Podcasts I love: Stuff You Should Know

So did you spend some time in your driveway listening to yesterday's suggestion? Well, maybe not your actual driveway, but that metaphorical driveway that's next to the little birdhouse in your soul? Oh, good. I knew you would.

Kids, learning isn't just fun, it's awesome. There is a huge world out there and it is just filled with all kinds of interesting and astonishing information. It's also filled with Stuff You Should Know, which is an appropriately-named podcast from the guys at How Stuff Works.

This podcast usually runs between 15 and 25 minutes, and covers diverse topics like How Moonshine Works, How Cannibalism Works, and How Abandoned Cities Work. Our two hosts, Chuck and Josh, are staff writers for How Stuff Works, and the podcast is worth listening to for their amusing interaction as much as it is the fascinating "wow, I did not know that" information they dispense.

Earlier this week, they did a show called Why Do Some People Believe The Moon Landing Was A Hoax? which is a great example of why I love this podcast. It'd be really easy to say, "because some people are so fucking stupid they believe every conspiracy theory, no matter how outrageous and disproved by science. Thank you for listening. The end." but they actually dig much deeper, and truly examine the question in an entertaining and informative way.

I've told iTunes to keep and sync all unheard episodes of just a few podcasts, because I love them so much I don't want to miss a single one. Stuff You Should Know is one of them, and listening to it has made several commutes and short-haul business flights more enjoyable than I ever thought possible.

Next time: it comes from a land down under

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  1. Not sure if you know about this one or not Wil, but The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe covers that kind of conspiracy theory thing as well as science news, and other pseudoscience debunking. Here is their website, if you fancy a look.

  2. I need to get a line-in jack for my car so I will have the time to listen to some of these suggestions during my commute. Otherwise I’ll never get to them. Also, I’ve only had my iPod for a few months and am only just now realizing that having an iPod means I can do the podcasting thing. Sometimes I think I’m getting old.

  3. I’d like to try podcasting one of these days, too. Unrelated to podcasts, but related to iPods: there’s a neat site called http://www.skinit.com where you can get really good quality “skins” (stickers) for your iPod & pretty much every other electronic device. They have a zillion (yes, a zillion!) designs, plus you can upload your own pictures. I’ve done my iPod & my cell phone. No, they’re not paying me- I just think it’s really groovy, & you techies out there with lots of electronics may like it. You can thank me later! :)
    -Alicia (@AliciaWag)
    [email protected]

  4. Pretty cool. I err on the side of caution though and have one of those clear plastic cases for mine as it’s the big 120gb classic. I’ve already dropped it once. I suppose I could get the skin and then put the case around it and it would still be fine.
    I have nothing to actually podcast, but given Wil’s suggestions there seem to be a lot of things to out there to subscribe to. I really want to download This American Life as I never get to hear it on the radio. I love the cable tv show.
    A few years ago the only podcasts I knew about were the ones where guys talked about Internet programming. I do that all day long so it’s not the type of thing I necessarily want to listen to on my commute

  5. It’s just a sticker, so you can definitely put the case back on. I have nothing to podcast either, but it seems like a fun thing to do! :) I find that I listen more to podcasts than to music- and as a musician myself, that’s kind of weird! Wil, what about you- I see from your tweets that you’re conversing with iTunes again today. Do you find that you listen more to podcasts, or to music?
    -Alicia (@AliciaWag)
    [email protected]

  6. No need for a line-in jack. I’ve used an FM transmitter with my iPod for a few years, and it works awesome. Griffin makes both just transmitters, and what I use, a charger/transmitter combo. No messing with CDs or suffering through radio DJs and commercials ever, plus a great way to catch up with podcasts and podiobooks.

  7. I recently discovered this podcast, and LOVE it. After listening to them talk about the worst way to die and about surviving a plane crash, I emailed them. During both podcasts I just kept thinking about Brodie’s airplane story from Mallrats, and had to find out if I was the only one. They didn’t answer that question, but I got an email back a few hours later from Chuck saying that he loves Mallrats. Sweet.

  8. Maybe it’s living beneath the crowded airwaves of Los Angeles, but I have yet to own an FM transmitter that gives me clear sound. I’ve tried a whole bunch, and they never work. I envy you, because I’d sure like to use a transmitter instead of the tape adapter.

  9. I’m a freelance writer/editor for HSW and used to work full-time as an editor for them. I know that you have many fans there (and I’m one, of course!), so they’ll be beyond thrilled that you recommended this podcast.

  10. I guess that’s one of the few benefits of living in Oklahoma. Hey, sure none of our counties voted for Obama (yep…very sad), but you can drown out the country, Christian, and classic rock stations easily with an FM transmitter for your iPod!

  11. I’m in Connecticut right north of NYC, so I’m wondering what sort of results I would get off of an FM transmitter. Lots of competing frequencies up here.
    As it is the line-in adapter for my car stereo is about $35 so I’m leaning towards that solution.

  12. Curse you, Wil, for embiggening my podcast list with more good stuff. Now I’m up to 5.4 days of unlistened-to podcast episodes.
    In an effort to retaliate: Spider Robinson’s podcast has a nice combination of music and readings of his (and occasionally other’s) works; also, you might like Fear the Boot; I haven’t gotten to play RPGs in far too long, but FTB makes it feel like it was only yesterday.

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