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  1. Oh my. It’s almost as if Data was surfing the net and came across 4chan and had to be put down as a result of it’s influence. So very sad D:
    I think some of the episodes used are these ones:
    The paintings are from when data starts to dream “Birthright: Part 1″
    The b-day party/Worf fainting/peaking around the corner is when Worf too close to Geordi’s visor in “Parallels”
    Geordi laying in bed dreaming is from the one where data dies (is kidnapped) and Geordi is dreaming about his shuttle docking realizing that he wasn’t on the shuttle when it blew up. (The Most Toys)
    When Troi, Geordi and you are in the hall (both times) is from the episode where Data makes Lal. Once when he shut the door on you, and then again when they are trying to save her. – (The Offspring)
    Data blowing a kiss is from when he is in a relationship (In Theory)
    When Data is shut off is during the trial to see if he is property or not (The Measure of a Man)
    When he’s blown up may be the one where Data beats the ultimate strategist and they have to pretend to blow up the ship used in the war games. (Peak Performance)
    Yeah… this post is gonna make me look like a super nerd/crazy treky, but I think I remember all of this from watching the episodes during a weekend marathon when I was younger (high school) and they just got stuck in my brain. >_<

  2. You know you’re too obsessed with star trek when you can actually pwn one of the actors from it in identifying stuff related to it rofl.
    and I say obsessed because I love the show myself, and even I can’t identify the eps this stuff is from lol.

  3. gazorra’s videos (some of them at least) were featured here: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/piefpafpauw/
    this link I got from MS PAINT ADVENTURES, one of the greatest webcomic/video game crossovers I’ve ever seen lol, it can be found here: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/
    Although screwing with clips from shows is nothing new, what this guy has been doing has been completly original in how he’s done it as well as the splicing and lack of seams in his video.
    All I got to say is thumbs up.
    Next to Rule34, this is one of my favorite things about the internet.

  4. Just watched my way through all of those. A bit hit and miss, but a very good laugh most of the way through 😀
    Dude has way too much time on his hands though!

  5. I literally had tears in my eyes. This was just disabilingly hilarious. I’m still chortling involuntarily every couple minutes. Any minute now I expect my boss to come in and ask me what I’m laughing at in here.

  6. I think “The Offspring” & “Datalore” are the 2 main source of clips. Whoever made this was using clips from season 2 & 3 (as someone else mentioned). Someone make the research for my master’s thesis this interesting.

  7. Everything after Picard’s “Is there a treatment?” had me trying to stifle my laughter at my desk in work. As commented previously the cut to the credits at the end is fantastic.

  8. That is awesome! The characters reactions are spot on! Trouble is, its twisted and funny and exactly the sort of thing that pops into my head at inappropriate times, such as at job interviews.
    Worth it though.

  9. I’m in love with your baffled expression in this video. It’s just about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a loooooong time (outside of a random video of friends in high school singing buttrock for a lip synch contest…)

  10. I’m sure you don’t mean that as a put down, but it’s always bothered me when someone makes something really creative, weird, cool, or whatever, and someone says that “they have too much free time.”
    I’d rather say someone has “an excess of awesome creative energy” and check out how awesome it is that they harnessed it.

  11. Howdy,
    I’m burying this in the comments for an old post because I can’t find an email address for you.
    David Lawrence says ‘hi’. I know David through his wife, Lili, who’s a burlesque dancer. I run a burlesque troupe in Boston (The Boston Babydolls — http://www.bostonbabydolls.net) and we just finished self-producing a pilot for a reality show based on us. It’s sort of “My Life on the D-List” meet Gypsy… or Moulin Rouge. Anyway, we’ve got a full ~50 minute pilot and it’s damn good. Now we just need to get it into the hands of someone who can greenlight it (Look at me talking the T.V. talk). I know that person isn’t you, but I thought you might help us get past the gatekeeper.
    Please drop me a line at scratch at boston babydolls dot net and I’ll send you a copy of the show.

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