LEVERAGE: day three

I wasn't on the call sheet today, but I went to the set anyway, because I felt like I was welcome to visit if I wasn't in the way, and because we were shooting at the Portland Art Museum, and I was planning to go see their collection on my day off.

I slept much later than I've been able to since I got here, and climbed out of bed at 8:50. I grabbed some coffee and read some news before I got my Actual Work™ for the day completed.

Behold this magnificent bit of information, my pretties: I let the manuscript for Memories of the Future go at about 10 this morning. I say "let go," because this is truly one of those books that I could keep tweaking and polishing until they turn the lights off on planet Earth, and it's really just time (past time, really) that I let it go and move on to some other things.

It's a good sign that parts of it I'd forgotten about made me laugh out loud when I was going over the final pass, and when it was done, I didn't hate it.

After I sent it off, I headed out into beautiful downtown Portland, and made my way to the set.

I can't say anything about this scene I watched them shoot, because it will be a big old spoiler, but here's what I told Twitter:

Watching them put together a VERY cool stedicam shot on #Leverage. This is going to be awesome on TV.

OH: "If you think this shot is awesome, wait until you see what we did in the season opener!"

My respect and
admiration for Gary Camp (camera operator on #Leverage) grows
exponentially with each take. This shot is just unreal.

Rogers posted this SPOILER picture before I left, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon at the art museum, which has a wonderful collection. There is an M.C. Escher exhibition there right now, and I think I spent two full hours looking at the ninety different pieces they have, including one of the original Crazy Stairs lithos (yes, art geeks, I know it's actually called Relativity.) In addition to completed works, they also had several sketches and studies that he did on his way to completing things like Heaven and Hell, and I gotta tell you that it was pretty damn impressive and inspiring to watch his process. If you're in PDX or can make it to PDX before they close this exhibition, I highly recommend it.

I explored the rest of the museum, and then went to Powell's after lunch, where I spent hours looking through their old D&D books and browsing the Sci-Fi shelves.

I stumbled across two books that I can't wait to read tonight: The Pillars of Pentegarn, which I remember reading when I was 10 or 11, and … Shatnerquake. That's right, SHATNER-FUCKING-QUAKE. Allow me to quote the jacket copy:

It's Shatner VS Shatners!

After a reality bomb goes off at the first ever ShatnerCon, all of he characters ever played by William Shatner are suddenly sucked into our world. Their mission: hunt down and destroy the real William Shatner.

Featuring: Captain Kirk, TJ Hooker, Denny Crane, Priceline Shatner, Cartoon Kirk, Rescue 9-1-1 Shatner, singer Shatner, and many more. No costumed con-goer will be spared in their wave of destruction, no red shirt will make it out alive, and not even the Klingons will be able to stand up to a deranged Captain Kirk with a light saber. But these Shatner-clones are about to learn a hard lesson…that the real William Shatner doesn't take crap from anybody. Not even himself!

I read the first chapter in the café, and it was as silly and awesome and wrong as you'd expect. It's a short book, so I suspect I'll have a review sooner than later.

I didn't know I'd been in Powells for two hours until I left and noticed that it had gotten darker and cooler outside. I just love bookstores that much, I guess, and it's easy for time to stand still while I wander through the stacks, especially in a place like Powells, which just feels magical.

On my way up the street, I said this to Twitter:

I just spent two hours in Powells. eBooks are convenient, but I don't want to live in a world without books and bookstores.

That's all for today. I have…somereading…to! do!

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  1. I love these teasing tidbits while you’re working on a show. And the spoiler picture is cool! :)
    I feel the same way about bookstores. I can get lost in them and not really feel lost at all…

  2. hehe glad you’re discovering all the wonderful things Portland has to offer. doesn’t look like i’ll be back on set though, wah wah!
    but my offer to have a gaming throwdown at GK is still open to ya

  3. seriously… the idea of running into you in the sci fi section of powells makes my head explode. in a good way! Esp. since I wore the woot shirt you designed today! (I always get a ton of compliments on it btw)

  4. Sweet… I actually spent the day in the Dallas Art Museum. I stumbled upon two beautiful original Monets that I had no idea were semi permenant pieces. Always breathtaking.

  5. Dammit, why do I have to be so effing busy when you are in my town?!? Don’t forget to grab a Voodoo Doughnut and some HotLips pizza before you have to leave us! I’d bring you some but, um, as we do not know each other in person that would be creepy and weird :)

  6. Don’t know if you caught it or not. So I will say it again (and this time I will not be limited to 140 characters).
    1)I find it very difficult to read eBooks. I like to curl up with a book and a blanket and get lost in other worlds for hours on end. It is very hard to do so with an electronic medium. I find it a very cold reading experience, I am easily distracted and a whole myriad of other things occur that make it difficult for me to concentrate on the reading.
    2)I want the Shatner book. They should do a The Hoff vs. Shatner book along the same lines. I have this weird little thing (even weirder than my list of 3). I think it would be all kinds of cheesy, campy goodness if The Hoff and Shatner actually starred in a movie opposite of each other. Not just cameo’s like in “Dodge Ball”. I would implode. I don’t think I could handle the awesomeness that would be.
    3)Here is a link you and many others will probably enjoy if you are not already aware of it. http://www.ffproject.com/
    Now something totally off topic that I mentioned on John Scalzi’s blog today and I would like to mention here. There are 3 of you who are connected in some fashion (Scalzi, Plait and yourself) each working on some mysterious project that you all are keeping mum about. Now, they may not be related and I am going to say probably not related and just coincidental so as to not cause any type of rumour, however if they were related I would seriously implode the biggest implosion possible. Just the fact that the 3 of you are all working on some mystery project x has me stupid with excitement.
    Happy to hear you are having a wonderful time. I think I have talked enough for now.

  7. Glad you’re enjoying Portland. Let me add my voice to the people on Twitter urging you to check out Voodoo Doughnut (http://voodoodoughnut.com/) before you leave. While most people will urge you towards the Bacon Maple bars, or the Triple Chocolate Penetration, I recommend the Tangfastic. Just make sure you have some milk handy for it. Besides, how can you not love people who take cream filled pastry to it’s ultimate Freudian extreme?

  8. Wil! You have to hit the food carts at SE 12th and Hawthorne! Especially Potato Champion (best french fries in the WORLD) and Whiffies fried pies! I would take you there myself, but I don’t want to suggest it for fear I’d look like a weird stalker lady. Which, you know, I’m not, even though I’ve been carrying around my copy of “Sunken Treasure” just in case. And wearing my woot shirt. You know, just in case.

  9. Hi Wil – So, yesterday I read in your blog that you’re in Portland. Then this morning I woke up and thought “I’m totally going to see Wil Wheaton downtown today,” which is an odd thing to think, needless to say. To my great delight, however, sure enough I saw you chatting on the phone outside the Pita Pit around 5:30. I’m sure this seems geeky, but it was a thrill to see you. I hope you’re enjoying our beautiful town!
    Stay awesome – Daniel.

  10. Hi Wil, I’m the freakishly-tall guy who met you in Powell’s, who browsed the old-school D&D books with you. I hope I didn’t creep you out too much. But like I said (or stammered nervously): I’m a big fan.
    I’d like to add to the growing list of recommendations for trying Voodoo Doughnut before you leave. I recommend the No Name, but to each their own.
    You’ve already found the world’s best bookstore.
    The best microbrew in town, in my humble opinion, can be found at the Rogue Nation on 13th and Flanders, just a short walk from Powell’s. If you go there, try the Dead Guy Ale (my favorite) or the Chocolate Stout (my wife’s favorite.)
    It was great to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay!

  11. I like that you went to visit the set anyway. Absolutely makes me wish I was near there just to be able to tweet I saw you tweet!
    Ebooks are fine for me less lbs to carry but much more bulky depending on storage mode of travel. Truthfully, I’d miss hard copies if they went away and especially the bookstores whether a true store, grocery store, sidewalk counter.The action of being able to browse a bookstore calms my mind and transports me to my inner selfs feelings to see what I want to buy. A book(s) to keep so my inner me can read it over and over. Like the Twilight Saga. I’m on round 17 with it with Stephenie’s partially ebook draft posting of book 5 about Edward’s viewpoint.
    Someday I’ll get a kindle-type or maybe just a small travel laptop? (oh Hubby…!!!)
    I’m like you in a bookstore. Once I enter in a bookstore a time warp bubble encloses me. My family knows if I get dropped off at a bookstore I’ll be there still after they are done getting their fill of the mall or vehicle browsing at a dealership etc. I can open and close a bookstore with my browsing especially if it has a mini-resturant/starbucks/seattle’s coffee attached.
    Your tweasers today had me on the edge of my seat waiting for your blog. I would of been #5 comment but I went to eat and got caught up in a new twitter hash tag. It was funny and heartwarming to be in on. (#makesmesqueee).
    Thank you for your insightful, funny and seriously you blog and twitters. You always bring a smile to my lips and heart. Please keep updating on whatever you deem worthy.
    *twuggles* Sheryl

  12. Hello Wil! One of my friends used to write for White Wolf games, so when I introduced him to Powell’s, well, he became slightly catatonic. Lower lip quivered, brown eyes welled up in gratitude, and this look of utter hot daaaamn was stamped on his face. I think I almost heard him mutter a prayer of some sort.
    Anyhoooo, I always get a kick of showing newcomers one our town’s biggest pride and joys.
    So glad you are enjoying your stay in the Rose City (or Stumptown, whichever you prefer) and I hope you come back to visit us weirdos again soon. :)
    P.S. I understand the place for Ebooks, but to me nothing compares to the touch of the paper or the smell of old ink. To me, it makes the story being read more tangible.
    Kind Regards,

  13. CRAP! I also meant to add YAY! re: book being let go. If you haven’t listened to it already, you should hear what Phil had to say about working on it.
    Two of my favourite geeks found in one book. Totally excited and its Star Trek to boot!

  14. Shatnerquake? *Shudders at the thought of more than one WFS existing in one universe, but just to go on record, I want Priceline Shatner dead most of all because again, the man needs to get off of my television with a dead cat on his head telling people how to plan their vacations*
    Wil, glad you’re enjoying Portland, super-glad that you’re enjoying your time working on Leverage. TOTALLY EXCITED that the book is the final stages before it goes to the presses and cannot wait for all of the above.
    Oh, and totally crushed over the fact that my dog’s being put to sleep tomorrow. But it’s your blog, your moment to shine, not my moment to whine, and basically the highlight of my thus far shitty week of preparations of letting her go.
    Darvelous, if you’re lurking around somewhere, consider this my socialization for the time being. Alicia & Anna, thanks for all the virtual hugs. You are all truly awesome people that our gracious host has allowed us all to network with one another by providing this atmosphere, and I’m truly appreciative for all the support you’ve given me in the past couple of days.
    Wil, thanks for the welcome distractions. You’ve been a real morale booster in the past week or so. Keep it coming. Thanks for the updates, the atmosphere, and all of the awesome people the atmosphere provides. It means more to some of us (okay, me) than you probably realize. Thank you, sir. Can I just come right out and tell you right now how awesome you are? Because it’s true. In rare moments like this, even the annoying chick can muster up some genuine gratitude once in a while. Namaste, Wil. Keep being you.

  15. Yay! Glad you had the time to poke around Powell’s for a long while. It is a lovely place and that is exactly the best thing to do when you’re there: get lost in time and among the stacks. :)
    Also glad you’re enjoying Portland… you should announce an impromptu tweet-up before you leave!! I guarantee you’d have lots of people show up. (Or at least two: myself and my boyfriend. :)

  16. Even so you really do not know me *hugs*. Someone close to me had to have their family pet of 17 years put to sleep last May the day before his birthday. My heart goes out to you. And yes this is Wil’s place to shine but I just wanted to send out a brief little extension of human warmth over the internets.

  17. Thank you so much, Jules. Yeah, still not wanting to take away Wil’s thunder, but at the same time know that today is going to be a hard one. She’s almost 13, lived a really good life but has been sick for about a week now and even though it’s the humane thing to do, it still really, really sucks. *Hugs* back to you, another example of an awesome person in this awesome atmosphere known as WWdN:IX.

  18. I don’t know you, but I want to offer my internet!hugs in regard to your dog. A couple days ago, my cat of ten years was put to sleep, so I know how that is. =(
    And I second Wil’s awesomeness because, well, it’s Wil.

  19. It’s horribly distracting seeing “Portland” all over this blog and having to remind myself that you’re not talking about *my* Portland way over here in Maine.
    Shatnerquake sounds *amazing* and I anticipate your review.

  20. I have long suspected that Powell’s exists within a time dilation field, in which time passes no less than 10 times slower than the rest of the universe. Have easily spent 4-5 hours there before without even realizing it. Glad to know I’m not the only one 😉
    Also, thanks for the Portland Art Museum rec! That exhibit sounds amazing! I may have to find my way there. That said… Leverage was filming there?? That in and of itself is also amazing. (Right across the street from where I go to school!)

  21. tsk, tsk, cool you had to go and purchase Pillars again, I love that you support the independent bookstore too..I still have all the copies of D&D choose your adventure.

  22. “Dude! Did that just hit Crazy Stairs?”
    I love everything about Portland. The art museum, their easy and efficient mass transit, Powell’s, etc. The last time I was there I was told explicitly by mr angie k that we were not going to have to buy another suitcase to bring home all the books I wanted to buy there. Buying another suitcase is just silly, I said. So we borrowed one from my in-laws.
    I have never seen that particular title but I have other D&D Choose Your Own Adventure books. Very cool. I need to read Shatnerquake right now.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Portland!

  23. Even though we don’t know each other let me extend another round of *internethugs*. I’ve never lost a large pet (but will someday) but I lost a lot of small pets as a kid. I was always unusually affected by having to put hamsters down to sleep so I know that process but never an animal that was with me for so long. You’ll be in my thoughts.
    Also, I’ll back you up on the “Wil’s Blog is Made of the Awesome” thing. I’ll admit that there are days when nothing is going right and the one of the only happy things I have is Wil’s and other bloggers’ happy/interesting blog posts. When I was working at a job I truly grew to despise I’d leave WWdN:IX up on my screen and hit F5 every few minutes just to see if something cool popped up to take me out of my life for a few minutes. (Then I discovered RSS feeds. Duh.) The atmosphere here has always been really cool. I’ve met great people and friends through WWdN.
    Best. angie k.

  24. I’m totally looking forward to that book, Wil. Gimme gimme gimme! (Hint hint: I’d also read one about Stand By Me, or Toy Soldiers.)

  25. I love how the internet makes the world seem so much smaller. How crazy is it that you go to a bookstore and someone talks to you and can tell you about that here! People can recommend places to go (we are SO going to Voodoo Doughnut when I get there) and how someone can tell you they saw you on the phone outside Pita Pit. That is the coolest thing EVER because I was on the other end of the phone! There’s more connection in all of our lives than I realized. I know I’m not a computer geek (look at me figuring out how to post a comment here!) and the whole Twitter thing completely baffles me, but I truly love that you can touch peoples lives and keep everyone connected here. You’re good people Wheaton!

  26. I’m so sorry about your dog. I know are animals are like family so it’s devastating to lose them. I’ll be thinking about you.

  27. Oh, Danyiel, I’m so sorry, but I know it’s the right decision. She’ll be up in Heaven playing with my canine sister Sandy. And anytime you need ((hugs)), you know who to come to (no thanks necessary, either!)
    Wil, thanks for a bunch of stuff, but right now, thanks for pointing me to Twitter where I was lucky enough to chat with Danyiel & Anna, & for allowing us to post stuff like this on your blog. The thunder remains yours.
    -Alicia (@AliciaWag)

  28. Oh, Wil, I’m so jealous! My parents and my sister and her family live in Portland so I make it there pretty often but it’s one of my favorite places and I wish I could be there wandering around. My mom usually gives me a Powell’s giftcard when I’m there so not only do I get the joy of Powell’s, I get free money to spend there! Have fun and I can’t wait to see your Leverage episode.

  29. The next time I’m in Portland, I’m blocking off half a day just for Powell’s. I only got to spend about an hour there, and it wasn’t nearly enough time.

  30. I bet that book is really funny. Only a genius would come up with a story like that. =] Can NOT wait until that episode comes out. Had never heard of Leverage.. but I guess I’m a new fan now!

  31. I’ll echo the recommendations for Voodoo Doughnuts. I was weary of trying the maple bacon bar, but once I did it changed my life. Really. Wash it down with some Stumptown, and you’re set.
    Also, since someone previously mentioned Potato Champion, I’d say there are so many amazing food carts–why limit yourself to just one? Instead, do a food cart tour. This is a good place to do a little research and organize your route:
    I’d say check out Flavourspot, Junior Ambassadors, Spellas (cafe cart), and Asian Station.
    Hope you’re enjoying your stay in PDX.

  32. My office is across the street from Powells.. and I loooooove going over at lunch and just wandering the aisles.. even if I don’t buy anything, that day.
    Hope you enjoy your time in Portland.. think you’ll get any time to play some D&D?

  33. I effing love Powell’s.
    Also, let me be the millionth person to suggest Voodoo Doughnut to you. It’s downtown and in walking distance (or take the Max if you like – Skidmore fountain stop, two blocks West, then hang a right).

  34. OMG Powell’s! A mandatory stop on my frequent trips to Portland. Here is a little known must see while in Portland. It’s called the 3D Center for Art and Photography 1928 NW Lovejoy Street http://www.3dcenter.us/ Cool stuff!

  35. Powell’s is made of awesome. I found semi-rare Tolkien editions when I was there two years ago. My aunt and uncle cannot be anywhere in the vicinity of Portland without stopping in (they live in Nebraska).
    I (along with everyone else, I’m sure) eagerly await your review of SHATNERQUAKE.

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