The Kings and Stars played a game tonight that could best be described thusly:

INT. Hockey Arena.


No goals for you! You come back, ONE YEAR!



Seriously, the goalies were insane. So the game goes to overtime in a scoreless tie (which delights my inner goalkeeper) and ends up in a shootout.

The Kings’ leading scorer, Anze Kopitar scores a sick, sick, sick goal on Marty Turco, but Jack Johnson can’t seal the deal, and Dallas ties it. Here comes Justin Williams for the Kings, who is 0 for 7 in his career in shootouts.

I prepare myself for yet another Kings loss.

Williams takes a weak shot, but somehow Turco (who has been damn flawless and just a MONSTER the whole game) ends up sliding into his own net, taking the puck with him.

There’s a review, and the Kings win. Quick gets the shutout he deserves, and I swear to baby Jesus, the whole team better buy him all the beers he can drink after the game, because he’s the only reason they ever had a chance in this one and we all know it.

Here, now, is the whole point of this stupid post:

My friend Stephen is a Stars fan, which makes watching Kings v. Stars games infinitely more fun than they ever were before, especially since we have Twitter to do things like this, and like this:



  1. Hey, Wil, this is totally out of nowhere, and I’m sure this is not an appropriate way to go about this… but ‘inappropriate’ is a major part of my lifestyle, when you come down to it, and I have no damned idea how else to contact you. That said, can I implore you for a little e-mail interview or the like for my column at http://theherohouse.net/5.html ? It’d give me something to throw at my editor, who is probably plotting my untimely demise as we speak. Might be a blast. For me, anyhow. Been a fan since Stand By Me, and as a serious Legion geek it’d be awesome to interview the voice of Cosmic Boy. If you’re in, lemme know at fcptsheets at yahoo dot com…
    –El Scoob

  2. Hi Wil,
    I love the fact that even though you’re in sunny California, you love the Kings and hockey (have you ever met Gretzky?). I’m from Ontario, Canada, and have given up on the Leafs (36 years of disappointment is enough). So now I’m cheering for the Minnesota Wild. Now when I watch a Wild/Kings game I can imagine you and me taunting each other. Cool! Thanks for keeping a bit of distance between us and Dallas in the standings.
    Keep your stick on the ice,

  3. Hey Wil — I am SO there with you on being delighted by 0-0 shutouts. I love watching great goalies play, always have.
    Did want to call your attention to one thing, though — “goalkeeper” refers to goalies for soccer matches (sometimes lacrosse). Goalies for HOCKEY are referred to as goaltenders. I know you know this, so I’m going to credit it to a brain freeze on your part after watching lots of great hockey. :)

  4. This brings back fond memories of chatting online with a friend during the 2003 Wings-Ducks series. We spent basically the entire series making ridiculous comparisons between the game (and particularly Giguere’s play) and this anime series we’d been watching.
    Giguere pretty much single-handedly knocked the Wings out of the playoffs that year, and went on to win the Conn Smythe while playing for the losing team in the finals. It was a hell of a performance, and I say that as a Wings fan.

  5. I used to have a bumper sticker that said “Jesus saves, Gretzky gets the rebound and SCORES!”
    It always made me giggle.

  6. Hey! Been reading your blog for a while but, first time posting. I know you talked about hockey before but, I just never really realized how a big fan you seem to be. It’s cool. I’m from Montreal, Canada so, I’m a fan of the Montreal Canadiens.
    I’m looking at the stats right now. It will be tough for the Kings to be in the series… That’s too bad for you. I wish your team good luck! I’m not even sure mine will be in the series yet, they’ve been horrible for the last 2 months and went way down.
    Anyway, have a great end of season!!

  7. I prepare myself for yet another Kings loss.
    You think that’s tough? Try being an AVALANCHE fan and a goalie. It’s like watching your favorite band get a new drummer who has no idea how to keep time. Sigh. At least you feel my pain. BRB, golf course.

  8. Yeah, my heart just breaks for you Avalanche fans. I mean, you had to wait all of one whole season to watch your team go to the Stanley Cup finals after they got to town! The horror!

  9. Yeah, we were horribly spoiled for a looong time after 1995. It’s true. BUT! Alot of the people forget the fact that the NORDIQUES were a division winner the year before they even got to Denver. So it was kind of expected to have a good run.
    But don’t try and make me apoligize for my team being great for a decade. You had Gretzky.

  10. Man, I LOVED the Nordiques. They are the perfect example of how you can trade one over-rated prima donna and get an entire team in return.

  11. We managed to beat San Jose last night, in spite of Nabokov’s temper tantrums and refs dirtier than Gregor Mendel’s gardening robes.
    We’ll see your Kings tomorrow night in Nashville! I can just see the cheesy headlines now… something punny about chess: “Kings Checkmated by Rook Pekke Rinne?”

  12. Are we talking about Captain Concussion? If yer referring to the Lindros trade then you are correct! Of course the player they got back wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of team player attitude.
    Even after blocking out the move to Philly, my warm and fuzzy memories of Forsberg were ruined due to last year’s “hey-give-me-a-million-dollars-for-9-points-and-a-no-show-against-the-best-team-in-the-league-and-our-hated-rivals” fiasco.

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