hear me on the geek cred podcast

I don't do many interviews (blitz of Batman interviews to make Warner Brothers happy excluded) but last week, I did an interview for the Geek Cred podcast. It was streamed live…ish on UStream, which I guess kept dropping out the entire time, and making baby jesus cry, but the whole thing is now available for download at the Geek Cred website.

It's 35 minutes long, but I think you'll be pleased if you stay until the very end, and hear me describe the geekiest thing I ever did.

2 thoughts on “hear me on the geek cred podcast”

  1. Thank you so much for taking some time out of your schedule to come on Geek Cred, Wil! I know I had a lot of fun, and hope your readers enjoy listening to our talk.
    (I just Ustream hadn’t chosen such a bad time to have problems for those that tried to listen live.)

  2. Great interview. That wasn’t being geeky uber geeky- no that was developing your acting skills- at least thats as good a reason any. You did you own costume design, did some improv work, started developing charater voices. No I never did the same thing with my Wonder Woman costume, erm, nope never dressed my pesky little sister up in it either. OK, made my great- aunt sew me new WW costume when I out grew the one from the store.

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