57 thoughts on ““Don’t trust anyone you meet online. You could regret it.””

  1. Damn funny. Poor Cthulhu, it’s entirely possible he was there just to shop and got caught up in the wrong situation.
    Err… hate to tell you, but you have some spam bots above, Alisa Terry is one of those fling dot com bots. Just thought I’d let you know so you can release Cthulhu unto her.

  2. Are we absolutely sure this is all Cthulhu’s fault and not the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I mean, obviously these girls have gone insane so it could be a case of mistaken identity. . .

  3. Cthulhu got to me at an early age and sunk his meat-hooks into me. Now I vacillate between a happy medium of in- and sanity. Learn from my mistake kids! NEVER mix Cthulhu mythos with cuddly things like duckies! NEVER!! … I want to be the only one! o_o

  4. Just what are you getting at, Wil? The whole issue with having to deal with what you had originally thought was a innocuous fan that ended up being a really huge pain in the ass that has continuously busted your balls over the course of a five year period?
    All joking aside though, I once met a guy on the interwebz that turned out to be a complete stalker. That was terrifying, to say the least. Definitely not an experience I’d care to repeat.
    Have you ever had any problems with a mentally unstable, stalker-like fan? Not the douches who used to send you hate mail and death threats when you were a kid, I’m talking about the scare-the-living-crap out of you kind of stalker fan. It’s had to have happened to you at least once, right?

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