if you have five bucks, and you want to play poker with me …

I've been reading my friend Pauly's blog and following him on Twitter while he's at the World Series of Poker, and even though I don't play nearly as much as I once did, it's making me wish I was there with him and a lot of my other friends, not just to play, but to write about it, as well.

Though I can't be there (yet) I thought it would be fun to bring back The Wheetie poker tournament I used to host every week on PokerStars, even if it's only a one-off.

So, here's the deal, if you feel like joining me for a silly $5 no-limit hold'em tournament on a Sunday morning:

What: The Wil Wheaton Invitational
When: Sunday, May 31. 11am PDT
Where: PokerStars.com
Tourney Number: 168008111
Buy-in: $5.50
Password: Monkey

Back in the glory days, we'd get about 100 players per tourney. On such short notice, I think we'll be lucky to get two tables … but it should still be a lot of fun. I hope you'll come out and play with us.

40 thoughts on “if you have five bucks, and you want to play poker with me …”

  1. Wow that is soo awesome. I really wish I could join but I already committed to buying those freaking pin-ups of you Wil. (lol. Just. Kidding.) Won’t have any more money for a few more days. Plus, I have absolutely no idea how to play. I could learn if someone taught me but I don’t have anyone to teach me soo… Yeah. DANGIT. Oh yeah I love the whole monkey thing. I loved the little stuffed monkey you had/have. Does he have a name? For some crazy reason “Mr. Whalers” came into my mind. I have absolutely NO IDEA where that came from. Well GOOD LUCK to everybody that get’s to play!! :]

  2. I’m bummed I missed tonight’s game, but I’ll try to make the game tomorrow. I should probably learn how to play, though I imagine everyone else will have more fun if I don’t. 😉

  3. Hopefully tomorrow I will not be distracted by work while playing like I was tonight during the PLO.
    Note to self: Do not work on two interviews (even if only mentally wording questions) while playing poker.

  4. Wil! For some reason I do not have a “private” button on my tourney page on PokerStars, so I cannot find this tournament. Do you have any idea why it would be missing? I really want to play, but if I cannot find the tournament, that’s kind of difficult.

  5. I’m (trying to be) SO there! I’m leaving the tournament page open so I can tell my husband, too. Such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

  6. I so wish I could do this today. Unfortunately, I’m doing the work thing until noon Pacific time and PokerStars is blocked :(
    Hopefully there will be another one soon and I’ll be able to buy-in. Would love to say I got to play poker with Wil Wheaton. Not quite as cool as Raymer, Hacem, Helmuth, or Negreanu, but still pretty damn cool.

  7. Sadly, 11pdt puts me pretty much at the opening number of the matinee of the show I’m stage managing. Have another one after June 13th and I’m all over it.

  8. Check to make sure you have downloaded the Pokerstars.com version and not the Pokerstars.net version. If you have the Pokerstars.net version of the software, it only uses play money and has limited features. Download the Pokerstars.com version, and then go to Requests-> Find a Tournament and put in the number

  9. Seriously Wil. If you’re gonna go visit your buddy in Vegas during the WSOP I’ve got few hundred to buy a piece of you for one of the smaller events, like event 54. It’s right before the main event and all you’d have to do is find a few other people willing to do the same. That way we could get in the tourny in a small way and you’d get to put your lucky monkey on the felt once again.

  10. Oh no, the last time I played poker (at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa), I think I caught a touch of Swine flu. lol. Well, maybe not Swine flu, but definitely something bad, because I was sick as hell for like 10 days after that. Besides, I’m on the opposite coast of your location, you West Coast loving tease! Haha.
    Did you bring the lucky monkey stuffed animal with you this time, Wil? Inquiring minds want to know!

  11. Hello, details? I really should pay attention to you more often. Of COURSE it would be an online tourney! D’oh! Oh well, I’m about 8 hours too late for it, anyway…

  12. Nevermind. See post above where I mention paying attention to details. lol. I’m pretty sure that the monkey’s there, and also that Wheaton’s playing in his underwear…

  13. The good news is that I am at the WSOP.
    The bad news is that I just read this post.
    I know on Full Tilt they would not take AMEX or two different Master Cards (one is debit or credit).
    Is Poker Stars any more flexible?
    I gave up trying to pay online and stuck with live games.

  14. Wil, I don’t read your blog since Thursday, and this is how I find out I missed the Tourney?
    How many people showed up and who won?

  15. I just heard about this, but I wouldn’t have been able to play anyway due to other commitments. Still, count me among those who hope that you will put together another tourney, or maybe even a semi-recurring series, so I can play in the future. The old WWdN games were always lots of fun, and I would be happy to see them come back!

  16. Not sure how often you go and read older posts, but this got me thinking, have you ever thought about doing a charity D&D game. Something like a raffle or something like that to play with you at a game convention? That would rock!

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