the clockwork century

A few months ago, I got an ARC of my friend Cherie's forthcoming Steampunk book, Boneshaker. I've raved about it all over the place, so allow me to just sum up without repeating myself too much: it's awesome. I loved everything about it, and I can't wait for it to come out so the rest of the world can read it an understand why I loved it as much as I did. (See an early version of the cover here.)

Boneshaker is one of four stories that are all set in this cool steampunk alternate history world that Cherie calls The Clockwork Century. I just read on Cherie's Livejournal that she created a website for that world, which is cleverly called She says:

The Clockwork Century
will be updated periodically with artwork from the series, including
maps and future book covers, publication and release information,
progress on upcoming projects, and anything else even marginally
pertinent to the universe.

If I may channel my inner Flounder for just a moment: "This is going to be great!"

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  1. Sounds like a fun place to live.
    saharial, want more steampunk with your syfy? Warehouse 13. Just watched the pilot (I know, I’m slow) that was jam packed with Tesla and Edison attributions. A zat doesn’t come close to a ST phaser but the Tesla “ray gun”? It’s a tie.
    Well no its still a gun… I meant… oh nevermind. Its cool, plain and simple.
    Wil, Steve the fruitbat be praised! I eagerly await its release.

  2. Curse my no longer having the Sci-Fi Channel! That show looks awesome.
    And the book looks cool too, I may just have to pick up a few of her books to check them out as I actually have reading time at the moment. Weird, huh?

  3. Haha! Thanks for the plug, dude! [:: cheek smooches ::]
    BTW – randomly enough, since someone brought up SYFY here in the comments, BONESHAKER is going to be SYFY Essentials bookclub offering. Well, it was *gonna* be a “SciFi Essentials” bookclub offering, but such is the unfortunate timing ….

  4. Have no fear mightydarv, Hulu is here! I don’t have any TV as I haven’t bought the converter box for my laptop yet. odd… its cheaper than the one for the TV. Anyway, Hulu/fancast will run the episodes after the initial airing. I live off of fancast. I only wish we could get the BBC via internet. Just don’t start them on the topic of their special liscensing fees and American programming sqwatters… sheesh what a big tempest for such a small teacup!!!
    If we get socialized TV then dry heat be damned, me and my AC and some tri-ox compound are moving to Vulcan, I don’t care how hot it is!!! :)

  5. Ack, quit that… the more you draw specific attention to the Change the more you give it power. That’s how it works, right? I thought things that were born of blood sacrifice and shady dealings functioned like that.
    However, congrats on being an Essential.

  6. Oooh, Amazon says the book comes out Rocktober 13th, Same day as the video game Brutal Legend. I may just have to take that week off from work for some readin’ and playin’…

  7. I’m happy to see Cherie getting such great press and having such success! She’s an awesome gal :) I can’t wait to read Boneshaker.

  8. It is both unfair and entirely awesome that you got to work with the guy who wrote so much of Monkey Island. So is this one more game I’m going to have to play when it comes out? The list seems to be piling up.

  9. Seriously?!? I did not know that. I’ve been looking forward to this game more than any other game I’ve known about. This kicks the anticipation up to 11…

  10. That’s awesome! Yet another reason to pick up the game. Could we get a hint as to what character you voice or will we just have to play and find out?

  11. Shake your bones out on the street, shake that stroll down through your feet! Bone-shaker, bone-shaker, bone-shaker, bone-shaker, bone-shaker, bone-shaker, bone-shaker, baaaaabyyyyy!!
    I’m sorry, what were we talking about before that Fiendish fugue state stormed my brain? Yes, your friend’s book. I’m intrigued from the title alone. Also cool to hear you contributed to the upcoming Brutal Legend game. Wil(l) have to check them out. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. Thanks for that post, Boneshaker looks awesome! Totally added to my Amazon wishlist.
    And on a different note, have you heard about The Prisoner remake? I’m a little scared and a little excited. I worry it will not be able to attain the all-encompassing surreality of the original and that they will try to modernize it by throwing in unnecessary explosions and fluffing up the storyline. But in any case, it’s an AMC thing and supposedly airs in November. They cast Sir Ian McKellen as No. 2, so that gives me hope.
    Which reminds me, I really need to buy The Prisoner on DVD because I’m still watching my tapes recorded off PBS more than a decade ago.

  13. The voice? Ok I am not a gamer (both sons are), wonder if I could “buy it accidentally” just to hear it? *lol* Read the preview to Boneshaker. I really liked it and now am looking forward to it. Thanks for the link.

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