my god, it’s full of unicorns

A little known fact about me: I'll do just about whatever my friend Chris tells me to do, just because I want to be popular*, so a half an hour ago, when he told Twitter to go to and type the Konami code into the search box, I stopped performing life-saving CPR on a hobo and did exactly that.

Here's what ensued:


Every time you hit a key after pressing enter, a new unicorn would pop up. It was so fucking glorious, I made sure it was the last thing the hobo saw before he died, because I knew he would have wanted it that way.

Whoever wrote that code deserves a medal. Whoever forced them to take the code out (almost as quickly as it was discovered) deserves a boot to the head**.

*not true.
** and one more for Jenny and the wimp.

33 thoughts on “my god, it’s full of unicorns”

  1. I want to move to Cal-Gary and get my piece of the pie!
    This was so well-timed. A friend of mine’s birthday is tomorrow, and every year when people ask her what she wants, she says, “A pony.” She now has such a large collection of pony figures that she won’t accept any more. Now I can give her virtual ponies. BONUS.

  2. I’m crying tears of joy right now. This is so fucking awesome. (Can I say that? Fucking? Am I going to get into trouble? Um…)

  3. I will never forgive myself for missing out on the fun and magic.
    :O oh dear lord, i think i see Hello Kitty riding a unicorn!! *dies inside*

  4. What scares me is how many of these unicorn/rainbow images I remember owning as a sticker/folder/stationary set, but I am disappointed that there seems to be no lisa frank unicorn.

  5. The thing that made me laugh the most is that when you scroll over the picture, it says “OMG Fucking Espn unicorns, fuck yeah”. Those are words I never thought I’d see in combination. Fuck. ESPN. Unicorn. My Little Ponies on CRACK.

  6. Aww I would have liked to have seen that. That unicorn picture is bad-a. And is that Chris Hardwick, as in the one you worked with in Jane White Is Sick & Twisted? It didn’t look like him in the picture I seen but I may be wrong.. p.s. The Liars Club was freaking AWESOME! I just got done watching it about and hour ago.. and there’s a song in there called Hotter Than Red that I really wanna hear but I can’t find out who sings it for the life of me!

  7. ROFLMAO! That was CLASSIC! If I had twitter, I so totally would have fallen for that in a nanosecond and laughed my ass off the entire time. I’m one of those people who actually find crank callers amusing as hell, so whenever I get one, I try to stay on the phone with the other person(s) for as long as possible. They usually eventually freak out and hang up on me first.
    This is what I’d consider to be more of a high-tech version of a crank call…uhhh…I think? All I know is that I would have died laughing if someone did that to me. Props to Paul Irish, that was just so fantastically funny as hell!
    Wil, you’re such a bastard for letting that poor hobo die.

  8. Oh my dear… this post made me super giddy and I got to “…Whoever forced them to take the code out (almost as quickly as it was dis-” I slumped. Whoever did that should get a metal and mirror their efforts somewhere were everyone can go see and see glitter and unicorns in their full glory.
    Who are you unicorn person? Please, more unicorns, and give us time unabashedly experience their beauty with freedom from corporate license/brand monarchy.

  9. I’m not the only one who remembers Lisa Frank. Yea us!
    So did you guys have a store totally devoted to the sticker collectors? We had the Galley and PickWicker, consequetive. (I know I spelled that wrong :( )
    More coffe.

  10. It was worth the hobo. In fact, I would place its Hoboiciditude* closer to 3.
    Because I value life.
    *(the super secret rating I just made up quantifying how may hobo deaths something is worth to make happen)

  11. I’m still tickled as hell at the “Jenny and the wimp” Frantics reference made by a non-Canadian. I’m used to being the only one! That’s a first!

  12. Sadly no, but perhaps even sadder was the constant chattering about what greeting card/drug stores had what lines of stickers (i.e. “Hey, I was at freddy’s over the weekend and they have the new Sandylion, or my friends cousin works at the Hallmark store and told me they got some new smellie stickers in”)
    I also had a subscription to Sticker Collector magazine, oh yeah!
    You should check out this site, brought back tons of memories for me, man Lazer Blazers!

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