my first episode of family guy airs on march 29

I guess the air date for the Star Trek episode of Family Guy was announced today, so the long wait for everyone who has been excited to see this (that includes me) is nearly at an end.

My Google Alerts thing has been sending me e-mails about it all day, including this one from

A member of the "Trek" cast let some of this news slip into the blogsphere awhile back, but Fox has now confirmed, announced the cast and set a March 29 airdate.

Nobody is stepping down hard on my foot, so I'm not entirely sure, but I think he's talking about me. If he was, here's the post Captain Lazy McCantgoogle was referring to:

Seth MacFarlane directed my session, and when I met him, I said, "Okay, I'm not even going to try to pretend to keep it cool. I am a huge fan, and this is more exciting for me than I can quantify."

Yeah, I said quantify. I say stupid shit like that when I'm giddy and excited.

"Well, if you're going to do that," he said, "then I'll have to tell you that Next Generation is my favorite of all the Star Treks, and I've seen every episode about a thousand times. The First Duty is just great, man."

I did my best not to faint.

We had a meeting of the mutual admiration society for a few minutes, and then I went into the booth to record my lines.


When I was finished recording, I asked him if I could talk a little bit about my episode on my blog, without giving away too many details, and he said that would be fine, so . . .

I play myself, in a story that you could call a tribute to Next Generation. Pretty much everyone from the cast is on board for the episode, and holy shit is it funny.

Anyway, the good news, everyone, is that the show airs on March 29 on FOX, and if it's anything like the script I read, it's going to be an instant classic.

As I said after I worked on the show: I can't divulge any specific story details, or give away any jokes, but there's a gag with me that, if it makes it to the final cut of the episode, could quite possibly be the funniest thing I've ever done on television.

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  1. There is NOTHING wrong with saying ‘quantify’, especially when you’re excited!
    Also, I’m excited about this episode! I did not say ‘quantify’, but my nerdy giggles are off the charts and I’m getting messages from all over my office asking me if I’m going to be alright.
    Of course I’ll be alright. You’re going to be on Family Guy!

  2. Yeah, I’ve done two. I don’t know when the second one airs, and even though Seth said I could talk about it, I’m keeping the details entirely to myself, because it would kind of spoil the joke.

  3. Sounds awesome, I can’t wait. And I’m really wondering what it’s about. I’ve got a dozen or so possibilities running through my head, but the first one was that Peter comes into money (reparations again?) and uses it to assemble a reunion of the TNG cast and builds an enterprise bridge.

  4. On man, I can’t wait to see it. :) I really liked the TNG skit they did with Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Michael Dorn back in 2005.

  5. My husband and I are HUGE fans of both you and Family Guy, so to have a combo deal is like the coolest thing ever! Can’t wait to see it! BTW, I just started about a month ago following you on Twitter…so entertaining, insightful and I love how you share your life with us It sounds like you have an amazing family who loves you very much.

  6. I never looked into it, but always assumed Seth McFarlane must be a Star Trek nerd …
    Who else still makes jokes about Captain Kirk?
    “Why. Would. There. Be. A. Fiddler. On. The. Roof.”
    And you know what really grinds my gears? When I can’t find the droids I’m looking for.

  7. Holy Crap, I’m so freaking excited!!!!!! That’s the day before my birthday!!! What a great way to spend the night before… two of my favorite things all rolled up into one!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wow, does it make you feel wierd/giddy excited to be on such a popular show like family guy, i mean it is watched by so many type of viewers, just so kewl!!! can’t wait!

  9. Hey Wil — it’s J. Hopper. I heard you ran into some friends of mine at the Watchmen screening. I miss driving you to your car, past the 3 crack hotels. And now I really can’t wait for Family Guy to air. Go, you.

    I love Family Guy. I own all the seasons available on DVD and the two movies as well. Really looking forward to seeing this.
    I put the image here so I could be sure you have seen it. I hope your readers like it. We have another coming up next week with you in it. Thanks again for letting us do this. You are a real sport.

  11. I used to watch Family Guy all the time but since it’s been on for so long I have kind of fallen off of the show. I look at it like “The Simpsons”, it’s a great show, but it’s not new anymore, so I have stopped watching it.
    I am going to watch the one on the 29th though, that should be a good time.
    When you hear about your second show, let us know the date it’s going to air so we can check it out.

  12. Can’t wait! March 29 is our first wedding anniversary, so we’ll cuddle up and watch! Timely, since I truly believe that my now-husband decided to marry me when I revealed that I was a fan of TNG and had actually been to a ST Convention!
    We’ll be watching…

  13. This reminds me (don’t ask why):
    Wil, have you seen the movie Fanboys yet?
    TOTAL geek-fest from start to finish. Cameos by William F’ing Shatner, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park…

  14. Wil, I don’t have a direct link to give you, but I believe …
    “A member of the ‘Trek’ cast let some of this news slip into the blogsphere awhile back, but Fox has now confirmed, announced the cast and set a March 29 airdate.”
    …was referring to a podcast with Jonathan Frakes being interviewed.
    Although I do remember you blogging about doing some more work on Family Guy, that didn’t give it away IMHO.

  15. well. I will be on my way to sea. Again. I always miss the best stuff. Hopefully my roomie will leave it on the DVR till I get back in May. I mean she did save me an entire season of Project Runway last time, even though it meant deleting some of her Law and Orders.

  16. Oh, interesting. Was the podcast before September of 2007? Because that’s when I blogged about it.
    Not that it matters, but I don’t like the suggestion that one of us “let it slip,” since Seth specifically said we could talk about it, giving me permission to go into as much detail as I wanted.

  17. Why is it disturbing that this makes me feel a little.. moist.. on the inside? I think I might actually not drink that night and sit home and watch it. Alas, something to live for finally! laugh.
    Now, if Seth Green would just give some Wheaton love to Robot Chicken. I’m pretty sure it’d be f’ing hilarious.

  18. *squees like the ST:TNG and Family Guy fangirl she is* I think this might actually manage to kill me. If after March 29th, you never see a comment from me again, assume I died of the awesome.

  19. Hey Wil,
    I’m catching up on some of your blogs. Love em:) I’m really looking forward to the TNG Family Guy ep. Did you get to intereact with any of the other former cast members while recording or was it just solo for you? If not, how often do you see the rest of the cast? I know Levar and Brent are on twitter and you keep in touch with them but how bout the others? thx

  20. It was so hard to coordinate all of us, I just went in when I had some time, and worked by myself with Seth. It would have been awesome to see the rest of the cast, but if history is any indicator, we would have goofed off so much and had so much fun together, we’d probably still be trying to finish recording it.

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