Leverage – The Two Live Crew Job

Early feedback from tonight's episode of Leverage is overwhelmingly positive, which delights me. I'm so happy to hear that so many people liked it.

If you've seen the show already, you may get a kick out of the pictures I took during production and just added to Flickr, but there are spoilers, so don't look if you don't want to see them. (And no fair complaining at me if you don't listen and get spoiled.)

I'm sure John will have a post at his blog in the very near future where you can ask him questions about the spin-off (with robots!) that I'm getting.*

If you have questions or comments for me about the show, feel free to leave them here and I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner. Seriously, I'll really appreciate the distraction.

*I'm not really getting a spin-off. That's my little joke. Ha! Ha! I am using the Internet!

171 thoughts on “Leverage – The Two Live Crew Job”

  1. I really liked the episode. Loved the showdown and the final scene. You do realise that in the space of one day you have been in two episodes where you play a part in a rival crew of two different shows?

  2. I found the answer yesterday, but didn’t get around to posting.
    According to Dean Devlin on his twitter stream (http://twitter.com/Electric44/status/2845395353), “@rikkisixx UK networks not interested in buying the show. tell your friend to write to her favorite channels and tell them she wants it.”
    There’s an online petition if anyone wants to sign it.
    At the moment, I guess the only way to watch Leverage in the UK is “nudge, nudge, nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat, know what I mean, say no more”.

  3. So, I guess playing a dick isn’t the same as being a dick. Good to see that you didn’t have to break your first commandment to fill a juicy role. I hope to see Chaos again some day…and I just hope you don’t feel the need to method act the jail rape that Chaos is surely about to receive in prison.

  4. Hey Wil,
    Loved your bit on Leverage. I gotta tell you until you mentioned here that you were gonna appear my wife and I had not seen Leverage. We found the pilot running, and started watching it, and were hooked.
    I loved the Kobyashi Maru reference. Then the look on Aldis’ face when nobody knew what the hell he was talking about (except Beth)
    I hope they find a way to get your character out of jail to rejoin Griffin Dunne’s crew in another episode down the road. Frankly I can see the two crews being forced to work together on a gig.
    Anyway, it is cool to see you on the small screen again. Good job man!

  5. Wil, I let the kids watch it with me and we were practically rolling on the floor. I started watching it a few weeks ago to better understand the characters. It really helped and it’s such a fun show. I spent the remainder of the evening writing a new script in my head that would explain how Caos, in prison, was “accidentally” given access to a computer and hacked his own release. I so want to see you (and the others) in another episode. While we all know that you did a great job, I really need to mention that I thought that the other guest stars were also displaying much awesomeness. And the editing was worth mentioning, too. Many of the scenes that jumped back and forth between the teams was pure genius, especially when characters were finishing each others lines. All in all – a great production. BTW: When are you coming to South Florida? I still owe you a Guiness.

  6. I finally was able to see your leverage episode yesterday.(I had to tivo it). Absolutely loved it. When you said “I heard you sucked!” and had that shitty grin on your face. I could not help but crack up. I am glad to see you acting more because you are very good at it. I hope to see more of you on such great shows. I also think you could be a great villian. Great Job!!!!

  7. Great episode. I didn’t start watching Leverage until you mentioned you would be on an episode. Nice to finally see what got me hooked on the show. Am I the only one who thinks if you took Leverage and wallpapered it over with some Shadowrun, you would have one of the best scifi t.v. shows out there? Parker as sexy elf inflitrator. Yowsers.

  8. You got to be a computer geek! How great. We love the Hardison character (and of course Parker, c’mon she’s got the best part), and were glad to see you got to be his counterpart with the two crews. What a kick.
    They sort of glossed over your part too much for my taste. I would have liked to see more detail, and see you struggle to solve a problem.
    We LOVED seeing you, though. And we love LEVERAGE!

  9. Well, if you want to find even more favorible discussion elsewhere on the web of this episode, RPG.net’s forums has some discussion as well (though I don’t know if Wil knows about it already – once upon a time he lurked, though I do not believe he ventured into the dread Feywild* that is Tangency, where Screefice lurk, tempting unwary passers by with mango tea and pie…)
    *Not that I think he’d have a any problems, being that I’ve heard tell some smoky and unnamed tavern in a far corner of Creation that he is rumored to be a Celestial Exalted, a Solar, I’ve heard tell, though none have seen his Anima Banner, and thus know which Caste he is (though it was suggested that he might be of the Dawn or the Night Caste…)**
    **I’d like to take a moment to apologize for that sillyness and return you to your regularly scheduled blog comments.

  10. I Tivo the show. I think that was probably the best episode I’ve seen so far. You really did a good job.
    I actually hit your site by random. I was searching for an image of Ensign Rand on Google Images when I saw you in the clown sweater? “Isn’t that the guy from Leverage?” – SMH

  11. Hey Wil, I just wanted to say thank you for being on Leverage. To explain, we don’t get TNT here in Toronto so I hadn’t heard of Leverage. When you first mentioned it a while back, I decided to, ahem, sample a couple of episodes via the interwebs. My wife and I *love* the show and over the last month we’ve watched all of season 1 and caught up on season 2, watching ‘The Two Live Crew Job’ last night. Great work on the episode, hopefully they’ll bring you back for another round sometime.

  12. Hey Wil!
    Thought you were great in Leverage! You really put Hardison in his place with the “I heard you suck” comment. Kudos!
    What was it like working with the main cast? … and Griffin Dunne?

  13. finally watched the ep on the TiVo, and my husband and I loved it! Absolutely perfect casting…we couldn’t imagine anyone being a better fit for that role. Awesome. Hope we’ll see Chaos again!

  14. I won’t lie. I didn’t know who you were initially. Watching the show. Really enjoying everything… I see you, and it begins. I know that person. Seen them before… Missed the credits (Damn DVR). Begin an extensive search (Google is King), looking for the co-stars of the episode. Many false starts and incorrect links later, and BAM. Oh THAT’s WHO THAT WAS. Bravo. I never even thought about STNG. Beard looks GREAT. Performance was OUTSTANDING. Hope to see more of you!!!!

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