everything’s drawn and super 80s

Anne and I went to the grocery store this afternoon. When it was time to get the orange juice, there was only one left, and it was way in the back of the cooler.

I reached in really far to get it, and as I did, Anne began to sing the chorus from Take On Me.

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know this*, but even if you do, I'm telling you this story right now because it's a perfect excuse to point out, once again, that my wife is awesome. It is also a perfect excuse to repost the Literal Version of Take On Me, which is almost as awesome as she is.


Take on Me: Literal Video Version – watch more funny videos

*and, um, a lot of other things. Like, at least 6090 things, which is why you shouldn't follow me on Twitter.

39 thoughts on “everything’s drawn and super 80s”

  1. You’re darn right your wife is awesome! This is why the #Annefan hashtag was created, for your awesome wife. Every time you tweet about something your wife says or does that is absolutely hilarious (which is often), I hashtag you with #Annefan, and others have followed me, in case you haven’t noticed. That’s right Wil, I have followers, too! lol
    God, I’m gonna have that A-Ha song stuck in my head all night now, but I suppose I deserve it for putting the Monchichi jingle in Alicia & your heads last night…Oh, and funny video, BTW!

  2. Thanks for posting this. Haha, I love the “close up eyes” part. When I was growing up, I had a secret fondness for the Mr. Mister song Broken Wings and now that I’ve admitted that I’ll never get in to the white house.

  3. It’s one of those Donna/Forman “you’re so the girl for me” moments good relationships are peppered with. I love those literal versions too.

  4. I was hiding in the back of the cooler with a pipe wrench. Next time reach a little farther and you’re MINE!!! bwahhahhaaaahhaaaahhaaaaa!

  5. I was hiding in the back of the cooler with a pipe wrench. Next time reach a little farther and you’re MINE!! Bwahhahhaaaaahhhaaaahhaaa!!

  6. Going to the store and literal videos…hmmm. I wonder what Jane’s Addiction “Been Caught Stealing” would be like as a literal video. Probably not much different.

  7. Wow! That was great. I love the actual Take On Me song. I SOO wish my Captain America comic book would come to life! He’d kick ass. Morten Harket kinda reminded me of Patrick Swayze in this video. That was brilliant what Anne did. She seems pretty clever =] If I ever done stuff like that no one would know what I’m talkin about. Oh yeah, BTW your lucky they had one orange juice left for you! My Eggo Maple Syrup cereal has been out for like 3 weeks. I’m getting tired of waiting. But for now I’ve settled for Fruit Loops with Marshmallows and Captain Crunch. =]

  8. Argh! Everytime I read something you (Danyiel) wrote about that song getting stuck in my head, it gets stuck again!! LOL
    Wil, I agree with Danyiel, et al.: your wife is, indeed, awesome. :-)

  9. Would you believe that I routinely unfollow people who post on twitter way more than you do?
    Would you believe a nun on rollerskates?

  10. You and I are children of the 80’s :) Btw I love following you on Twitter. My reasons? You are interesting and we have a lot in common, you don’t play mirror games (sorry LOL), and following you makes me feel closer to someone you and I both knew a long time ago someone who is no longer here. Oh yeah, and you make me laugh.

  11. So I start catching back up on everything I’ve missed (in reverse order I admit) and the first thing I get after Literal Videos (which are awesome by the way, don’t know if Total Eclipse of the Heart will ever be topped even though it’s still not the version that gets stuck in my head, the other is simply too insidious) is Monchichi… didn’t I ask you to behave these last couple of weeks? Didn’t I? Wait, I didn’t did I… note to self, make more accurate checklists.
    On a side not, getting the dual “you are such dorks” response from somebody else is more awesome than it just being directed at you.

  12. Err Wil, love the story and all but ya know you could have asked someone for newer OJ :O) or even help pushing it back if there wasn’t any more. Would have been happy to get you one. Just saying…

  13. Okayyyy…Darvelous, since when have I ever behaved myself? You do not control me or dictate my behavior, sir. Sorry to have to break it to you like that, but it’s the truth, and the truth punches your face! Besides, Wil’s the only one with supreme power of telling me to behave myself, and I always somehow manage to finagle my way out of doing it with my big old bottomless bag of tricks. Nice try, though 😛

  14. So’s your face!
    Okay wow, too much time around kids.
    Don’t make me put you over my knee, young lady?
    Hmm, no, no better there and I would get in so much trouble.
    Now I know? (now I know, I built these walls myself… hah, take that obscure-reference-breaker, no Joes here!)

  15. LOL, that’s the one contribution my country made to the 80’s…Aha 😉
    Very funny version indeed but neither that nor A.C. Newman’s version is as good as their original but that’s just my tuppence.

  16. Your wife, Anne, sounds awesome! Love the video memories. Thank you for the peek into your Life memories. BTW, I love when my Hubby comes shopping with me (I’m very short!), he always says “I need to put a bell or flag on a poll on you so I can see where you are.” Love that line every time we shop! Glad to know other couples have fun in every day life too.

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