Penny Arcade D&D 4E Podcast News

I heard a rumor that the podcast of the D&D Fourth Edition adventure I played with Gabe, Tycho and Scott Kurtz may be starting soon, so I put on my scouting around outfit, went to the Wizards of the Coast website, and did some scouting around yesterday afternoon.

Guess what I found on the February calendar while I was there? Hint: it looks something like this:

Penny Arcade D&D Podcast Release Info.png


11 thoughts on “Penny Arcade D&D 4E Podcast News”

  1. Awesome; I can’t wait. I have to say my first reading of the Players and DMG didn’t excite me, but once I had a chance to really sit down and play I’ve been super jazzed about 4e and the direction it is taking the game. Not to mention getting to sit in on a few seminars at GenCon last year really opened my eyes to the whole intended ‘plan.’
    Every so often I get an old reeses peanut butter “you got your minitures in my RPG!” moment…but overall the game is just plain fun.

  2. I’m looking forward to this post. I’ve been thinking of picking up 4e and I can’t wait to hear you guys playing it.

  3. first you squee
    then you gigglesnort
    imagining you squeeing is amusing
    imagining you gigglesnorting is just hy-lar-ious to me

  4. Ohh, sweeet! Between this, finally getting published on the 21st and (hopefully) getting an IOU for the Subterranean Press edition of Happiest Days of Our Lives for my birthday on the 23rd, late February is turning into a nice couple of weeks.

  5. the 18th?
    Damn…i have been quivering in anticipation since i first heard about the upcoming podcasts…which is saying something since news came out a coupe months ago…
    the first batch of penny arcade/PvP podcasts made me buy the game in the first place, i can only wonder in anticipation what this round of podcasts will make me do…

  6. I know I might be late to this comment board, but I just can’t seem to get into 4th edition. I have this severe hatred towards Wizards of the Coast. I hate any company that makes me upgrade my system every five years or so and telling me that I have been playing a substandard game for the past ten. I will stick to my 2nd edition that has been modified over the past twenty years.
    I am not sure about the DM speaking in the past tense all the time, that is strange to me. We have been playing D&D for a long time and myself included haven’t played like that since about the seventh grade. We should put up some of our roleplaying podcasts on our blog [email protected]
    Sounds like a good time though.

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