reminder: book and a beer tonight

It's always kind of silly to post these things a few hours before the event (or, in this case, auto-post via programmable future-scope earlier this week) but if nothing else, anyone who came to the thing (which, once again, is in the future as I write this, the quantum reality matrix threatening to unravel around me any second now) can use this post to talk about it.

Now, on to business:

What: Wil Wheaton reads to you while you drink beer.
Why: Really?
When: Thursday July 23rd, 6pm-8pm.
Where: Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens
Address: 1999 Citricado Pkwy. Escondido, CA 92029

Original post, what is filled with words and phrases most mirthful and descriptive.

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  1. Oh come on, Wil has 10 fingers AFAIK, he can count at least ten people in the audience without even taking off his shoes πŸ˜›
    On a slightly more topical note, when’s the next one of these you are going to do in the Eugene, Oregon area, we’d love to have you.

  2. I’m sure it’ll go well, and you’ll be funny as usual. I wish you were doing your book readings when I was going to SDCC every year back in the nineties. Alas, you were only signing and doing standup iIrc at the time. Wish I were there still, but we’re stationed in Japan. (^_^)v

  3. You might be able to prevent the quantum reality matrix from unraveling if you connect a paradox machine up to the temporal vortex of a TARDIS. Problem is I hear they are very hard to acquire.

  4. So very running late. Open table sadly said there wouldn’t be space for us until 7:45. Still may try to make it after our harrowing day amid the masses downtown.

  5. Sucks to be all the way over here on the East Coast, but I’m not gonna bitch and moan about it tonight.
    Wil, feel free to verbally assault me at your leisure. You know, because I deserve it. Not even going to attempt to argue against it because I took being a dick to a totally different level last week.
    Seriously, why do you put up with my shit? I guess you really are that nice of a guy…

  6. I hope you kicked anxiety’s ass! Just remember, you eat panties for breakfast, you have super duper powers!
    I wish I could be there but hopefully you are having your own PAX reading or something. And hopefully I don’t get all stupid excited and trip and fall on you. That would be bad. I already got stupid fan girl on you once, don’t need to do it again.

  7. I hope it went swimmingly, with much bear and reading things. Err… beer.
    Ummm… yeah. Not Bears.
    Any chance of you making it Comic-con this year? My girl has been all boasty about the fantabulous pictures she got to take with you last year and I was all jealous like. (It has nothing to do with having a dice shirt I want sign to add to my fanboyish/stalkerish collection. Nope.)

  8. What I could hear was great! Great beer, great food, but not so great sound system :/ Could barely you, unless I walked right up to the outdoor bar!

  9. WIL! I was there and you were awesome. Seriously. Thanks for reading so much and being so gracious to us fans. You were very cool about my near freak out when talking to you :) It was a really great experience for me so thanks from the bottom of my heart :)
    Tatiana aka Tia aka @cupoftia

  10. Great Show Wil. Had a blast, and was totally worth skipping the afternoon of ComiCon for.
    Duranki – it didn’t help that there were two d-bags at the bar who had no interest in the show and were trying to talk over it.


  11. Hey, do you have a calendar of upcoming stuff you’ll be at? I’m gonna be back in CA early/mid August and would love to catch another reading if you’re doing one.

  12. oh shits! did you miss the Oregon brewfest on the waterfront in Portland, Wil? yes. yes you did. well actually it goes to sunday, but you know, i assume you won’t hop on a plane last minute for it, what your ‘obligations’ and what-not.
    speaking of drinking, i will have to tell you the tale of drinking scotch with Jonathan Frakes some time… you came up in conversation…..

  13. Is that what was going on? I heard someone loudly trying to be clever more than once, and assumed it was a person with too much beer in them. It was just douchebags who were trying to heckle me, but didn’t have the courage to do it directly?
    Pish. Sweet Clyde and I laugh derisively in their direction.

  14. Hi, Wil,
    This has nothing to do with your post, but my mom has asked me a question that stumped me (a reference librarian)! IMDb says your grandfather starred in Wagon Train, but it doesn’t say which Wagon Train star was your grandfather. Would you mind taking a second to enlighten us? Thanks so much!

  15. IMDB is – wait for it and try to act surprised – wrong.
    My grandfather was the property master on Wagon Train, not an actor. I’m sure we can submit this correction to the website, and it will be corrected in 2018.

  16. Don’t even get me started. I’ve given up trying to correct the myriad inaccuracies and masses of irrelevant information on my Wikipedia entry.

  17. Okay fine, I’ll stop… sheesh. Some people. But for the record, I really do think that having the info out there that a person is a mass murderer and has a fondness for 4-legged-fun just adds character. You know, just sayin.

  18. Oh yeah, and I gotta say: nice shirt on your pic that’s up on the wikipedia page by the way. One of these days I have to figure out whatever happened to Dom. I’m pretty sure I owe him an apology.

  19. I wish Stone beers were distributed to my state. Every time I go to California, I enjoy working my way through their various offerings. I’m planning to be in San Diego next April and definitely want to check out the brewery/restaurant.

  20. My husband and I drove from Sacramento to see you at Stone. You did a fantastic job and you were super nice. Thanks for the great time. Your blog still makes me smile. You bring back great memories of growing up in Tujunga. I’m definitely going to pick up the movie you recommend . Thanks a lot for a nice night out. It was worth the 300+ miles for a date night.

  21. This was an AWESOME night, and definitely a treat for my husband and I. Well worth missing the guild party at ComicCon. Thank you for your awesome!

  22. I was just zipping here to post about it! Lord, the obscenity is pure … art. It needs to be read aloud for full effect, I think. With full voice. Near an open window.

  23. I was sorry to miss your performance last week but I have a very good reason. I live way the hell over here in Florida! I was just wondering if you ever wander over to the east coast. While I know we have not gotten through this years Pax, friends of mine are already planning for next year. Is there a chance that you would tootle all the way over to Boston for it? I have a snow balls chance of making it to anything cool over in CA for a while. Not for lack of trying I assure you but its just not in the cards right now. Anyways, just wondering. Thanks.

  24. I was standing right next to the loud people at the bar — it was two men, both competing for a woman’s attention. All of them had had too much beer. They weren’t heckling you; just trying to get laid.
    The guy who was losing the competition then thought I might be a viable option. (Because you know, a corset is a Get It Here sign.) Then he got a bit put out that I was watching you read, instead of falling all over him, and muttered something about you I couldn’t quite catch.
    The soothing goodness and mellowing agents in my beer hadn’t yet calmed me down from my adrenaline-charged afternoon, so the look I gave Adonis was probably just shy of murderous. He shut up, but the other guy and the woman sadly didn’t.
    It was awesome to see you, and I wish I’d had the presence of mind to not leave the zombie painting demo in the car. FAIL.

  25. my friend once posted online an invitation to her birthday house party and well shall we just say it was complete carnage and her parents were not impressed. im sure that wont happen tho…..

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