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I don’t think you need a lot of context from me to set this up, so I’ll just say that this happened last night on Twitter:

Me: @BrentSpiner: Just watched you on Leverage – You ROCKED. You were such an awesome dirtbag, and I know a thing or two about playing dirtbags.

Brent: @wilw Thanks Wil. I hope we get the chance to be dirtbags together one day.

Me: @BrentSpiner I just had a great idea: why wait for a show to be dirtbags together? (I mean, other than the obvious don’t be a dick reasons.)

Brent: Almost missed Wil’s last tweet. He’s right. Let’s be dirtbags together everywhere.

Brent: Wil, when this show is over, let’s go out and get arrested.

Me: @BrentSpiner Done and done. World, you are on notice: Spiner and Wheaton are coming to get you, and we defy you to stop us. RAWR! Um. Yeah.

Brent signed off for the night, and then…it got weird:


Me: [::wears these sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at him::] KEEP RUEING!

Me: There has been sufficient rueing. I am pleased. Now, let’s all take a step back, then a step forward, then back, and we’re cha-cha-ing!

This is when people began to wonder if I was under the influence of some magical substance that makes this sort of thing amusing to me. The sad truth is: no, I was not. I was just entertaining myself via the great geek tradition of quoting geeky movies. So I said: Okay, everyone can just relax: it’s only yogurt.

Then: You don’t even want to know what I can do with a six-inch spike and a board. How do you think I got to be king of the winter carnival? Luck?

And finally, after much Real Geniusery, A little Doctor Horrible to end the night: And the hammer? …yes. Yes it is.

I hope that, for the rest of my life, I will always be this easily amused.

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  1. I used to worry that I was too easily amused. Then I realized that most of the folks around me were never amused at ALL, and I was having more fun than any of them. So huzzah for amusement, and wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. i once spent an entire month promising people that they would rue it, THEY WOULD RUE IT LONG, AND THEY WOULD RUE IT HARD!
    i can’t remember where i picked up the phrase “rue the day!” but i overused the crap out of it and amused myself to NO END!!
    even though to others sometimes i looked like a crazy person.

  3. I am seriously sad that I missed this in real time, but absurdly pleased that you are a Real Genius fan.
    Still, Wil – and I am only saying that because I care – there’s a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market that are just as tasty as the real thing.

  4. I was so amused by that little exchange between you and Brent last night that I felt compelled to take a screen capture of it… for later laughs.

  5. Did I ever tell you about the time I won 31.8% of the prizes in a Frito-Lay sweepstakes? I originally expected to win 32.6% of the prizes, but something went wrong.

  6. This? This is ice. This is what happens to water when it gets too cold. This? This is Wil. This is what happens when…
    Now it makes a little more sense, after only seeing the call to rue last night :-) You’re right, though… Brent’s performance on Leverage this week was great.

  7. @wil Yeah, I was laughing pretty hard at this last night. In my defense, it was hot and I was hungry.
    @Carol Elaine – Outstanding use of quote there.

  8. That was so much fun to read in real-time last night, I can’t even tell you. :)
    Plus, when I tweeted something about @wilw making me want to go re-watch Real Genius … I made two new twitter friends. :) So, thanks for that, too.
    One of my best buddies from college and I play our own little movie quote game on MySpace. We change our status messages to scifi quotes and the other one has to come back with a quote from the same movie. It’s my main reason for going to MySpace anymore.
    Everyone else probably thinks we’re a little nuts, but we are too busy having fun to notice.
    (I’m actually trying to get him to join Twitter so we can play there. But he seems to think Twitter is dangerously distracting. Go figure.)

  9. Do you ever say this to yourself?

    Let me understand this. Maybe I’m a little f**ed up. But I’m funny how? Funny like a clown? I amuse me? I’m here to f**ing amuse me? What do I mean, funny? How am I funny?

  10. I met Will Atherton, who played the evil professor in Real Genius, back at Dragon*Con 2007. I told him I was a physics professor, and his agent/handler said, “Please don’t tell me that the popcorn thing wouldn’t work!” He was a nice guy, and he seemed a little surprised about how much a physicist would enjoy that movie. Between Real Genius, Ferris Bueller, and Better Off Dead, I had all the nerdy one-liners I needed for a long time.

  11. My reaction to that good night tweet last night in real time?
    *ultimate spitake*
    Here’s to being easily amused, indeed.
    And sometimes there’s a third, even deeper level, and that one is the same as the top surface one.

  12. Must rewatch Real Genius now. I missed out on the fun last night since I was already in bed, but the tweets made me laugh this afternoon. Especially the hammer one. I love “Dr. Horrible”.
    And now it looks like I really need to be watching “Leverage”. I’ve been hearing good things about it but hadn’t gotten a chance to watch it. I guess I’ll have to remedy that now.

  13. It only confused me because I signed off for the night after “Me: @BrentSpiner Done and done. World, you are on notice: Spiner and Wheaton are coming to get you, and we defy you to stop us. RAWR! Um. Yeah.” Then woke up to the rest of it You, I quickly figured out. @angiek42 is another story. Guess Ill have to watch Real Genius.

  14. The many wonderful, wonderful references in that bunch of rambles. *giggles* And yeah, who needs drugs when geekiness will give you the same effect! I hope I’ll also be so easily amused for the rest of my life. *goes to rewatch Real Genuis while humming Doctor Horrible songs*
    Also, Spiner and Wheaton could take over the world. Use your powers for good and naked women. *throws little pickles*

  15. And my husband thinks I’m weird for being able to quote Real Genius. I love that someone else out there shares my affectionf for it… but do you have an I heart toxic waste t-shirt?

  16. Hey Wil,
    Here’s a Twitter question I have. Being that you have >112k followers (and growing), how do you handle it when you make a twitter quip (twip?) and your followers decide they have the perfect witticism to reply back to you with?
    I mean, if 1% of them replied back the avalanche of tweets would seem to just give you glazed over tired head and no way to really read them.
    I’m guessing if you read them at all it’s something like a optical skim to see if anything jumps out and catches your eye? Nothing important, just curious.

  17. I catch as many of them as I can, and giggle like crazy. I’ve said before that Twitter can be like the greatest improv game of “Yes, and…” in the world, and it still is.

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