchmen’ last weekend at The Phoenix Comicon, and let me say WOW! Not at all what I was expecting. That book was 20 years ahead of it’s time. The Big Leaguers are just starting to catch up now. I just not sure how it will translate to a movie.

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