Axis of Anarchy RULES!

A few months ago, Felicia Day asked me if I'd like to play a character in Season 3 of The Guild.

The conversation went something like this:

Felicia: So, I wrote this character for Season 3 of The Guild and I wondered if y—


Rob Reiner's Mother: I'll have what he's having.

Felicia told me that she and the other producers wanted to keep my involvement in the show and the the details of my character a secret, because they planned a big reveal at Comic-Con.

So all those times I told Twitter some variation of, "Holy crap if I could tell you what I'm working on right now, you'd be all 'OMG NO WAI' and I'd be all 'WAI' and you'd be all 'awesome!' and then I'd be all, 'I know, right?'" Now you know one of the things I was talking about.

We started shooting a few weeks later, and after some 31-hour shooting days, my work on the show was done. I still can't get into specifics about my character or the story, but I think it's safe (and totally unsurprising) to tell you that working on The Guild was as fun and wonderful as you would expect, and every single person on the cast and crew was an absolute joy to work with.

As I said on The Guild panel at Comic-Con, I've known, written, and performed with a lot of these guys for years, and I'm not surprised in the least that everyone loves them so much. It rules to see so many people in the world (millions per episode, I guess) finding out for themselves what I've known for years.

Season 3 is going to kick thirteen different kinds of ass, and I'm thrilled to be a small part of part of it. I'll talk about each episode a little more after it's released.

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  1. I can’t freakin wait to see the new season and see your character. I’ll be rooting for your character (as I’m guessing since Felicia plays alli, you’re character will be horde, and I’m all FTH! =p)
    Glad you were finally able to talk about one of your projects!

  2. OK … color me an idiot … where can I find this fine piece of television?
    Also, remind me again when I can see the episode of LEVERAGE you guest starred in?

  3. Totally saw it coming. During the video chat Felicia and the cast had after the season 2 finale, folks were yelling “GET WIL! OMG GET WIL WHEATON!” all over the place. She looked at the camera and said sarcastically, “um, ok, sure.” She then went on to describe how just that she knew you, that doesn’t mean that she KNEW you, like you were always hanging out or anything. Sandeep took over and said took over and said, “sure, have him call us.” Which I totally took to mean that of course they’d be interested, but they had no idea of how to go further with it. I can only guess from the enthusiastic reaction in the chat that night, that it really got the ideas to percolating. Then, when you mentioned having lunch with Felicia a few weeks later, I knew the deal was set or at least in motion.
    Of course, everyone kept it quiet till ComicCon, but when it came out I was just as happy as everyone else, but markedly less surprised. I am truly looking forward to seeing the Guild season 3, and seeing just how EEE-vil, Whil Wheaton can be. Perhaps you whill be EEE-vil like the FRU-its of the DEV-il….

  4. ok. so I google “rob reiner’s mom” because I don’t get that joke, but, due to my somewhat inebriated state I actually google “rob reiner’s mob”.
    An innocent mistake with no adverse possibilities you might think.
    But back to the story…
    So, I click a random link on the first page, start reading, hmm this is a little wierd.
    WTF Wil Wheaton, through investigating a concept on your site I ended up on STORMFRONT? ;p
    I need to go and wash the ick off me

  5. Came here expecting the “San Dimas Football” joke, the lack of which was completely redeemed by the Reiner’s mom joke.
    Looking forward to Season 3… even more time I’ll spend looking at something on a web browser.

  6. Okay, Leverage, The Guild…if you appear on an episode of Supernatural, I believe I will die of absolute joy and complete fangirl squee. I won’t get to go to Dragon*Con and worship at the feet of Patrick Stewart and Felicia Day. My life will have been in vain.
    And then you’re be an indirect murderer, of not only my life but hopes and dreams and future worshiping. Shame on you, Wil.

  7. Congratulations! I’ll be honest, I know very little about Felicia Day, other than that she’s a Big Deal On The Internets. However, this sounds like an awesome thing, so well done you.
    Also: “Now you know one of the things I was talking about.” One of? There’s more? I await more news with bated breath!

  8. That is so fucking cool, I love The Guild, and with you in it, even for a short while, I will love it even more…though I’m not sure how that would be possible…but it Wil happen…um…sorry…my fingers made me type that…

  9. That was me! I was part of the crew or wait…I was an extra. Whatever. My dog ZZ, the golden retriever tried to bite your face! WHEE! Or uh..anyway.
    We can laugh about it now. Right?
    *face palm*

  10. From my blog. Dated Saturday, July 24, 8:34 PM:
    I’ve seen tons of pics from SDCC already that fill me with squee, and I’ve gotten updates galore, but the best news I’ve heard lies below the cut. It concerns both Mr. Secretary and our lovable Penny, and I promise it’s supersecretawesomesaucesquared! No, really. It’s pretty damn swa-eet.
    The biggest news of the session came during the screening of the season premiere of Season 3. Picking up where Season 2 left off, with the Knights of Good still dealing some awkward inter-Guild relations as they eagerly await the new WoW expansion pack release. And then comes actor and geek icon Wil Wheaton (Star Trek) as the leader of a new rival Guild, Axis of Anarchy. (Yes, the crowd broke out cheering.)
    Wil Wheaton is going to be on The Guild. And he’s going to play a Guildmaster. An EVIL Guildmaster.
    *dies from the awesome*

    Yep, still applies.

  11. Alas, if only 'twere possible. The day Hulu makes it to the UK will be the happiest in my life. I get the feeling I'd love Dr. Horrible, too…

  12. Oh, dang! Many friends across the pond and that Hulu thing, well…sigh…does The Guild link work?
    I do know that the DVD of Dr Horrible is region-free.
    And reasonably priced.
    One day, they will make all that “all your websites are belong to us” think go away. Sigh…

  13. Wil —
    This is all manner of awesomeness! I can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor. Thanks for the mini reveal *drools in anticipation*

  14. Good deal, my good buddy Wil! This is so awesome, I’m so happy for you. =}
    Of course that means that we’ll have to postpone the Turkish Prison tours with Jonathan Frakes, but the Turkish prisons can wait. Yay, my buddy Wil is going to be on The Guild! Huge piles of awesome and win all over the place!

  15. When I heard the announcement, my head exploded….and now I’m writing this with no head!! Anyways this new is awesome and I CANNOT WAIT to see what your character does up against Felicia. Now you know what you have to do right?? You have to play WoW now in real life. Although I don’t know what to think of you vs. Felicia Day. Won’t know who to root for. Anyway, awesome, radical, dudical,and all the other 80’s terms for great, you rock!!

  16. Not my intention. Not at all. But I’ll go away. Seems like that’s what’s wanted.
    Best to you, Wil. Continued successes in all your creative efforts.

  17. @ zoemills2, I started chuckling to myself immediately after reading your reply because the phrase “altogether now…don’t be a dick!” made me think that it really should be the chorus of a song. Seriously, someone should write one, that way all of us WWdN people will have our own “alma mater” type of song to sing before events, or just for the hell of it.
    @ lala, chill out. Wil’s reply to you was nothing more than his sardonic wit being taken literally, and my reply was meant to be taken as a joke, as well. I’m sorry if it made you feel unwelcome. As far as your belief that Wil wants you to go away, trust me, you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. I’m probably one of the worst behaved monkeys on WWdN, and this is going way back to the Paracosm Soapbox era. Yet I’ve somehow managed to stick around for the past five years and the worst thing that’s ever happened to me was Wil busting out the infamous Dad Voice™ on me a few times during the Paracosm days.
    Now he just threatens me with Dad Voice™ whenever my behavior becomes excessively terrible, and believe me, it does get terrible. Ask around, or better yet, read the archives. They’re chock-full of me totally acting like a dick, for no particular reason most of the time. My good buddy Wil here has put up with a lot of shit from me over the past five years, so I highly doubt that one infraction on your part is reason enough for you to think he’s running you out of WWdN:IX.
    Now, back to the song. I know that Alicia and her hubby are awesome musicians, everyone should check out their band, The Wag, when they get the chance. I write poetry, so it’s not too much of a stretch for me to write the lyrics…yeah, I think we need to write the “Don’t be a Dick” song. Soon.

  18. I had never heard of “The Guild” til this post. (NoOb) So I went over and watched all of season one. What a hoot. I will catch up with season 2 and will wait with excitement for Wil on Season 3.
    Too cool!

  19. Along the same lines, I, too would probably die if Wil were to make a guest appearance as himself on The Big Bang Theory. Don’t get me wrong, I love Supernatural, but doing BBT is a complete no-brainer. A show about a bunch of geeks + Wil Wheaton™ — yes, Wil, your name has now also become a trademark just because I felt like making it one, so deal with it 😛 — how frakking awesome would that be? Especially in a scenario where say, Leonard and Sheldon are arguing about what the best solution would apply in a physics experiment and Wil were to come up with a totally different answer that is a better solution than the ones Leonard and Sheldon had come up with. I’d love it even more if he made Sheldon look like a complete moron in the process because I just love the shit out of Sheldon and his tendencies to refuse to admit when he’s wrong about something to the point to where he goes batshit crazy, which is always frigging hilarious.
    And now that I’ve basically pitched most of the episode’s synopsis, Chuck Lorre & BBT’s writing staff really don’t have an excuse not to turn one of my geek fantasies into reality. It’s pure comedic gold, I’m telling ya. GOLD.

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