“this is magical”

I didn't know where my friend Ryan was, but it sure sounded like he was having a lot of fun. Each Twitter update he sent was more entertaining than the last, but he never managed to top this one:

Mel Gibson is
drunk, smoking a cigar, and wearing a viking helmet… all while on a
live horse. I'm not kidding. This is magical.

I read that, giggled, and decided that he was full of shit. There is no way that actually happened.

Turns out that he was not full of shit. It was real, and it was spectacular.

25 thoughts on ““this is magical””

  1. Hahahahaha! Oh for the love of God, please someone get that man some psychiatric help!!! LOL That was way too funny, Wll. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oy, that poor horse. Bet he’s wondering what exactly he did so wrong in life to end up here.
    Wil, I’m checking out the ST: The Exhibition (Exhibit 2) in Philly this weekend. Is your Lt Cmdr video at that one as well, or is it just in Exhibit 1? Grats to Wes on the promotion, btw. :-)

  3. Yeah the horse looks nice, it’s a shame he/she had a Mel Gibson on their back.
    Whatever the poor horse’s gender, it’s name is now Sugartits.

  4. On a semi-related note (as it looks like mister Rockatansky there has imbibed a wee bit) I saw somebody in the store the other day hefting a big pack of that non-guinness carbonated alcoholic beverage you consume. I found it amusing.

  5. Okay…I’m not sure if you’re speaking to *me* or not, Darvelous, since you replied to yourself, but assuming that you were taking a stab at me with your comment about imbibing a non-Guinness carbonated alcohol substance, I believe that you need to get your facts straight, sir.
    Strictly speaking on the record here, as Chief of Being a Huge Pain in Wil’s Ass (who also retains authority over anyone in the “Do Whatever the Hell You Want” department), I believe that it’s been established that I am NOT responsible for Budweiser anymore. That would fall under the “It’s All Wil’s Fault!” category as of five days ago when I commented in the great slash fiction from the escape pod post. Yes, it’s been officially changed to *slash* since there seemed to be such a high demand for a post title change, even if the post title still reads *flash*. That would fall under the “Do Whatever the Hell You Want” department under my authority as Chief of Being a Huge Pain in Wil’s Ass.
    Also speaking strictly for the record, I do *not* imbibe Budweiser, as I am from Pennsylvania and Yuengling Lager is the official “King of Beers” in this wonderful Commonwealth State. That tricky Wheaton character baited me into taking responsibility for Budweiser when I foolishly engaged him in a beer semantics debate while in sleep deprivation mode.
    The tide has officially turned on that incident though, and Budweiser is now officially filed under the “It’s all Wil’s fault!” category, courtesy of the TNG Plot Generator. Which makes Wil officially responsible for that particular non-Guinness carbonated alcoholic beverage as of five days ago. Just setting the record straight.
    BTW, Wil, one month and twenty days from now, you will officially be another year older, which still makes you one year, two months and two days older than me. Dad voice shield enabled. =P

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