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  1. Happiest of happy-ass birthdays to you, Wil. When it’s late enough here in the midwest to drink without looks of disapprobation, I will hoist a cocktail in your direction and honor. I may even make it a tiki drink.

  2. Happy Birthday Wil!
    I’m turning 37 this September and believe it or not I was waiting to use this line…
    Hurray for the Birthday Class of ’72!!

  3. Many happy returns! Thoroughly enjoyed the clip, and wished I’d found it for my 37th a year and some months ago… You’re only as old as you feel, they say, though I’ve always been a curmudgeon and so ought to feel like a wizened ancient mariner or somesuch.

  4. Haha, you’ve blatantly saved this video for this day. Awesome. Happy Birthday dude! The younger generations better shut up, we gets us there soon enuff. You’re still a studmuffin, so all is well. Toodles! x

  5. Happy birthday, Wil! You’re just a young’un.
    “Listen, strange women lyin’ in ponds distributin’ swords is no basis for a system of government”

  6. Happy Birthday Wil!!! I’m a couple of years behind you, but you are now the same age as my Volkswagen!
    Have a good one!!!

  7. Wait till she hits the teen years. Mine will be 14 in Oct. Starting 8th grade, and after that.. High School! YIKES! Talk about making you feel old O_O lol

  8. Hi Wil-
    I said it already on Twitter, but I wanna say it here too:
    Happy Birthday!! 😀 From another Vintage 72-er… I turned 37 on May 7th. We 72-er’s rock!! :-)
    -Alicia (@AliciaWag)

  9. Happy Birthday Wil! May the coming year bring you and yours only success and happiness.
    I didn’t realise that our birthdays were so close, mines on Saturday.

  10. Hehe, a big yay for prime numbers! I invited my friends to a prime number party this year, and a special one because it was a prime number following a (and here I realize that the concept of booze numbers – Schnapszahl – like 11, 22, 33 etc. is probably a German one because there’s no English word for it)… Only happens a couple of times in a lifetime. (Needless to say, I didn’t turn 67…)
    Anyway, happy birthday and many happy returns, Wil!

  11. Happy Birthday! Mine’s in just a couple of days, personally. It’s a milestone, too–the big 3-0. I’m honestly not freaking out about it, but it is sort of surreal to contemplate that I am about to hit 3 decades. When I was a teenager and through the first part of my twenties, I always thought of 30 as “when a person really becomes an adult”–I was never impressed with the maturity of 20-somethings, I guess. But now that I’m about to cross that threshold, I’m realizing that there is no magic line, beyond which is a sign that says, “here be adulthood.”

  12. Darvelous, I really don’t see what the point in trying to learn something using the rote method and typing it in as UBB code is all about on today of all days, but since I didn’t bring the dead horse along, there are more productive ways to conduct yourself on such a fantastic day, don’t you agree?
    You see, not only is it my good buddy here Wil’s birthday, it is also a great day of sentiment for me, as well. Of course I’m happy for my good buddy Wil and his family on this joyous occasion. When there’s celebrating to do, there should be celebrating taking place. Hopefully with a fully intact cake after I reminded my buddy Wil to keep it far, far out of Ferris’ reach. I’m 99.9% sure that Anne had that base already covered, though. How did I come to that particular assumption, you ask? A. She’s a mom. B. She’s the mom of two boys. C. She’s my good buddy Wil’s wife and understands the concept of what is and what is not accessible to Ferris when placed on a counter top.
    Today is a day of dual celebration, for me anyway. One is my good buddy Wil’s birthday, of course, and the other is the five year anniversary of the day that I basically fell ass-backwards into a series of seemingly random events, put them together and not only discovered the awesomeness that is Wil Wheaton: actor/blogger/author, but also discovered the bonus win that is Wil Wheaton: devoted husband, father and all around dedicated family man that he remains to be to this very day. Not to mention the fact that he’s genuinely humble, down-to-earth, and a pretty nice guy in general. That is until he unleashed Dad Voice™ on me for the first time, but we shall not speak of that or any other unpleasantries on my buddy Wil’s birthday, OK?
    So Wil, since we’re buddies now and all of that, do you think you can give Frakes a call and find out if maybe we can all go visit some Turkish prisons together one of these days? I’ve never been, and he always made it out to sound as if it was so much fun!
    All joking aside, I really do hope you’re having an awesome day. As for Darvelous, waving that red flag back and forth in front of me doesn’t seem very prudent of him, does it? Don’t worry about it, buddy, I gotcha covered.

  13. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthda-ay Wil, Happy Birthday to you….and Many More on Channel 4, and Scooby Doo on Channel 2, Hope It’s Great on Channel 8, Feelin’ Fine on channel 9…..ok, ok I’ll stop. Happy Happy!!!!

  14. As a person who has followed your acting career, and now your writing career, and the one person who didn’t hate Wesley Crusher, I wish you a Happy Birthday. And I hope you celebrate with a glass of great beer!!!

  15. My mum, a wonderful, gorgeous woman who marched with the CND in the sixties, and always was on the compassionate side in politics, died suddenly earlier today. I’m still in shock, but am both comforted and distracted to read that life goes on.
    And I’m halfway through a second watch of all 7 series of TNG, which while they may not be the only thing you want to be known by Wil, mean a lot to me, and doubly so right now, because I know nothing I will see as I wait for the grief to kick in hard will violate her values, and everything in that fictional world is something she would and has supported.
    I’m not spreading this all over the net, but given how I plan to comfort myself, since I have no-one living with me right now, and no other family at all, this comment seemed worth making. Hope is never futile. And love is all that matters. That I loved her, she loved me, and that love and life go on is really making this easier to bear.

  16. I’ve been 37 for 13 years now. A great age… to be from. And being so old and creaky, I’ve now outlived the late great MJJ.
    No matter– Wil, the happiest of b-days to you. We’ve chatted at various comic-cons of all sorts– I’m just a random guy– and you were always nothin’ but nice.
    BTW– I waved at the ISS and the Endeavour a couple o’ nights ago, too, from here in L.A.
    They HAD to see us. Two wavers? Come ON! Right?

  17. Wil – I remembered it was your birthday – I remember it from summer 1988, when we met at the Grand Floridian hotel at Disney World and wound up hanging out. Your b’day is the day after my kid brother’s. So I actually recalled it was your birthday. Dunno if you remember all that, but there it is. Grand F. Summer ’88. Good times. Happy Birthday, vacation buddy. ~Adam

  18. *slaps forehead* She already acts like a teenager so I was hoping she was working it our of her system sooner rather then later. I suppose that’s what booze is for, aka Mother’s Little Helper. ;o)

  19. Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton!
    You have grown beyond the confines and trappings of Hollywood Stardom and become a writer/person I respect and admire. Here’s to more years where you will find new depths within yourself, and possibly share through your developing craft.

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