Podcasts I love: 60-Second Science

Last time on Podcasts I Love, I showed you Pseudopod, a terrifically entertaining horror podcast that updates once a week.

Now, it's time for something completely different: 60-Second Science, from Scientific American.

Every day, the geniuses at Scientific American spend just one minute sharing something cool and interesting from the scientific world. Their stories are all over the place, too, from planetary science to neuroscience to genetics.

One of the things I love about the podcasting medium — and new media in general — is how there aren't any rules about content and length, so on the same day that I listen to a 40 minute horror story from Pseudopod, I can also get a 60-second lesson about the Triceratops, on the same device, delivered in the same way.

Next time: this is worth the wait.

14 thoughts on “Podcasts I love: 60-Second Science”

  1. Hi Wil,
    I was wondering if you were touring with your book anywhere near Rochester NY. I work in a small town bookstore and having you come to do a signing would be amazing. I’m working on reading your books, I just got Just a Geek and I love it so far. (It should be a movie, you could play all 3 of your “alter egos” but that’s just my opinion) Anyhow, if your in the area then I can get you information, if not then maybe next time. The name of the Bookstore is Burlingham Books in Perry NY. Keep up the great work.
    Giuseppe Gentile

  2. I don’t have any appearances in that area scheduled right now, but since I have a few new books coming out this year, and a possible speaking tour in the works, I may end up there eventually. If I’m in your town, I’d love to come do a reading and signing at your store.

  3. For me it’s
    The Bugel, Ouch Disability podcast (hilarious), The tenth Wonder, Digital Planet and many more, they are addictive aren’t they! I’m going to try the 60 second science as I do horror as well as I do Karate.

  4. I listen to that podcast too – and another in a similar vein is Earth And Sky. (http://www.earthsky.org/).
    I like podcasts short – it means I can fit more of them in. I do make room for some longer ones, of course, such as NPR’s “Wait, Wait” or the BBC Friday Night Comedy shows. Plus the occasional Burrito-shaped podcast.
    Then there’s “norelpref” (http://www,norelpref.com), whose surrealist mashup podcasts are normally short (and usually offensive to dicks of all persuasions), but occasionally include a longer “compendium”. One for the SubGenuises – fnarr, fnarr…

  5. 60 Second Science is one of my favorite podcasts, too. There’s also “Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American.” If you like your science to come from England, try The Naked Scientists. There are also various NASACasts & NOVA podcasts. You might also be interested in Stuff You Should Know, 60 Second Science Video, the Strong Bad E-mail podcast, Science Channel Video, Science Channel Features, Hubblecast HD, Hidden Universe HD: NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, and a whole bunch of different Discovery channel podcasts. Because I know you don’t have enough to do in your day… enjoy! :)
    -Alicia (@AliciaWag)
    [email protected]

  6. For anyone who likes astronomy, I’d like to really recommend AstronomyCast, with Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay.
    It’s one of my favourite podcasts.
    If you like British humour, I’d recommend Ricky Gervais’ podcasts with Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington. I can’t do it justice to describe it… I can only tell you that Karl is not an invented personality. He’s a real person. He IS that ill-informed about the world. Those ARE his thoughts. :)
    The downside, considering you have to pay for them, it’s still sometimes hit and miss. That’s a shame.
    My actual favourite, is the SModcast, the weekly (most weeks) podcast by film-maker Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. (When Scott is not available, Kevin ropes in a guest.)
    Without doubt the some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard on the web, if you like Kevin Smith movies and his particular brand of humour. There’s plenty of running gags, so I’d recommend starting with the first and going through them.
    I can’t believe SModcast is free….

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