to celebrate pi day…

I present this incredibly awesome song by my friend Chris Hardwick:

28 thoughts on “to celebrate pi day…”

  1. Heard in my home just now:
    SPLURGH *coffee just came out my nose*
    ‘Dammit, Wil Wheaton! MUHAHHAHAAAAAAAA’
    Hilarious. This is funnier than Conchordes, funnier than Wil as ALF in PA/PVP D&D; You, sir, have just upstaged yourself with teh funny.
    Totally sending this link over to fatherinlaw and brotherinlaw: both phd’s in math and funny guys too. Should make their day as well.
    Thank you for the cheer up on this drizzily Saturday!!!

  2. I saw these guys at SDCC a year or two ago. I (and most of the crowd) was in the room waiting for the “Once More with Feeling” Buffy episode, since we were worried about the crowd. Hard ‘n’ Phirm talked about their music, and sang PI and EL CORAZON – they killed! Standing ovations for both songs! They only had a handful of CD’s, and I was lucky enough to get one.

  3. Evil.
    And it seems to have been tailored after the musical musing of whomever wrote the songs for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

  4. Wow. That whole site is just a giant repository of stolen audiobooks.
    I’ve reported it to Blogger. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Wil wake up!
    Appropo of nothing regarding this post except to say that it sucked all the fun out of this post- Sci Fi channel is ditching its core values new name new format. WTF is right.
    Post like our Universe depends on it. I’ve got a small handful of tweeps… you have legions. Forget the death star, red leader.

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