warning: contains satire, commentary, potty mouth.

My friend @ShaneNickerson wins at the internet.

If you don't see video, try this link-o-matic click-ro-trocker right here.

35 thoughts on “warning: contains satire, commentary, potty mouth.”

  1. LOLZ! I haven’t laughed so hard in so long. And I went through a similar rant last night when I found out twitter is going down for maintenance an hour before my show. Yes it only suppose to be down for an hour but like I am going to trust that. And I need twitter for my show tonight.
    Stupid twitter how I love thee and loathe thee all at the same time.

  2. ROFL .. dang he hit it right on the head. Have to take days away from Twitter just to feel sane again! and Shane,, those lost one were probably H-kitty… and her pals

  3. That was so funny! What can I say that hasn’t been already said about twitter in that small clip. To me it is funny to see the so called ones in the know explain what they are doing at that second of their life, to me it is just funny… And agree with the video…Except your’s will yours Wil, information, and awareness.

  4. Hahahahaha! That guy’s GREAT! He pretty much nailed Twitter in that vid. Just for shits & giggles, I’m gonna RT everything he posts from now on. LOL.

  5. Oh, how funny, & how true. I’m going to follow him now. BTW, Wil, you’re the one that got me into Twitter in the 1st place. And Nancy – I kind of agree with what you said; but I *love* how you said it. LOL.
    -Alicia (@AliciaWag)

  6. I second Nancy on this one. A funny clip. An on the nose clip. But, shooting a video while driving? Negates the cleverness of the clip all together, imo.

  7. I figured it was a SoCal thing…you do *everything* there while driving. At least he wasn’t talking on the cell, applying makeup, shoving a burger down his throat, or *checking his Tweets*.

  8. I have an addictive nature, and this is precisely why I’ve resisted getting a blackberry or iphone.
    I think it’s hysterical that he’s filming his rant while driving. A guy with his phone, freaking out b/c he needs to tweet but wants to resist. Anyone who spends even 5 minutes a day in commuter traffic sees much worse.

  9. I don’t quite get that worked up about Twitter, but totally understand the rant. Shane kicks ass, but my man-crush on Wil far outweighs Shane’s Teh Funneh.

  10. That post is so hilarious on so many levels…
    In the 50’s, people would probably drive around like that just to see if someone noticed an aspect of their car.

  11. Man! I couldnt get my computer to play but 30 seconds of this video! But what I seen was HILARIOUS!! I espicially liked it because me and Shane have the exact same pair of glasses (see pic on left). I’ll just have to keep re-loading it and see if it will eventually play. Oh yeah Wil, I found this Family Guy parody of 3 Stephen King movies including Stand By Me and it was pretty funny except for the end where they make fun of how River died. I thought I’d give you the link to watch it though. http://www.tvloop.com/family-guy/show/episodes/three-kings-when-peter-reads-some-of-stephen-kings-19327 there ya go. I dont know if you’ve already seen it but if you haven’t… well… you can now.

  12. Okay of course now that I say it won’t play all the way..it does. That dude is awesome. If he actually kept his Twitter account I’m definitely following him. Except it doesn’t really matter if I RT him because nobody is following me so no one will read it!! Gosh I’m such a nobody.

  13. Nothing to do with Shane’s video, but I just downloaded the latest update to the D&D character creator and Aeofel Elhromanë is now a sample character! Complete with the personality traits and history Wil wrote! Too cool.

  14. This was hilarious… and since I know how much you and your readers enjoy funny things, I thought I’d pass along the good news:
    According to Reuters, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen are already working on the *26 new episodes of Futurama* that Comedy Central has ordered from them.

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