in which 8-bit wil appears in an 8-bit sequel

The 8-bit version of me in my 8-bit clown sweater returns to Diesel Sweeties for a sequel to yesterday's comic:

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Am I the only person who sees little gold shiny lines around 8-bit me that are awfully similar to the gold shiny lines we'd see around the gold bars in Pitfall? I ask because I have a condition that makes me see weird Atari graphics around things without warning.

I had to unbiggen the comic the same way I did yesterday and — Hey! Unbiggen! I think I just coined a perfectly cromulent word! — if you'd like to see the comic full-sized, so you can appreciate all 8-bits, you know what to do.

10 thoughts on “in which 8-bit wil appears in an 8-bit sequel”

  1. Wasn’t unbiggification the process by which Lisa got shrunk down into Bart’s science project? I’m sure there was some form of a re-biggification ray that would have been needed to restore her :)

  2. the lines aren’t about you, man
    they’re about the sweater
    the glorious sweater
    the 8-bit version of which looks like a big block of Legos
    with your 8-bit head stuck on top, Capt. Pike-style
    i loved Pitfall and i saw a 2600 at the flea market last weekend

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