hey, look, that’s me!

I was really happy with my appearance on KTLA morning news earlier this week, even if the HD really showed off just how profoundly fucked up my teeth really are.

If you have a minute and want to see me talking about books and technology and geek stuff, you can watch it at the LA Times Jacket Copy blog.

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  1. You’re never too old to get fucked up teeth fixed. If they really bother you, look into it. My wife was 40 when she got braces. If you don’t want to look like a teenager or set off airport metal detectors, you could try the stealthy Invisalign jobs. You’ll only take a -2 on a few skills. :)

  2. I’m actually looking into that stealthy invisalign thing. A friend of Anne’s did it and was really happy with the whole experience.

  3. Ok… you really are quite adorably smart.
    Who seriously can just whip out “Worm hole theory is quantum physics and black hole theory is more traditional classical physics…” in the middle of conversation?! Wil Freakin’ Wheaton that’s who!! Awesome.

  4. Is that the same shirt you wore to the grocery store when the cashier lady asked about it and you tried (yet failed) to talk video games with her??
    P.S. way to school the anchor dudes on physics. BURN!!!!

  5. Nice interview, and I didn’t even notice your teeth. Mainly because I was looking at your hands and thinking “how does he keep them still” as I am an incredible hand-talker.

  6. Great interview, and good answers to the questions (especially the physics question and the “book to the head” thing). Teeth shmeeth. With a great smile like that, you should just smile more.

  7. Dammit, I clicked the link to watch it before I read the comment about your teeth. So I watched it a second time in full screen to see if I could tell… and not so much.
    If I were you I’d be more concerned with the accuracy of the T-Shirt :)

  8. Really well done!
    The bit about “As a writer/geek, geek/writer…” was particularly awesome. She was obviously a ringer ๐Ÿ˜‰ but it must feel good to have a major media outlet really get it.
    Oh, and just think about how much blog-ready humor would come from your braces/invisalign experiences. Might pay for itself!

  9. I’m just finishing a stealthy invisalign thing, and I’m so happy with it I finally made an account to comment instead of just lurking. My problem was relatively minor and fixed within a matter of weeks.

  10. I am 37 (your age Wil) and just finished with a 2 1/2 year stint of braces to finally straighten my teeth.
    Go for it… you can be a super-Uber geek for the next 2 1/2 years of brace wearing and then you will love your teeth.
    BTW – great interview, as always you are an excellent speaker.
    Bill Teeple
    San Jose, CA

  11. Hey, if a regular TV adds 10 pounds (as the saying goes), what does an HDTV add?!?! Having met you once in real life, you sure don’t look too different!! ;P Maybe HDTVs add unsubstantiated anxiety and paranoia regarding ones appearance?

  12. Nice well analogy. And is it just me, or were the anchorfolks kinda pushing the whole jovial “Let’s humor the geek and look like we know what we’re talking about” thing? Dudes, please.
    As for the teeth, I didn’t have a problem with them, but they’re in your mouth so go with whatever makes you feel better. Invisaligns are da BOMB — just be aware that they don’t pop in and out as easily as they make it look on the commercials.

  13. Yeah, I thought for a second that I was watching an old interview there. Wil, is there a reason they chose to show Just a Geek and not one of your more recent books, or did they even discuss that with you?
    Awesome interview, though. Also, “Lisa needs braces…dental plan!”

  14. Mr. Wheaton, I think that your intellect and charm far outweigh any perceived physical flaw. You really did very well in your interview and if I lived closer I would defiantly be interested in going to the event. I will be looking into buying your book based both on your confidence in this interview and also the positive reviews I have read on your writing.
    PS. There is nothing better than a confident geek.

  15. “Book to the head, you win!” Hawesome. Once again, you made me spit soda all over my monitor, thanks a lot, Wheaton! You look fine, and the interview was great. But you’re still a year older than me :P. Yeah, yeah, it’s getting old…but not as old as you, haha.
    ::Me thinks he might have to use his “Dad” voice on me to keep me in line (wouldn’t be the first, or last time for that matter)…j/k.::
    Do you even still do that anymore? Back in Teh Soapbox days you were seriously kinda scary when you would do that, which totally made me appreciate how great you are as an actor when you played that psychopath guy on Criminal Minds. You freaked me out, Wheaton, don’t go stabbing me in the eye with a steak knife! Because that guy looked like he would have killed the entire bridge crew of the Enterprise and ate Wesley Crusher for lunch.

  16. My favorite bit? When you smoothly schooled the impatient bored guy in physics. ‘Worm or black hole?’ WTF! Science, bitches!
    (No, I’m not the daughter of a physicist. Nope, nuh-uh.)

  17. Wow, those anchors really do like to talk over each other and everyone. Almost seemed like they didn’t care about you or your answers, just trying to grab the next opportunity to say something witty or smart :-/
    Well handled on your part!

  18. I agree. It adds character to your personality, and as you are probably the least fake out of all the actors in show business, if it’s not medically necessary, then you should just leave them alone. Now if they’re falling out or something, that would be a completely different story. If it’s a cosmetic thing, you just wouldn’t seem like you, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

  19. ::Wipes off monitor AGAIN!::
    Sorry, I just had to say it, I don’t know why, but it’s just so much fun. Just be glad there isn’t any monkeh poop being flung around the room…and keep that steak knife away from me, buster!

  20. done lurking, had to sign up…
    Way to keep those guys going :) didn’t miss a beat… despite the flurry of topics. Yep, you know the wormhole guy still really doesn’t understand your answer **snicker** betchya he googles it…
    ok, fair enough, I wouldn’t care to see myself in HD on a superscreen, so I understand how you might have a self conscious moment… not to worry just keep smiling, its all good.

  21. It is mostly cosmetic, but it’s a fact of my business, and it’s gotten so bad in the last year or so that it could cost me jobs.
    Yeah, it’s stupid, but I’m willing to endure fixing my teeth so I can continue to support my family and work enough as an actor to maintain my SAG health insurance.

  22. Dude. You are just as fucking luvable as ever.
    Never even noticed a tooth issue.
    You do what ya think ya gotta do to support your family.
    Is there anything else that really matters?

  23. Yowza!! What a handsome devil you are! Keep the beard for the next book jacket.
    Excellent interview! Any more on the horizon?

  24. Yeah, I loved the bit about black holes vs. wormholes, too. I’m just on the fence about whether or not you were stating facts or completely B.S.ing your answer. You said it with absolute conviction, but come on, you’re an actor, so that alone casts a shadow of doubt about whether or not you were stating a fact or just being a ball buster. And to be completely honest with you, after watching you shove a steak knife into a guy’s eye, you scare the hell out of me now. Tangent time: My Mom actually does collect Hummel figurines, so I was cracking up at that part of the episode. The rest of it, I was crapping my pants.
    I forgot to mention this earlier – I was watching your skit about Datalore and I was literally laughing out loud. You are funny as hell, man! The whole audience joined you when you got to the “Shut up, Wesley!” part, I had to replay that about five times because I thought it was hilarious.
    You’re such a good sport, too. I *almost* made you break out the Dad voice. If it’s anything like having a steak knife shoved into my eye, I won’t tease you about being a year older than me anymore.

  25. I had to un-lurk for this topic. I had my teeth fixed as a teenager, but they still aren’t absolutely perfect. Actors with “too white, too perfect” teeth give me the heebie-jeebies from the unnaturalness of it all.
    I never even noticed your teeth until YOU brought it up. I was too busy thinking about how good you look with a beard.

  26. You’re teeth are way straighter than mine. But I’m not an actor. Nobody cares if their historian’s teeth are straight.
    And you did a great job on the show. I just wanted to yell, “shut up and let Wil speak.”
    I would have knocked that goofy coffee mug off the counter in about 10 seconds of speaking.

  27. Enjoyed the interview. Didn’t realize you were part of a panel at the UCLA Festival of Books. Will you have copies of Happiest Days with you tomorrow? I’m going to try to get over there before work if possible.
    BTW, when one of my brothers was pushing 50, he got braces. He didn’t even do the invisalign thing either. He flashed the metal all the time and people tripped out. It was actually pretty funny.

  28. Thanks for posting this, I was really hoping to see it. Great interview, nice analogy. Teeth not f’ed up (hello, look at Ricky Gervais!). And nice that you got to meet my friend Michaela…sweetest woman in the world, that one.

  29. Wow.. I’ve been following you for a few years mostly because of my dream to be published..but whoa. Now I’m in love.
    Great interview. If I could have that poise.. and the black hole/worm hole explanation pushed me over the edge.

  30. Firstly, THANK YOU; I wasted most of the day at ktla.com on The Big Day when you tweeted about the appearance, to no avail.
    The appearance was great, and I didn’t notice anything with your teeth (maybe that temple – ouch ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    But JAG? Was it the only hardcover you had on hand? Or is it just that FAUX NUS is living that far in the past? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (Seriously, they seemed like a nice group of people – hope it was a pleasant appearance off-stage, too)

  31. Hey, I’m English and we have fucked up teeth as a nation! Still, appreciate what you say about it potentially costing you work – but it’s a pity that has to be the case over there. As a lifelong geek and Trek fan I’m loving your Twitter posts and blog, and looking forward to reading Just A Geek when Amazon UK deliver it to me! Any plans on your books being available on eReader? Yours is the first “paper book” I’ve bought for ages! Whilst I totally agree with what you say about loving books and bookshops, especailly as I’m an English graduate, the digital format is just so space saving and portable. Keep on tweeting!!

  32. Enjoyed watching the interview Wil. You came across as extremely knowledgeable and funny. Never noticed anything about the teeth. It wouldn’t matter anyway, you’re a good guy. Plastic teeth don’t equate to a person being good, just that they have plastic teeth.
    I’m English too, lol. Live here on the “Rock”, Newfoundland. Going to ‘Sci-Fi on the Rock’ convention today. Gonna take Sunken Treasure along (oh yes I bought your book):-)and take a photo of me with it there. Loved reading it.
    Sound like a gushing kid, eh? Older than you, waaaaay balder than you and struggling to be a writer. Married with kids but still a Star Trek, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, DS9 loving geek.
    Have a great day Wil. Keep writing. You have readers who love your work.

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