this is probably the closest i’ll ever come to having something in common with stephen colbert

Operation Crazy Awesome Idea is nearing the “Time to find out if this is crazy awesome or just crazy,” moment of truth, so that’s where I’m sort of living at the moment. I also have a writing deadline in two hours, so I’m trying not to run around my office waving my hands over my head and screaming like I’m on fire.

Um. Not that I have any personal experience in running around offices while set on fire and — I’ve said too much.

So, while I work on these projects, please enjoy…

Let the Colbertification Begin!
This is one of those things that I should have thought of on my own, but was actually suggested by a whole bunch of different people on Twitter and here in comments. As always, you can click to embiggen at Flickr.
Stats say there are like … an insane number of first-time visitors lately. If you’re one of them (thanks for coming by!) and you want to know what this is all about, you can check out evil and awesome (but mostly awesome) which tells the story of the Infamous Velvet Wesley Crusher, and in which my already nerdy office gets a little bit nerdier, which tells the story of the paint by numbers version of the photo of me holding the Infamous Velvet Wesley Crusher.

73 thoughts on “this is probably the closest i’ll ever come to having something in common with stephen colbert”

  1. As awesome as this is, wouldn’t be just a little bit more awesome if it was a picture of Wesley holding a picture of Wil holding a picture of Wesley? I’m just sayin’.

  2. Hey! so. insane number of first time visitors…. holy crap that is pretty insane seeing as i guess i happen to be one of them. and likely have steered a few others this way with my sharing of your uber epic eye of the tiger rock band performance (which they loved btw)
    anyways, the jig is up so i had better leave an entertaining comment. It really is absolutely lovely to see how great things are going for you and what a super cool geek you’ve become since the long lost days of star trek (dear lord that was my childhood!!! along with seaquest and sliders and the x files and… actually, ive been feeling so old lately its nice to feel like a massive youngun again.) anyways. again… good luck with the super secret projects. and thanks for the brilliantly masterminded portrait photo and all the other wonderful sharing. call me a sap but that angels entry about your morning and calling your dad brought tears to my eyes. so thanks again!!

  3. The awesomeness level of this is hard to measure (as are the further contributions of the community). I know you are an actor and you are imitating your own expression, but your accuracy in replicating that expression just seals the meta-deal. Also wanted to point out the flailing of the Miis at the last section of the shooting game in Wii Play. They are really freakin’ about being taken away by flying saucers!

  4. I’m sure its been said before, but the first time I saw that pic, I thought: Is that Tiger Woods dressed up like Wesley? It was a mind boggle.
    Heh, and Wil you know this will turn into a photoshop contest over on Fark. I imagine this picture being held by a picture of you in the clown sweater being held by another picture of you as Wesley. To the point that it draws your brain in and melts it with awesome.

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